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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What to do in Kuala Lumpur Reviews

trippin_jen trippin_…
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To see all you have to see in Kuala Lumpur, in 2-3 days.... Jul 01, 2012
A few travelers have sought my advice (as a local) for MUST-VISIT places in KL. So I thought it'll probably be helpful to write something about it.

As we all know, KL = Petronas Twin Towers / China Town / Batu Caves. But there's definitely more to that. Here's what I have to say (in no particular order):


The Petronas Twin Towers. There are 2 good angles to take a nice shot of the towers. 1st, you can take it from the fountain/walk further ahead until you reach the jogging park. u'll get a good sight of it. Or, go out to the Petronas entrance (walk towards the direction of the tall brown Public Bank building). That's the spot where most tourists take their photos.If you're into drinking, you can go to Traders Hotel's Skybar on the 33rd floor and get a superb view of the towers, especially at night! It's rather pricey though. You can also take a good shot of the peak of the tower by going on the 86th floor of one of the towers. If the weather is clear, you may want to go in the evening to watch sunset from the 86th floor. Once you are up there, try to talk to the guys wearing red uniform. Get them to tell you the amazing stories about the history or the happenings of the twin towers such as the spiderman story, how they clean the windows, how the bridge moves when there is strong wind, how did they carry the bridge from ground floor to the middle of the towers during construction, etc...

NOTE: It is still not known to many, that you can actually purchase the tickets to go up the towers as early as 3 days in advance! When someone tells you to Q up as early as 6am to get the tickets, well, give them a loud HA-HA and tell them... Tickets are no longer an issue! :) (I think the price has gone up to about MYR 80 for tourists to go up the 86th floor, and probabl MYR 20 for locals? You'll have to double check on that one)


The Batu Caves. You can go by commuter (train), or Taxi. Taxi is obviously more convenient but more pricey. By train, the easiest would be to get on the KTM train at KL Sentral, and stop at the Batu Caves station. The cave is 400million years old and is a worship place for the Indians. There are 272 steps to climb, but they're not that difficult. If you're lucky to be in KL during the Thaipusam festivals, then they'll have so much more to offer! The place of course will be extremely packed with locals as well as tourists, but it'll be a lot of fun experiencing the rituals, colours, performances and basically just to be there to experience the crowd! A cable car is in its planning stage, to enable the old people/disabled/or the lazy ones to get into the cave without having to climb. :p I would suggest you to go early in the morning, or later in the evening. Anything in between will be hot, humid and sweaty! But no fear! There are lots of coconut drinks to quench your thirst! Try one! It's refreshing. Should be around MYR 4.50 per coconut.


Hop On Hop Off Bus. Currently it costs MYR 38 for a 24hour validity. If u plan to Hop Off at every stop and spend sometime there, perhaps u'll need to get the 48hours ticket (at a higher price of course). But if you can skip the shopping malls, u'll probably do good with only the 24hour ticket. Here's the map of the route they take. http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/tourmap.php.

Stops that you should give priority to include:

5, 8 (only go around 6pm. before 6pm, nothing much to see), 9 (u can walk from no.8, u don't have to hop on again), 13, 16 (independence square)

Stops that you should go if you have enough time: 12, 14, 20

Stops you can just view from the bus:

10, 15 (u can't go in to these 2 places anyway)

The other stops you can skip completely, unless you want to eat something, then go to stop no. 11. I skipped no. 2 because the Twin Towers are more magnificent than the KL Tower. I skip no. 6 and 22 because you can go shopping on another day itself.

When you're on the bus, try to go to the open deck at the back of the bus. Please note not all busses have the open deck. You can buy the ticket when you board the bus. Locals are charged MYR 19 for the 24-hour validity ticket.

MUST-SEE NO. 4: (No longer available as of 02.07.2012. The place is closed due to licensing issue. Will update if it's back on business)

The Ampang Lookout Point. I've very surprised that this place is not featured in the Lonely Planet. This is a place where you can enjoy your dinner (a choice of both local and western food), while overlooking the whole kl city. I only recommend this place for dinner as the view will be nicer when the lights are all lit up. The view will not be as nice during the day. I must inform you that this place is a bit secluded. Try to get a taxi from a hotel to bring you there. They should know the way. There are a couple of restaurants to choose from, but I personally suggest the Panorama Restaurant. Check out these sites:




- Bring along mosquito repellent as there may be mosquitos if you're seated by the side near the trees.

