Viseu de Sus Travel Guide

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Viseu de Sus Overview

Viseu [Viseul] de Sus is an awfully small and dusty town in the north east of Romania. The main drag is the Mocanita [steam train] which departs from an industrial railway station 1 km from the centre. Apart from that, there is nothing much to do.

The town can only be reached by private car, bus [if you can find hours and routes] or by train to Viseul de Jos and then with a local cab. There is one small, drab "Historical and Ethnographic Museum" comprised of three rooms, where you can see traditional objects and local religious painting. The town's only [minuscule] park has two small statues, including one of a Romanian officer who fought for Lincoln in the US Civil War. Other sights include several well-kept churches, some of wood in the Maramures style.

Don't expect any tourist amenities, including postcards. There is one very good eatery, where all the cool people merge ["Moak"], and a cafe-bar next to the Mocanita station. With a private car, you can use it as a base to explore the adjacent villages, including Borsa to the south.