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Visiting Kos

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Kos, Greece
Visiting Kos - goates crossing the road
I had to wait with my scooter
Visiting Kos - Old Town ruins
Visiting Kos - Sunset at Zia
Visiting Kos - Palms
Visiting Kos - panoramic vue on Kefalos, if you look well, you can see how small the island is at some place
Visiting Kos - vue on our swimming-pool
Visiting Kos - wild nature and sea, love this pic

Visiting Kos Reviews

littleoak littleoak
3 reviews
Cheap short-stay holiday in Greece May 15, 2010
I went to Kos, Greece, with 4 of my closest friends at the time.

Kos itself is ok as touristy holiday places go. There are lots of little touristy shops to have a nose in. However, I found that once you had been in about 3-5 shops they all got a bit samey.

Again, with the ruins - unless you are BIG into ruins then once you have seen about 3 ruins you have seen them all. I would recommend going for a walk out of Kos to see the amphitheatre though, as this I did find different to what I would class as the 'usual ruins'! Hypocrites tree is also quite cool :)

The harbour was nice and if you had the money I suppose a boat trip would be nice as well, but unfortunately we didn't have the funds for this. However, our holiday provider, Thompson did offer those sorts of day trips so you could look into this if you wanted.

There was a little bus that went around the town showing places of interest as well, which was quite good to get a grounding of everything. And once in the town it wasn't far to get to most places (apart from the amphitheatre which was a bit of a walk, especially in the midday heat!).

The food there was cheap and tasted lovely. The restaurant owners also have a habit of giving you shots each at the end of the meal as well which is a bonus if you drink!

We only went out to the bars one evening and I personally was uncomfortable as the Greek culture appears to be quite 'touchy-feely' and I didn't like this - especially as we were a group of girls. The bar workers would be heckling you as you walked past each bar to convince you to come into their bar and some you could ignore but others put their arms round you and literally dragged you in. The only bonus was that they offered you 'buy one get one free' or free shots to come in. The music on 'Bar Street' where we went was not music we knew either - so if that bothers you then give that street a miss perhaps.

Also, in the guidebook we had it said to ask the taxi drivers for their verification before getting we did. The taxi drivers all got really offended and annoyed at us and refused to take us. We had to wait a while for another taxi then - so just be wary of that too!

We did go on the mountain trip to Zia with Thompson, which included a yummy meal with free wine and traditional Greek dancing whilst the sun set. The views were great and well worth the ride, as was the dancing, so I would recommend looking into this if you go. However, Zia itself is not much to look around if you were just heading up there for a peek.

I didn't rate the beach (Faro Beach) near our hotel either - it was gritty and rocky and not nice at all so most of our 'lazing time' we spent at our hotel pool.

One of my friend's goes there every year with her family though, so they must all enjoy maybe my view is in the minority or we were staying the wrong side of Kos or something? All things to look into...

We were staying in the Pelagos Studios And Apartments (see my other reviews), which was a bit of a trek into town as well - but the hotel itself was lovely.

If you were to go to Kos, I would perhaps recommend trying accommodation on the other side of the town as this may have better beaches etc. I would also suggest only a short stay so you do not run out of things to do if you like to get out and about like myself....if you are happy to lounge about though then stay as long as you want!

I hope this was helpful.
Old Town ruins
Sunset at Zia
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david_ruth34 david_ru…
8 reviews
Feb 26, 2008
In the summer of 2007 my girlfriend and I went to the Island Kos. We stayed in Kardamena. We had very good time there, what I personaly like the most was the fact that you could visit the whole island, on scooter, in a few days. One day we went at the last way of the island, in Ag. Fokas, there is a warm water bath, it was very hot!! Before the bath we went to Kos city, which is a very nice city with lot's of small streets and gift shops everywhere. We bought there some nice souvenirs! After the bath we went back home passing the east coast and we stopped in Tingaki, Marmari, Mastichari, it was a whole sandy coast which was really beautifull. The day after I went inside the island and I loved Zia there, the people were very sympathic everywhere but there I saw one of the most sympathic women of the world, she'd really touched me(in the hart). She runs a little store and was loved by a lot of people as I've seen. The last day, I went to Kefalos, alone, but very happy to have been there, riding to Agioannis I had to way all the goats passed the way, so funny, and in Agioannis I saw a beautifull and wild coast with nobody there
warm water bath in sea
vue on our swimming-pool
goates crossing the road I had to…
wild nature and sea, love this pic
Devika1985 says:
Ja lijkt me te gek met n scooter zo de omgeving verkennen!!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008

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