- The staffs there are mostly foreigners, therefore may not speak English fluently. But there's always a menu.

- Having a good DSLR is definitely a plus point!

So I hope this can be a quick guide for your trip to KL! Have fun!
View from 86th floor of the Twin T…
Batu Caves
Ampang Lookout Point
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elda_islost says:
thank you very much for this very helpful post!!! ill be there this August ^__^
Posted on: Apr 21, 2014
joebloggs says:
A very helpful posting Jen. I'll make sure to use your advice when in KL in December. Thanks!
Posted on: Nov 10, 2013
Chase1619 says:
This is a very helpful review Jen. Great for my next trip in August!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2012
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claytswa claytswa
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General advice based on my short trip Apr 11, 2011
My experience in Kuala Lumpur was unreal, really loved the place. Tips I can give are as follows - Chinatown is where its at for backpackers, cheap food, good atmosphere, cool bar called reggae bar and quite a few other back packers floating about before carrying on their travels. Batu caves is definatley worth a look, i recommend taking the train there and back as it is much quicker, some people say you see alot more on the bus but to be pertfectly honest there wasnt much to look at and it was crowded plus if you tall you will not fit in the seats haha im only 6 ft and I had to take up 2 seats just to fit. The elephant santuary tour is ok, but beware it is very busy and depending on the river height you can only do some of the stuff. When you arrive in K.L make sure to get a map with all the train lines on it as it can be confusing, there are 4 different companys with different stations going different places, quite easy and really cheap once you know which ones you need though. Well thats all I'll talk bout as you can work rest out very easily, the people are really friendly which helps imensely. Have Fun!”
madluke madluke
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HOW TO NOT WASTE TIME IN KUALA LUMPUR...a tipical day.... Jun 20, 2011
10am...breakfast in bukit bintang, below lot 10 you have amazing food to try for Your breakfast...

11am...when still quiet go around bbplaza looking for the impossible to find...

12:30pm...lunch?...head to batu caves for veggie lunch and to play with monkey and caves...

4pm...go back to klcc before jam hours...enjoy an aperitivo on the outside park looking people enjoy the fresher air...

7pm...have a nap...

8:30pm...dinner...If on budget chinatown and surrounding, if not, opt to luna bar or sky bar at traders hotel, also for an after-dinner meeting point...

10pm...have a look at bukit bintang for performance in front of maybank...

11pm...take a walk back to changkat bukit bintang...
fatimah240 fatimah2…
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Shopping in Kuala Lumpur Jul 21, 2008
If you want to go shopping, you can go to:

1. Suria KLCC - a lot of tourists visit here, you can also try the bridge (but must come very early around 8.00 am to get the tickets) - very expensive for Malaysian

2. Mid Valley - I love this place. I will go here to find designer items(lot cheaper compared to KLCC)and muvie. Quite safe.

3. Petaling Street - if you kinda adventurous u can try this place. Locals avoid this place cuz it full of illegal immigrants and the seller there is very rude. Do not touch the item unless u want to buy them. You can find fake brands there. But mind you, there are very expensive and they will try to milk ur money if they know that ur tourist. When my friend went there,she overheard that the seller told the tourist that the price of a watch is RM200 but actually it is only RM20.

4. Central Market - can get handicraft items. Not a lot ppl, dun know why.

5. Jalan Masjid India - this is where we shop for fabric to made baju kurung (traditional costume)& tudung. Come here during Ramadan (2008-September) to try local delicacies. During Ramadan, this place is like festivals. Quite safe.

6. Sungai Wang - very popular among Chinese tourist. Handphones very cheap here.

7. Low Yat Plaze (next to Sungai Wang)- you can go here if you want to find computers.

I think that's all for now lah..
Jalan Masjid India

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