White Desert

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Farafra, Egypt

White Desert Farafra Reviews

emmyc4 emmyc4
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Trip to the White Desert - Egypt Jan 27, 2011
The White desert is truly an amazing place to visit and a must do, if you are in Egypt. It is about 360km from Cairo which seems a bit far, but actually can be done in 2 days. First I arrived to Bahariya Oasis then took a 4x4 and head to the wast desert. I've seen the black desert, sand hills and the white desert with its snow white rocks and sparkly blue sky. Such a beautiful place! Then we made a camp for the night, right in the middle of desert, and head back the next day. If you are planning to do this trip you will need to book it through a travel company though, as the White Desert is so far away from everything and you cannot access it on your own. I used the tour company: holaegypt tours, and I can only recommend them, as the trip was great and they organized everything well.
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Bigcap25 Bigcap25
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The Amazing White Desert Jul 04, 2009
I went to the White Desert and it was my first time ever going to a desert, well that I can remember. I guess just going to visit a desert for the first time was not enough and I agreed to camp out in the desert. Probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Going to the White Desert and camping out overnight was one of the truly memorable experiences from this trip to Egypt. In order to make this trip you will probably have to use a travel agency to set everything up for you. I will recommend my friend Karim and his company www.touregypt.net

After the 5 or so hour drive to this small town by a desert oasis we at lunch in these huts. The lunch was modest, flat bread and dips. After lunch a few people jumped into the natural hot spring pool. Not I. The water was cloudy and smelled like straight sulfur. We then transferred our belongings into 4×4’s and took off into the desert. The trip to the White Desert was about another 2 hours. That’s one thing about Egypt people always tell you, “Oh this trip only takes 4 hours or so.” When in reality these trips are like 7 hours. Please people stop cutting times in half.

When we arrived in the White Desert we stopped at this Canyon-like area and took pictures. This place was truly amazing!

After another 45 minutes of driving we finally arrived at the campsite. After all this driving I was ready to get out and walk around. We set up camp here and the Bedouin guides made us a dinner that was pretty amazing. We had a ¼ Chicken, rice, and vegetables. When dinner was over the Bedouins made a campfire and played traditional Arabic music. This was really cool sitting around the fire in a desert listening to the music and singing. At midnight it was the 4th of July. We sang God Bless America in the desert, which was pretty cool. Also during this time we encountered some desert foxes. The desert foxes are sneaky little animals that enjoy stealing sandals for some reason. While the Bedouins were playing music I fell asleep on the mats.

When I woke up I looked at the stars and this was a sight I will never forget! It was amazing I could see every star in the sky like I was at a planetarium! I could even see the Milky Way!!! The freaking Milky Way!!! I’m so glad it got cold in the desert, because that is the only reason why I woke up to see all of these stars.

I woke up again before sunrise and to see the glow of the sun creep over the horizon onto the desert sands. As the sun became brighter it shined off the bright white rocks in the desert making yet another memorable sight in the desert.

Later on we went walking around and took some pictures. Went to the Black Desert and checked out the sights there. Then we made our way out of the desert and back Cairo. It was a truly amazing trip. I will now tell anyone who comes to Egypt if there is one thing they must do. It is camping in the White Desert. Also, Many thanks to Karim for setting up this amazing trip.

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