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Name: Walter
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Join Date: May 8, 2008
Contributions: WalterC has written about 274 places, shared 6,060 photos, left 9,089 comments, and smiled 56,595 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, sharing travel tips and blogs, just browsing!
Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
English, can only read Korean
Books you might find in my backpack
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
1992 - Zurich, Switzerland - my first visit ever to Europe, and the first time I actually appreciated travel. I was 15 years old at the time.

1998 - New Orleans - my first solo trip

2000 - Montreal - my first solo trip outside the US

2008 - Minneapolis - first time meeting TBers

2012 - Los Angeles - first TB Meet-up ever

Hoping to visit all 30 stadiums in Major League Baseball, and some minor league ones along the way. So far, 10 down, 20 to go.

When not traveling, I just work for the most part, living a pretty boring life.
Vikram says:
Thanks for all the smiles on the French Riviera blog. And looks like a lot of lessons have been learnt from the whole photo experience. Yes, as a rule, I never insert my flash drive or anything else to a 'strange' computer, much less something as exposed as a hostel's. Oh well, good luck for the future!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2014
Vikram says:
Sad to hear about that. Which is why I always advise one to get a Cloud or Dropbox account.
Posted on: Dec 16, 2014
Vikram says:
Walter, belated thanks for your smiles on my France blog. How r u doing? can't wait to start reading about your Malaysia trip!
Posted on: Dec 15, 2014
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