Walt Disney World & Magic Kingdom

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Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World & Magic Kingdom Orlando Reviews

TSXSquirrelygirlie TSXSquir…
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You have to go at least once in your life Aug 16, 2011
I am sure I am the only one that thinks Disneyland is better but I do. I enjoyed myself to a point. It's just SO busy, even on a Monday. I knew that it would be insanely busy however I didn't realize people became instantly rude and inconsiderate as soon as they got into the park. Just prepare for crowds EVERYWHERE!

I was shocked to learn you can bring in your own water bottle so I would bring the biggest one I could carry in my purse to just have a drink when I wanted it. Some of those lines can be crazy long and standing in the heat will dehydrate you fast.

I noticed the magic kingdom is geared more towards children. The rides are pretty boring except for Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. I mean they are fun but not worth the time in line. I fell asleep on It's a Small World.

I recommend getting a fast pass right away for Space Mountain, that ride usually has the longest wait. Also I discovered a trick to get two fast passes at once on different rides. Just tell the attendant it didn't issue a fast pass and they will issue you one. I did that for 2 days and only one guy didn't do it so your odds are pretty good on getting away with it.

All the employees, cast members and anyone associated with Disney is SUPER nice and helpful. They all go out of their way to make sure you are happy and having a good time. You can tell they all enjoy working there and that's rare to see anymore. Especially with the crowds and different personalities they must have to deal with daily.

The fireworks are pretty awesome. You can see them from any point in the park but the best view is in front of Cinderella's Castle. Just get there like an hour before because people will start to line up for the best view. The parades, same deal with lining up WAY early. They are cool but just really for the kids.

Getting to the park alone is a haul. If you park you have to drive WAY into the resort, pay $14 to park, jump on a tram to take you to the transportation center to either take the monorail or ferry to the park. Or if you stay at a hotel that has a shuttle you can take that but still, you have to deal with the monorail or ferry. I feel like it's just so much effort to get to the park.

Basically Disneyland and the Disney World Magic Kingdom are the same except Disneyland has more adult type rides. I am glad I went just to experience it, I did feel like a kid the first day. I recommend staying 4 days and explore the other parks and do the magic kingdom in at least 2 days. It can be very overwhelming and stressful because of all the people. I also recommend downloading any app you can that shows you the wait time on all the rides in the park. It's a great way to plan your rides and stuff without walking clear across the park to see it's a 90 minute wait for a ride.

Just go in expecting crowds, tons of kids and rude parents but try to enjoy yourself. It's the happiest place on earth...well for some. lol.
I think this should be my next hom…
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TSXSquirrelygirlie says:
@Stigen...yeah I am not a kid person so it was like my little version of hell but made the best of it.

@RyanCorrea...Thanks. :)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2011
Stigen says:
I'll stick with disneyland then ! Don't need to hang out with all those kids.
Posted on: Aug 17, 2011
RyanCorrea says:
Nicely written.... your sign off is a hoot but so true!! LOL
Posted on: Aug 17, 2011
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solitarywoolf solitary…
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Disney World May 14, 2011
I went to Disney World during Thanksgiving 2009. I only had one week of vacation time and I went with someone from NY. She is nice person, but a bit too aggressive.

As for the Walt Disney World, I love all the scary rides such as tower of terror and some roller coast rides. The "beauty and beast" show and other shows are fun to watch. They are included in the 3 days pass we got. Basically, we spent one day for one park.

I am not big into shows, but the American idol mini version is very exciting. They only have a limited times and it's hard to get into the show. In general, it's hard to get into any of the rides or shows since there is always a line. I remembered we spent 1 hour waiting in the line for the Peter Pan ride. And it was at night and kinda cold. A father with two kids were sleeping on the ground and waiting in the line. I think it was a bad timing since it was thanksigiving . And I did not realize most Americans around Florida area or so do not celebrate thanksgiving. But after all, it was fun experience, just we do not plan too well and I was too exhausted after the tour. I think I lost 5 pounds in 3 days. So I took the fourth day off. I met a guy from Sweden in Orland which is cool.
nowhereman136 nowherem…
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Disney is magical Jul 05, 2011
Some tips.

1. When you enter the park, find Guest Relations and tell them it's your birthday (or someone in the groups birthday) you will get a pin wishing you a happy birthday. You may also get little quirks throughout the day such as fast-passes or character greetings.

2. Visit in September. If your gonna be in Florida for September, take advantage of the theme parks (not just Disney). It is the least busy month for a theme park in Florida. Longest wait time i had on a Saturday was 30min.

3. Talk with the "Cast Members". they are the friendliest employees I've ever seen. Many of them are from all over the world and have cool stories to tell. Also, they are the best place to get the latest info for whats happening in the park and where.

4. Also, be a kid. Forget your an adult for a while and enjoy the rides. Dont pass up "It's a Small World" because you feel to old. Disney is a wonderful place to be a kid again and have fun. Sing Disney songs in line to rides and see how many people you can get to join in. Start the wave at the shows (i tried for a "Round Epcot" wave that didnt work out). Enjoy yourself, its OK!

Hope you enjoy your trip to Disney
lebanesepirate lebanese…
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disney world is amazing Jun 07, 2011
i love disney world,they have 4 parks and 2 water parks,it's not cheap but worth the money and the experience for sure.

check safari ride at animal kingdom so nice!

also there is pleasure island ,it belongs to Disney but it's about nightlife and clubs,make sure u check it out
Douga536 Douga536
1 reviews
Great Time Staying at Disney world Wilderness Lodge resort Mar 10, 2011
Stayed a week at Disneys wilderness lodge resort . Went to Magic kingdom park 2 days, Epcot theme Park 1 day, Hollywood Kingdom theme park 1 day, Disneys animal kingdom theme park, downtown Disney and Fort Disney theme park.... was awesome for us and the kids.

