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Seattle #1 most popular location
Arty, alternative Seattle might rain like India during monsoon season at times, but there’s little else depressing about it. From the iconic Space Needle (only worth ascending should the we…
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Spokane #2 most popular location
Spokane, the second largest city, is located on the eastern edge of the state and has a population somewhere near 200,000. Settled in 1872 and originally named Spokane Falls, it has been nick…
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SeaTac #3 most popular location
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Tacoma #4 most popular location
Tacoma is Washington State's third largest city and is a very diverse area with inhabitants from many cultures. Tacoma is also home to Airmen and Army/National Guard folk from neighboring bas…
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Vancouver #5 most popular location
Vancouver is a city on the north bank of the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington and the county seat of Clark County. It is part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. The l…
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Bellevue #6 most popular location
Bellevue is a metropolitan area of Seattle. It is a very upscale city, ranking 15th wealthiest of 522 communities in Washington. There has been a lot of recent construction going on as Belleu…
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Bellingham #7 most popular location
Bellingham is the biggest city in Whatcom County, as well as the 10th largest city in the state of Washington. The city's population is about 74,440. It has a large student population, as it …
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Yakima #8 most popular location
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Port Angeles #9 most popular location
Port Angeles calls itself "the center of it all for the Olympic Penisula." It's the place to start a day trip to Hurricane Ridge or explore the Olympic National Park...the place to start for …
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Leavenworth #10 most popular location
Leavenworth is Washington State's little Bavarian Village nestled in a valley of the cascade mountains. It is one of the largest tourist spots in all of Washington. Everything about the city …
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Ocean Shores #11 most popular location
Ocean Shores is a nice attractive town in Washington State. It is gorgeous during the Summer months with lots of activities for familes to enjoy. During the Winter months it definitely quiets…
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Everett #12 most popular location
Everett is the county seat for Snohomish County with a population of 102,000. It is 30 miles north of Seattle and sits on Port Gardener Bay of Puget Sound. Everett has the mild year round t…
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Friday Harbor #13 most popular location
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Kent #14 most popular location
Kent is very spread out, encompassing areas on the west hill near the I-5 freeway, the valley area near hwy-167 and the east hill of kent. The valley is largely covered with warehouses and bi…
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Tukwila #15 most popular location
Renton #16 most popular location
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Moses Lake #17 most popular location
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Walla Walla #18 most popular location
Walla Walla Washington is a town that is so nice, you need to say it twice! It has become a slick resort and college town with a well developed wine industry, along with easy access too the …
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Mount Vernon #19 most popular location
Nestled between the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound to the West and the Cascade Mountains with the scenic Cascade Loop drive to the East, and only 60 miles from Seattle or 90 miles from V…
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Olympic National Park #20 most popular location
Olympic National Park is situated in the northwestern part of Washington State and is a 1406-sq-mile park that shelters a unique rain forest, copious glaciated mountain peaks and a 57-mile st…
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Forks #21 most popular location
Forks is a small town in the relatively remote area of the Olympic peninsula of Washington State originally settled to support the timber industry in the area. Now with a population just unde…
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Snoqualmie #22 most popular location
Located just about 25 east of Seattle along Interstate Highway 90 is the home of one of the most visited and spectacular waterfalls in Washington. Also located here is the Northwest Railway …
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Winthrop #23 most popular location
Winthrop is a tiny little town in the Okanogan of Washington State. It is one of the “gateways” to the North Cascades, an area of mountainous beauty. The population of this little town …
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Federal Way #24 most popular location
Federal Way is about 45 min. - 1 hour from Seattle and about 15-20 minutes to downtown Tacoma. Located near the I-5 freeway and at the western end of Hwy 18 which links the area with cities l…
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Olympia #25 most popular location
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Port Townsend #26 most popular location
Port Townsend is a quaint town located on the North Olympic Peninsula with Sequim and Port Angeles to the west, and Oak Harbor across Admiralty Bay to the east. Port Townsend has a long, rich…
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Ellensburg #27 most popular location
With a population of roughly 18,250 (2011), Ellensburg was incorporated in 1883 and is located in Kittitas County. The city is home to Central Washington University's main campus, which has a…
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Lynnwood #28 most popular location
A suburb situated between Seattle and Everett, Washington, offers little to travelers. It is a true suburb offering only a quiet, cheap place to stay with plenty of shopping and chain restau…
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La Push #29 most popular location
La Push is reservation belong to the Quilleute Nation on the Pacific Coast, part of Olympic National Park. You can camp here right on the beach and watch amazing sunsets! La Push and the Q…
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Mukilteo #30 most popular location
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Lacey #31 most popular location
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Long Beach #32 most popular location
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Sequim #33 most popular location
Sequim is called the Lavender Capital of North America and holds its Lavender Festival in mid-July. It is sunnier than most of its neighbors since it is located in the "rainshadow" of the Oly…
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La Conner #34 most popular location
La Conner is a small town of 900 residents built on the banks of the Swinomish Channel. The channel gives La Conner much of its color and atmosphere, a distinct seaside ambiance that comes fr…
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Kirkland #35 most popular location
A suburb of Seattle, Kirkland is well known for its water front street filled with parks, shopping, restaurants, and up scale housing. A great place to go and hang out for the day right on La…
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Ashford #36 most popular location
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Aberdeen #37 most popular location
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Chelan #38 most popular location
