Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq

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Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq - The Peace Museum for the Chemical attacks in 1988 - very moving.
Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq - The Peace Museum for the Chemical attacks in 1988 - very moving.
Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq - Erbil City
Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq - Erbil City
Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq - Kurdistan mountain veiws.

Visiting Kurdistan, Iraq Reviews

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Traveling to Kurdistan Aug 05, 2011
Kurdistan is not a well travelled to destination, and it is in Iraq, not Russia, to help any confusion, a lot of the blogs and travel reports are out of date so I thought I'd put the place back on the map as I have recently moved out here to teach.

To fly out here it is difficult to get a direct flight from England but you can fly through most European countries which isn't too bad. Hopefully that will soon change as the area becomes more popular with businesses and travelers. The ticket can be quite pricey so shop around and book early to get a good deal. Also they are very strick on luggage allowance and charge £10 per kilo over the 22kilo allowence. Also you are only allowed 1 peice of hand luggage as u could be at risk of being charged extra at the gate.

The food onthe plane is pretty good compared to most airline food and they give u good poritons and range to eat. Also the food and drinks are free. The only problem is that there is no inflight entertainment and the plane maybe over run with kids, so expect to see them out of their seats for most of the flight.

The other thing to be aware of it that they aceept Dollars and there are not many ATMs about as it is mainly a cash run country. Also as they are doing a lot of regentration and building everywhere they have English plug sockets in most of the buildings.

When u arrive there are lots of Taxi's around to take you where you need to go, but remember normal taxi rules apply try to arrange a price before u get in so u don't get stung on drop off. There is a lack of public transport so you need to rely on Taxi's although I'm not sure if ytou can hire a car.

There is lots to see and do, especailly near the main cities but the countryside is definitely worth a visit as the scenery is mind blowing...just be aware not to go too close to the boarders and always carry ur passport for ID.
The Peace Museum for the Chemical …
Erbil City
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