Wat Saket and the Golden Mount

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Boripihat & Bamrung MuangRds, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Saket and the Golden Mount Bangkok Reviews

Cho Cho
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Temple on top of a hill Jul 29, 2013
Among all the 'wats' or Buddhist temples in Bangkok, Thailand the Temple of the Emerald Buddha on the grounds of the Grand Palace is the most well known, and is always packed with tourists from all over the world. However, the Golden Mount at Wat Saket which was built on a man-made hill during the Ayutthya period is definitely worth a visit. There is no entrance fee and it is not as crowded as the Emerald Buddha temple. I lived in Bangkok for five years and have been to Wat Saket many times, mainly to show my friends from overseas when they came to visit me during my tenure as a teacher in a school.

For most foreigners Wat Saket is known as the Golden Mount which is actually a 'chedi' or pagoda on the summit of the artificial hill. The gilded pagoda is 260 feet or 80 meters in height. It is believed that a relic of the Buddha was brought from India and placed in the chedi.

To reach it one has to climb up some 300 plus steps which is not that difficult as the path is well paved. As you approach the top you will see a row of bells at a landing between the flight of stairs. Take a pause to ring the bells, and view the city below from one of the steps. The best vista is from the peak itself where you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of Bangkok.

The temple compound feature many trees and typical Buddhist structures such as the main chapel, ordination hall and library. Although Wat Saket is not generally considered a notable temple in its own right, as most visitors come for the Golden Mount, it is interesting for its long history. And of course the Golden Mount itself, with its elaborate stairways, the great views of Thailand's capital city from the peak, the golden stupa with its Buddhist relics are indeed worth a visit during your trip to the 'City of Angels.'

The temple complex is open from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week. If you take a taxi, be sure to tell the driver 'Wat Saket' instead of Temple Mount. The location is:

Between Boriphat Road and Lan Luang Road, off Ratchadamnoen Avenue (near the Democracy Monument).
The Golden Mount
Sign near Wat Saket
Close up of sign
Miniature of Golden Mount at the b…
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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
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Wat Saket and The Golden Mount Jan 23, 2012
Wat Saket is a Buddhist temple by King Rama I in the 18th century (the Ayuthaya Era) to serve as a crematorium. In 19th century, King Rama III built an artificial hill in order to place the huge gold Chedi. However, it collapsed due to the soft soil. The Chedi that we see today was built during the reign of King Rama V. The concrete walls surrounding this place was built to prevent the hill from eroding and the Chedi from collapsing in World War II.

Located at the Pom Prap Sattru Phai district. Walk east from the Grand Palace or you can take a tuk tuk to save your energy before climbing up a hill.

Climb up 318 steps to the temple complex. There are bells lining your way up. I believe religious followers will chant a prayer as they walk up the hill and ring the bells. Once in the temple complex, there is a tiny staircase leading up to the cupola. There is a small box placed before the staircase. I do not know whether it was a donation box or an entrance fee as it was written in Thai. So we put some coins inside just like the Thais.

At the cupola, sits the huge golden Chedi. Surrounding this complex are little bells. Religious followers will walk round and round the Chedi and give their offerings.

You will definitely sweat by the time you reach this point. Mind you, it was once the highest point in Bangkok. It was a definitely rewarding walk as the views from up here is magnificent. You get a view of the old temple quarters and the canal.
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bensonryan bensonry…
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The Golden Mount Jan 02, 2011
Wat Saket and the Golden Mount is one of the main attractions in Bangkok Thailand. There was a fee of roughly 300 Baht ($1USD) for the entry.

This temple was originally constructed and named by King Rama I in the 18th century and subsequently undergone various phases of remodeling in the 19th century with the royal lineage. It is characterized by a Buddhist stupa known as a chedi in bright gold.

It is an interesting 300 step ascension to the very top. There are some bells to bring in good spirits and ward off bad ones. I found out afterwards Wat Saket was used as a crematorium for plauge victims. There are also some well preserved golden Buddha statuettes as well.

Like many attractions in Bangkok, The Golden Mount can get overcrowded which would slow the pace of the upward excursion. My wife and I visited it in January with fewer people. It has my firm recommendation though there are many other areas in the vicinity the traveler can be stimulated by. Bangkok as a whole has an culture enriched with many of these Buddhist temples that are similar in style.
Ringing the bell for good luck/spi…
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HannahGreenlee HannahGr…
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A beautiful temple with stunning views Jul 27, 2008
The walk up the steps of this temple is an aesthetically pleasing experience in itself- the memorials and water features that are part of the mount are rather beautiful. There are also a series of bells which you can ring for good luck (I think that is what they are for). At the top stands a square temple in which a series of smaller shrines cluster around a central shrine, set off from the main room by screens. Here people make offerings of gold and flowers to a golden model (I think i was of a building, a lot of gold leaf had obscured the shape) in order to gain merit. Above the main room, accessed by stairs, a bronze cone sticks out of the roof surrounded by statues and offerings. From here there is some great views of Bangkok and good photo oppurtunities for those who like urban landscapes- you can see the mish-mash of architecture that makes up the sprawling city of 11 million people. a word of warning, however, that on a sun day it is incredibly hot up on the roof due to the white painted roof and the bronze monument reflecting the light. The walk back down the mount is as pleasing as the one up and there is a charming coffee shop where you sit a cool off after the roof. Overall, definitely worth a visit!
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tazmania tazmania
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Aug 20, 2005
Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan (usually short Wat Saket) is also known as the Golden Mount or Phu Khao Thong in Thai which gets its name from the golden Chedi. Golden Mount is located in the compound of Wat Saket and when you climb up the top of Golden Mount.You can enjoy a very impressive views of old Rattanakosin Island & Bangkok.

Every Loi Krathong festival in November,Wat Saket's a popular fair in the grounds of the temple with food stalls, freak shows and performances and the Golden Mount's wrapped with red cloth.

Note :::

- entrance fee ::: 10 Baht (Golden Mount)

- Golden Mount 8.00 am - 5.30 pm

- 320 step climb to the top ; ) believe it or not maybe you'd be count by yourself...LOL
the Golden Mount or Phu Khao Thong

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