Wasai Salambigar

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Jalan Sungai Akar, Brunei
Wasai Salambigar - wasai salambigar waterfall
Wasai Salambigar - Clear cool creek
Wasai Salambigar - The second waterfall
Wasai Salambigar - Wasai Salambigar, the place where fairies and water nymphs sleep...
Wasai Salambigar - The first waterfall is close to the highway

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A hidden realm of nymphs and fairies Mar 20, 2009
How do you describe beauty and magic in words? I was wondering how to capture at least the essence of this place to let you picture in your mind this magical place that I discovered.

Who would have thought, just next to the highway not far from the Bandar Seri Begawan city (around five to seven minutes drive), there is a hidden treasure amidst the woods and bushes. This place must've been recently discovered as not many people actually go there indicating that less is known about it. Which means, FREE ENTRANCE!

But on the other hand, since this is not officially a place for tourists (YET) you need to be ready to walk through some bushes with sharp blades and muddy sandy trails.

Wasai Salambigar is a waterfall that cascades gently in three separate stages. The main source of the water is from the small tributaries that eventually meet up in the narrow deeper parts of the hills. The geography of the place is hilly and the soil there consists of sandrock which explains the coexistence of giant stratified boulders and white sands. The lowest stage of the waterfall is the nearest to the highway but it is not visible from the road. Walk another 50 metres you will find another waterfall with clear lake resting on its foot. The waterfall is just a few feet high. The last part of the waterfall which is the source of the small creek that flows to the other two waterfalls is located somewhere in the middle part of the gentle sloping hill. Walk is very easy, you just need to remember to put on mosquito repellant cream.

In my opinion, the real beauty of Wasai Salabigar is in fact located at the source of the water. If you want to see this, you have to walk a bit further up and go through the muddy trail of sand. This is where the magic lies. The tranquility, the pristine, clear and cool water, the mosses, the ferns, the bushes, backdropped by the towering giant trees all these blend so well to create an ambience that is equivalent to the stories of fairies and water nymphs. They're probably hiding somewhere watching the visitors from the far.

What to bring?

- Mosquito repellant

- Bottled water

- Some snacks

- Towel

- Extra clothes

- Your camera!

What to wear?

- Flip flops

- Shorts

- Comfortable shirts

What to do there?

- Take a bath at one of the waterfalls

- Take lots of amazing photos

- Picnic
Wasai Salambigar, the place where …
The first waterfall is close to th…
The second waterfall
wasai salambigar waterfall
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