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Waterfall Hike (Siq Trail) Oct 22, 2009
For about 15 JOD (in 2009) you get access to this amazing trail. As you enter this place the red canyon walls begin to close in. They are about 70 feet high and it gets down to about 10 feet wide. Basically, in some area's you can't see the sky.

You walk through a stream against the current which is pretty nice since the water is decently warm. After you get a little ways in you have to climb a small waterfall, maybe 5-6 feet high. Pretty simple and there is some equipment to assist you, but you should still be cautious since it is slippery and equipment is not guaranteed.

Another little walk and you come to a simple to climb rock with a high pressure center. I went first, and got into the high pressure stream and was seriously hanging on for my life. My feet were coming out from under me, if it wasn't for one foot getting stuck under a rock I would have been gone over that waterfall.

I panicked. After a second I realized I was the only one who could get myself out of this, so I took a breath, told my wife I loved her, and jumped as hard as I could to the next rock. I made it by the tips of my fingernails.

My wife, being much smarter, jumped from the starting rock to the rock I was on instead of getting in the dangerous water. Derr...

We had a little more climbing to go and then we came to a deep spot. Some Israeli guys were climbing ahead so we watched how they did it. We spoke to them earlier and they explained they do this hike every month so we figured they knew what to do.

They went, no problems. There was another couple in front of us who were trying. The girl couldn't do it. Basically, you had to pull yourself along a rope against the current of a pretty good size waterfall. As you pull yourself you are also using your arms to pull yourself out of the water and up onto another rock, all arm strength.

The girl was crying, so I felt bad for my wife. I gave her the option to turn back, but her answer was jumping in and pulling herself up to the next rock and making it look easy. Now pride is on the line, so I fortunately made it on my first attempt. It was tough though, but not impossible.

We made our last couple climbs until we reached the last big waterfall. What an amazing stop. The Israeli guys offered us some tea they were brewing (seriously odd thing to do in my opinion) and we had a drink and chatted with them for a little bit before turning back.

The way back was much easier, but once we got to the part where I got stuck we luckily ran into a tour guide who gave us a little advice. His advice was to sit on the rock (where I was stuck), cross our arms, and go. We slid down the waterfall and landed in a deep pool of water. It was so fun we ran up and did it a second time. So all of my panick was for nothing. If I fell I would have accidentally discovered a natural waterslide.

There is not a bit of you that won't be soaked here. So dress appropriately and protect your electronics. We seen a lot of people in jeans who turned around early.

If you are Canadian, there is a show called Departures that goes here. It is where we got the idea. Feel free to contact me to help you arrange a trip here. It was tough to arrange for us at first, now after doing it, it would be easy.
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