Waterside Inn

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Ferry Road, Bray, United Kingdom
www.waterside-inn.co.uk - +44 (0)1628 620691

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Indulgence Package in beautiful and romantic setting Sep 26, 2013
This restaurant located in quite area of Bray the UK with a very beautiful and romantic setting right at the water. Surprisingly it has three star Michelin award since the 1985 and never lost the award until now.

It takes a bit of a drive to arrive at this place but very nice and scenic drive passed many interesting sights and nice buildings along the way.

The staff in the restaurant was very attentive and less formal then other Michelin awards restaurant I been too in Denmark or Germany, which was very formal and did not speak much compare with the staff here which tell the story, jokes and laugh with guests.

We tried their special deluxe indulgence package menu which consists of 3 snacks, 3 starters, 1 main and 3 desserts.

All of the food served was delicious, beautifully presented, substantial in quantity (not like other Michelin award restaurants I have been to where the size were really small).

And I especially really like the duck which we choose as the main course instead of the venison. The meat was very tender, juicy and tasty (melt in the mouth), and 2 staffs presented the whole cooked duck and then skill it cut in front of us and decorate it before give it to us.

After the dessert we can choose to have either tea or coffee with 11 different types of small cakes tray. I adored and love those little cakes which really delicious and I could not stop eating them even I was very full after eating the main course.

It was one of memorable restaurant in my visit and really loves the food, but price wise is very expensive.

I would recommend this place to all food lovers for the experience and the indulgence.

Btw, the restaurant also has a hotel on top of the restaurant and own it is boat to go around the lake which cost 65 pound sterling for half hour ride.
the hotel and restaurant building
the restaurant
the boat park outside the restaura…
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Old school class at the waterside kitchen Sep 26, 2013
In the restaurant world you got the good restaurants which pop up and get trendy for a couple of years - and then you have the great restaurants which just remain on the top of their game for decade after decade. The Waterside Inn Restaurant is just one of those places which have stayed among the best in the world for decades. It is the first (and possibly still only) restaurant outside France to keep three Michelin Stars for 25 years in a row.

During its 25+ years as a front runner in the gastronomic world the Waterside Inn has seen trend change and other restaurants become popular going with the current trend. But the Waterside Inn has remained true to its origin of traditional French gourmet cooking - and it is doing a great job till this day.

I got into the restaurant with pretty high expectations about the food to come. It started out good the room is big open room facing down to the brink of the Thames River - there is a great view to the river if you come for lunch but at night time you can’t really see the river so I didn’t mind the location away from the windows down at the river.

The service at the restaurant is very good and very informal for a restaurant at this level. The waiters are a mixed bunch of different nationalities. A couple of the waiters were making friendly banter at our table about which country Alsace-Lorraine or Elsass-Lothringen actually belonged to. Naturally they were of French and German origin. The restaurant director was an older man who was sort of being the father of the house making sure to go to each and every table and have a quick chat with the guest to make sure everything was in order.

The food was obviously the centre piece of the experience for the night - and it was superb. It consisted of a group of three snacks arriving quickly after we had gotten to the table and enjoys the complimentary champagne as a starter.

After the small snacks we started the actual meal with a small starter of a crab in hollandaise sauce. They pace the individual dishes pretty good so there is a bit of a rest between each dish for conversation so you can agree if you actually like the individual dish or not. Second stop on the menu is a lobster salad which comes with some simply cut salad - this I thought might have been a bit on the simple side for this kind of place. After the last of the starters we continue with a delicious monk fish before we get to the main meal - the duck.

The duck is coming in it is presented by two men one of them is the head chef of the kitchen Alain Roux who is the son of the founder of the restaurant. The duck come in one piece. And then they cut in front of us while we are watching how you are supposed to cut thin slices out of a duck and place them perfectly on a plate so they look the same on both plates. I have no idea how they do it so easily - if I should cut a duck in this kind of speed I would clearly butcher it and make a mess of everything. I guess this is what years of training as a master chef is all about. The duck is very tasty and well presented - if I should complain about anything it is the size of the portion is a bit big and when something taste this delicious I have difficulty restraining myself from actually emptying the plate in front of me.

After the main they serve a small sorbet to clear the pallet before the desserts arrive. I have been looking forward to the desserts since I have learned Alain Roux is one of the best dessert chefs in the world. First up is a small dessert of iced pineapple parfait surprise on a small gingerbread. It taste interesting and I don’t think I have ever had something quite like it - though I don’t think I would rate it as the best dessert ever. The pineapple is followed by a plum soufflé - and here is where the usual perfect timing of a place like this is just a bit off. This kind of restaurants always just seem to be preparing the dishes at the right moment so you got a bit of room between each dish but not so much so you start whishing the next dish arrive soon. But here they served the soufflé straight after the pineapple - since they had already had put it in the oven - so their timing was off with maybe 5-7 minutes.

After the meal we get coffee with a pretty presentation of eleven small cakes to go along - a true highlight to finish off the meal. After this it was time to leave the restaurant very full after a great meal.
Crab in hollandaise sauce
Lobstrer salad
Chestnut and champagne velouté, w…
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