Waterford Crystal Factory

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Waterford, Ireland
Waterford Crystal Factory - A cutter, concentrating on his work.
Waterford Crystal Factory - A cutter, concentrating on his work.
Waterford Crystal Factory - A cutter, concentrating on his work.
Waterford Crystal Factory - The tour guide explains in detail each area.

Waterford Crystal Factory Reviews

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Surprisingly Interesting Mar 20, 2008
I was not too keen about going to the Waterford Crystal Factory Tour. It's not usually the type of thing I would enjoy. However, I really found it interesting, impresssive and cool.

It's definitely something that if you get there, you should see. I went in with very low expectations and came out impressed and satisfied. It was so amazing to see these people blowing glass and everything else they do while being watched by a bunch of tourists. Their jobs take so much skill, and yet they make it look effortless. I know I would get side-tracked looking at the tourists, but they didn't really seem to notice. I know, they've become accustomed to that and it's just part of their job now, but it still impressed me.

Another great thing about the tour is after it's over, you get to go into the gallery/ gift store (of course) and see some pretty cool crystal pieces. They have some pretty amazing things. I could tell you some, but it wouldn't even descibe what it's like to see them in person. Yes, you can buy things if you would like, which I actually did. It's a great place to buy gifts for people, and some of it isn't that expensive. I know, you're thinking "tourist trap", but some tourist traps can be okay. This is defintely one of them.
mr_shanet says:
nicely written my friend :) i did not even have his on my radar :)
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
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Eric Eric
408 reviews
Fun if you are in the area Sep 18, 2007
I have a short attention span and am not a huge fan of glass blowing and glass making, but I still found the tour of the Waterford Crystal factory quite interesting. I've seen glass blowing demonstrations in Venice, but the scale of machinery present at Waterford far outstrips anything that I have experienced before. It was pretty cool to see how expertly the craftsmen shaped and molded the glass on the fly, and there is a certain sort of awe that is inspired while watching them.

My favorite part of the tour was walking through the area where the artists worked, and seeing some of their personal projects. The wide range of creative works presented there (none of them which will ever be sold in public) were really fun and interesting to see. (PHOTOS COMING LATER)
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
So much more than just glass blowing Jun 04, 2005
Every tour of Ireland includes a guided tour though the Waterford Crystal Factory. I don’t think a bus is allowed to go past without stopping. And the people of Waterford Crystal have spent lots of time and effort in making sure that you get to see the process from beginning to end. Our tour got us there on the weekend, but that didn’t seem to matter one bit. Each area was up and running, even if on a small crew, and creating the wonderful work that Waterford is famous for. Our tour, which took about an hour, guided us through each phase from blowing the molten crystal, to cutting, inspecting, and even watching master craftsmen doing an item up close while he answered questions and told of the time and amount of experience required, and then ended up in the showroom, naturally.

The cutting was amazing. And it takes years to learn to make the same depth cuts at exactly the same intervals around a certain sized item so that it finishes perfectly. If it doesn't, it is tossed into a dumpster to be melted and blown again. And the workers only get paid for perfect finished products.

The showroom is large and includes so many fabulous examples of their work that you almost need a drool towel, which they do not provide. There is even a café of sorts where you can purchase something to drink and eat. This is a very interesting place to visit.
A cutter, concentrating on his wor…
jerseygirl67 says:
Nice! Soooo want to go there...thanks for posting!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
jennjeff1 says:
Great feature Roger! Congrats! ~Jeff (in Tokyo)
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
Tessagirl23 says:
Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2008
alygally alygally
17 reviews
Jul 24, 2000
My mother drug us to see the master craftsmen at work before we were allowed to leave Waterford. The finished products are, of course, beautiful - I'm sure anyone familiar with Waterford Crystal will agree. However, if you've seen one glass-blowing demonstration, you've seen them all...and if you've never seen one before, you're not missing much. Yes, it's interesting to see how glass is created from molten lead. Yes, it's fascinating (for about a minute and a half) to see the glass being cut into different shapes. But the experience isn't all that grand overall.

If you absolutely MUST stop in Waterford to go to the factory, just go to the factory store. They have a wide array of crystal there for sale, and at decent prices. That way, you can go home with a beautiful souvenir from Ireland and a great story about your trip...without having to spend an hour wandering through an over-heated factory watching glass being created.
mr_shanet says:
well its only an hour, i have never experienced that stuff before so i am willing to try it and see if i like it. hell i waste hours all the time :) thanks for your input! its nice to have different opinions and to balance the excitement as to not be dissapointed. perhaps like Eric i will go in with low expectations and perhaps be pleasantly suprised?
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
Eric says:
thanks for the tips, going to Ireland in Sept and this is really helpful info!
Posted on: May 20, 2007

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