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Nov 12, 2007
Anthroposcopy is the observation of the human body (in contrast to anthropometry, the measurement of the human body). Inspection or observation of physical characteristics is the basic method of anthroposcopy, and in some instances the observations are made relative to a set of reference values or standards. Hence, the method has a high degree of subjectivity, although there is a trend toward more objective assessment of some characteristics.

Skin color; hair color, form, and distribution; and eye color are the more common physical characteristics assessed by anthroposcopy. Colorimetric charts or scales are the reference for comparison, with most emphasis on skin pigmentation. Problems with such scales relate to intermediate shades or gradations. The use of photometric devices that identify spectral wavelengths has provided more objective assessment of skin, hair, and eye color.

The following information has been translated from Chinese to English to give a general idea as to how mainland Chinese generalize and rate the beauty of girls from each province.


Sichuan : Feminine ; Best *****

Hunan : Loving, caring ; Best ****

Beijing: Noble, elegant ; Above average

Tianjin : Delicate, pretty ; Above average

Hebei : Gentle, quiet ; Average

Shanxi : Dashing, handsome ; Above average

Henan: Diligent ; Below average

Shandong : Straightforward ; Average

Inner Mongolia : Generous, bold ; Below average

Liaoning : Unfaithful ; Above average

Jilin : Romantic ; Above average

Heilongjiang: Haughty, arrogant ; Above average

Shaanxi: Clever ; Above average

Gansu : Generous ; Below average

Qinghai : Agile, quick ; Below average

Ningxia : Brave ; Below average

Xinjiang: Dazzlingly beautiful ; Above average

Chong Qing: Passionate ; Above average

Sichuan : Feminine ; Best

Guizhou : Friendly ; Average

Yunnan : Flirtatious ; Average

Tibet : Bighearted ; Below average

Shanghai: Overbearing ; Above average

Jiangsu : Careful, attentive ; Above average

Zhejiang : Casual ; Average

Anhui: Well-bred ; Average

Hubei : Striving for better ; Below average

Hunan : Loving, caring ; Best

Jiangxi Petite ; Average

Fujian : Smart, good-looking ; Average

Guangdong: Outgoing ; Below average

Guangxi : Sweet ; Below average

Hainan : Patient ; Below average

Taiwan : Simple ; Above average

Hong Kong : Giggly ; Below average

Macao: Quiet ; Below average


Expatriate writer Warren Rodwell has been in China since 2002, and teaches university postgraduates in Chengdu. Many of his feature stories, reviews & photographs have been published online or in hardcopy media form. Warren also narrates documentaries and administers various websites as part of his efforts to promote Chengdu & Sichuan culture(s) more globally.



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