Spent the whole week staying in disney and Food was great, service was awesome and the theme parks were fantastic and fun.

Worth Every Penny... Flew out of Buffalo Niagara Airport and saved a ton on air fair.
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biggrl40 biggrl40
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Disney's Electrcal Parade Oct 17, 2011
My favorite parade. I was so disappointed when they discontinued this parade. Guess what they brought it back. Even though the fireworks are GREAT !!!!. This parade brought back my childhood literally. I Love it.
They used this as a canvis
I was Jumping
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aarun aarun
7 reviews
Day1 - Magic Kingdom Jul 03, 2010
This was our 1st day in Walt Disney World - we went to Magic Kingdom.

It was awesome awesome experience.
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luckystar24 luckysta…
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Nothing but Fun Nov 12, 2009
I took my daughter for her 7th birthday to Disney and I had a time of my life there is so much to see and do there. As a single mother it was most of affordable. I would recommend anybody of any age with or without kids to make sure you go there at least once in your lifetime it is worth the experience. We went to there Halloween party and it was just magical, fireworks,parades,candy,facepainting. A lot of things to do
sylviandavid says:
sounds like you had a great time!!! Sylvia
Posted on: Nov 12, 2009
dennisvanweeghel dennisva…
14 reviews
Walt Disney World Orlando Aug 03, 2009
Erg leuk om te zien allemaal, vond het wel erg druk, en voor veel dingen te oud en te groot geworden maar verder wel ok.
Walt Disney Orlando
Walt Disney Orlando
Walt Disney Orlando
Walt Disney Orlando
camach1 camach1
1 reviews
Walt Disney World Adventure! May 01, 2009
Went a couple years ago with my family.2 brothers,myself and my mom.What an amazing place!We stayed at the All Star Movies resort and never had to drive anywhere because they have buses that take you all over the entire walt Disney world resort. We woke up early and went to the water parks until noon then went back to the hotel and got dressed and spent the rest of the day at one of the parks for seven days straight. I had a blast and so did my family... don't forget to get park hopper tickets and add the water parks in the summer that way you can go to 2 or more parks in the same day. Just remember to play the day by ear and don't plan out your day.Catch all the night time shows at the parks too especially illuminations at Epcot. Just cant wait to go back again :)
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mswim mswim
31 reviews
10 Tips for your Magic Kingdom (Orlando) Visit Jul 04, 2008
1) Get to the park early. We arrived at 8 am and none of the rides had any waits. After 11 am, the place gets packed.

2) Know which rides you want to start off with. If you're interested in Splash Mountain and Space Mountain, get to them early because the wait will get to over an hour long.

3) Save your ticket once you enter the park. You can use your ticket up to 3 times during the day for a "fast pass" ticket. When you come upon a ride that has a long wait, simply slide your ticket into the fast pass machine to reserve a time slot to come back to the ride. You cannot pick what time you want to revisit the ride so be sure to check out the screen displaying the next available time. A ticket will be printed for you, simply return to the ride at the designated time, show your ticket and viola you've bypassed the line.

4) Many of the classic rides have longer lines than the thrill rides. Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Dumbo and Snow White all have long lines as well. Consider using your pass for one of these.

5) In Tomorrowland, if you ride the slow paced Blue Line you will get a great aerial view of the park and this may help you become oriented.

6) Check out the maps provided at the front gate. They offer information about the locations of bathrooms and restraunts as well as when the parades are, where and when to catch the shows and when the fireworks are being set off.

7) If you're using a stroller, don't always expect it to be where you parked it. It may be easier to bring your own stroller rather than getting on at the park. All of the park's strollers look alike and it may be hard to locate the one lent to you. If you've brought your own it will be easier to spot.

8) Arrive early to the parades. People start lining up about 40 minutes before the parade. Grab an icecream or a cold drink and claim your spot for the parade.

9) Try eating in Fantasyland. There's a great sitdown place that offers views of the It's a Small World ride and someone helps you find a table so you won't have to search for one.

10) Don't try to do Magic Kingdom all in one day. It can't be done. If you attempt to do so you will regret it.
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Stigen says:
I would love to go there...but hate quees , and can't stand childeren , so might not be the right place then.
Posted on: Aug 17, 2011
johnyb66 says:
great blog and tips. Thankyou. just starting to plan my trip so all advice is needed.
Posted on: Mar 08, 2011
fawkes66 says:
Aaah... The magic of it. Thanks for the tips! :D
Posted on: Jul 05, 2008
streamlines streamli…
20 reviews
Oct 04, 2005
So the main disney park, the Magic Kingdom. This was the only park we had to return to to do all the rides as after lunch the queues started getting long and we still had over half the park to try. The rides are special here, there are the Boat rides (Pirates of the Caribbean, It's a small world - with the most mind numbing repeative song you will ever hear {see my website to hear it}, Splash Mountain - which is a true log flue, Jungle Cruise- which has a guide with the most corny jokes), Shows (Mickey's PhilharMagic - a 3D film with snippets from classic Disney movies), Thril rides (Space Mountain and Big Thunder mountain), Animatronic rides? (Carousel of Progress - A family in 4 scenes showing the world updating, Peter Pan & Snow White - Rides through the movies) Parades, Fireworks. And so so much more.Our 2 Favourite attractions were;Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin - A ride through Zurg's Space to where you shoot Energy units (Batteries) and gain points.Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - A ride through the pages of everyones favourite bear.But the whole park is magical and filed with wonder.
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