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Anacortes #39 most popular location
Anacortes is the crown jewel of Fidalgo Island, easternmost of the San Juan Islands and jump-point to the rest of the world-renowned archipelago. Fidalgo, the “drive-to” island, is access…
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Kelso #40 most popular location
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Quinault #41 most popular location
The Quinault is an unincorporated town in the Quinault rain forest in Olympic National Park in Washington. The town is on Lake Quinault and contains various resorts and touristy areas. The …
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Pullman #42 most popular location
Pullman is a small college town, but offers things to do for people of all ages. It is located in the Palouse region of rolling wheat hill. It considered by some to be one of the most unique …
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Coupeville #43 most popular location
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Birch Bay #44 most popular location
Birch Bay is located approximately 100 miles north of Seattle Washington and about 50 miles south of Vancouver, BC Canada. During the summer, Birch Bay gets quite busy as visitors come from a…
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Tumwater #45 most popular location
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Oak Harbor #46 most popular location
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Poulsbo #47 most popular location
Nowhere in the Pacific Northwest can visitors enjoy more breathtaking scenery and a greater variety of attractions than in "Little Norway on the Fjord." Nestled in a valley on the Kitsap Pen…
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Amanda Park #48 most popular location
Issaquah #49 most popular location
Issaquah, 15 miles East of Seattle, is nestled at the foot of Tiger Mountain, Squak Mountain, and Cougar Mountain. In many ways it acts as the gateway into the Cascade Mountains. It is one of…
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Omak #50 most popular location
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Ilwaco #51 most popular location
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Ritzville #52 most popular location
Vantage #53 most popular location
Woodland #54 most popular location
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Castle Rock #55 most popular location
This fairly small community in the south-western corner of the state along Interstate Highway I-5 is the entery point to Mount St. Helens, which erupted by blowing the northwestern section on…
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Suquamish #56 most popular location
Suquamish, located on the Port Madison Indian Reservation, is home of the Suquamish tribe. One of the most influential leaders of the Northwest, Chief Seattle, lived here and he is buried …
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Quincy #57 most popular location
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Union #58 most popular location
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Edmonds #59 most popular location
Edmonds, Washington, is one of Washington state's most picturesque waterfront communities, on the Puget Sound, It has a community population of about 40,000 people and is within Snohomish Cou…
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Goldendale #60 most popular location
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Langley #61 most popular location
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Westport #62 most popular location
Westport, Washington is on the south end of Grays Harbor just two hours from Seattle. Historically famous for its fishing charters, it is becoming known for its great beaches and water activi…
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Spokane Valley #63 most popular location
Located east of Spokane, Spokane Valley is a suburban/urban city, annexed from Spokane in 2002 to be its own entity. The city is a few minutes drive from Coeur d'Alene, ID, and has roughly on…
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Woodinville #64 most popular location
Woodinville is a quiet, affluent suburb a part of the greater Seattle metro area with lots of surrounding greenery and hiking trails. The town is mostly known for its farms and wineries, and…
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Eastsound #65 most popular location
Eastsound is the main town on Orcas island at the northernmost part of the bay. The town consists of a cluster of streets with restaurants, shops, food stores, galleries, as well as a park an…
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Coulee Dam #66 most popular location
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DuPont #67 most popular location
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Toppenish #68 most popular location
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Stevenson #69 most popular location
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Cashmere #70 most popular location
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Snohomish #71 most popular location
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Allyn #72 most popular location
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Rockport #73 most popular location
Grayland #74 most popular location
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Glacier #75 most popular location
Belfair #76 most popular location
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Toutle #77 most popular location
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Cougar #78 most popular location
North Bend #79 most popular location
North Bend is a small city 45 minutes East of Seattle and is considered the entrance to the Cascade Mountains. For those living in the Puget Sound area, its is most known for two things: Moun…
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Amboy #80 most popular location
Fort Casey #81 most popular location
Yelm #82 most popular location
Yelm is a fast growing town of over 8000 (up 150%since 2000) located at the intersection of Washington Highways 507 and 510 in Thurston County in Southwest Washington not far from Fort Lewis,…
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Grand Mound #83 most popular location
Tulalip #84 most popular location
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Bainbridge #85 most popular location
Husum #86 most popular location
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Paradise #87 most popular location
George #88 most popular location
George, WA is best known for the Gorge Amphitheater that is six miles west. Located at exit 149 on Interstate 90 in central Washington State, the City of George, Washington, is the only ci…
Seabeck #89 most popular location
Seabeck was a mill town in the past and it is a small community about 7 miles from Silverdale, along Seabeck Hwy NW. There is a general store, pizza shop & espresso stand, but not much else. …
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West Seattle #90 most popular location
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Granite Falls #91 most popular location
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Olga #92 most popular location
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Orcas #93 most popular location
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Grand Coulee #94 most popular location
Buckley #95 most popular location
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Vashon #96 most popular location
Vashon is the largest island on Puget Sound. It is a very unique town that you know is in the United States but yet very unique in its own ways. It is a very quiet place that travelers looki…
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Bonney Lake #97 most popular location
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Boston Harbor #98 most popular location
Montesano #99 most popular location
Graham #100 most popular location
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