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The vast, seemingly endless desert of Wadi Rum holds many wonders that may be missed at first glance! Book yourself a tour of the desert at Wadi Rum Village. There are many options, from camel rides to offroad excursions to camping in the desert. Venturing into the desert, you will see natural springs, incredible rock formations, white, black, and red sand, and you'll also begin to understand how the Bedouin live life in the desert.

Many of the tours are set up by Bedouin, and they will be your guides. These nomads will introduce you to their customs and culture. If you decide to camp in the desert (highly recommended), you will also get to sample the cuisine and have some of their amazing tea!

Their famous and delicious cooking includes meats and vegetables that are slowly cooked under the sand in a process that sees them cover the meet and place hot ambers on top then packing it with sand. After many hours the meats and vegetables come out juicy and tender.