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525 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX, USA
www.wholefoods.com - (512) 476-1206
Whole Foods - Organic Fuji apples!
Whole Foods - First floor entrance. There is also an entrance via the underground parking structure.
Whole Foods - Entrance via the underground parking structure.
Whole Foods - More food!

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HCSmooth66 HCSmooth…
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Variety, Variety, Variety Aug 06, 2009
When I lived in Austin I always joked with visitors that the Whole Foods on 6th & Lamar is a stop on the tour. It's an impressive building, and is the flagship store for the Austin-based company.

This place counts as a restaurant in my eyes because of all of the food bars they have. The variety of options is superior to that of most restaurants, and if what they have at any of the food bars isn't enough you can always hop over to the massive produce section and grab an apple or your favorite fresh fruits and veggies.

Whole Foods features quite an impressive array of eateries. Always begin at the salad bar featuring fresh greens and other veggies; The seafood section in the store puts most every grocery store meat department to shame all by itself, if only I liked seafood. In addition to the wide selection of fish there is also a seafood stand where you can grab a quick bite of whatever they've decided to whip up for the day. A stroll around the corner, or through the wine section (And who wouldn't want to stroll through there) is the meat section, and of course a place to get some BBQ if you're still hungry after the seafood.

If that isn't enough you can head over to the pizza place and grab a delicious slice, or a calzone if you're lucky. Next door to the pizza are deli sandwiches. There is also an international section. You can garnish your meal with some exquisite olives if that's your pleasure as well. If you're in a bit of a rush and would prefer to drink your meal there is also a fruit juice and smoothie bar.

If you still fit into your pants after you're done eating I recommend stopping off and grabbing some gelato (I like the chocolate) or finding the bakery department and picking out one of their pastries, cakes, and various other goodies. Or you could just stop by the chocolate bar and grab a truffle, chocolate covered strawberry, or any other sinful candy concoctions.

There is also a great outdoor patio to dine on, provided it's not too unbearably hot outside.
marix_sublime says:
heheh..sounds heavenly :)
Posted on: Aug 07, 2009
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Eric Eric
408 reviews
Mar 11, 2007
Going to school in Berkeley made me appreciate good food and fresh ingredients. Whole Foods is the largest supermarket chain for organic food in the USA, and their headquarters, the mecca, is in Austin, TX.

I usually shop at Trader Joe's (a southern california chain), but I occasionally go to Whole Foods and I had heard lots of good things about the Whole Foods HQ. Needless to say, it lived up to expectations. First of all, it was simply massive - easily two or three times the size of other Whole Foods stores that I have seen elsewhere. My brother took me there for lunch, and it was packed with people.

In terms of dining options, the Austin Whole Foods is like other Whole Foods, but just on a much larger scale. There are a variety of buffet options, including a salad bar, a wall full of desserts, and a BBQ beef/ribs station in the back. Like any Whole Foods location, expect to pay a premium in price - but try it out once and you can definitely taste the difference in quality. Once you collect your food, there are plenty of chairs and tables outside to sit and eat at. Best of all, there's also free wi-fi everywhere.

If you like Whole Foods and you are in Austin, you will definitely enjoy checking this place out.
First floor entrance. There is als…
Entrance via the underground parki…
Organic Fuji apples!
More food!
sirenn9 says:
I love Whole Foods!!!! :)
Posted on: Dec 29, 2007
vances says:
Glad you mentioned the steep prices --- as wonderful as the selection and quality is, this chain's nickname around here is "Whole Paycheck", lol!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2007

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