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Vulcan, Canada

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brown27 brown27
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Aug 21, 2000
When my auntie took us on a day trip on one of our days out, when we were in Canada, i had no idea it would end up in the heart of one of my best loved sci-fi programs. Pulling into the car park of the local burger bar i was amazed to see the model of the enterprise. This is a must take photo op for any Trekker. Numerous angles to capture the feeling of the model. Having taken that in the next thing to do is to have lunch in the shadow of this famous starship. What do you have to eat in a place called Vulcan? A Spock burger of course. A trip around the town is worth a laugh to see that the residence here have celebrated the Star Trek history. The bridge of the enterprise with characters from all shows are housed in the tourist information centre. They also have uniforms for those who do not bring their own. This place is not for eveyone but well worth stopping off at for lunch if nothing else.
This model was really impressive.
Aopaq says:
You are the first person I have ever heard of to come from overseas to visit Vulcan. I was born and raised in Canada, have travelled through Alberta many times and yet stll hav not stoppd in Trekiville. After reading about your visit, I now have a reason to go there and try a Spock burger!
Posted on: Sep 20, 2007
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