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"Virginia is for lovers" ... Located in the Southeastern part of the U.S., it features a diverse set of destinations. In the Northern part of Virginia, the suburbs of Washington D.C., you'll find an urban sprawl that is heavily populated with a mix of diversity. This is quite a contrast to the Shenandoah Valley in the western part of the state where things are quieter and more "southern" and wild. The stately capital of Richmond and nearby Charlottesville are a dramatic contrast to small towns like Danville in the south. The Blue Ridge mountains (Appalachian trail ) are a gigantic contrast to Virginia Beach.

It really does seem like Virginia has a continent's worth of places to visit. Whether visiting Arlington National Cemetery or the new Air and Space Museum near Dulles, or going to the beach with the summer crowds, or getting away from it all in a bed and breakfast, Virginia does have quite a lot to offer.

Virginia also boasts a large number of historic sites. Virginia was home to some of the countries founding fathers and was a significant battleground during the civil war. Some of Virginia's historic sites include: Montpelier (home of James Madison), Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson), Battlefield of Manassas, Colonial Williamsburg, and Jamestown.

We must also mention that Virginia has become a great wine state with now more than 120 wineries all around Virginia with a AVA recognition as Monticello in the heart of Charlottesville.

Virginia Beach #1 most popular location
An independent city nestled in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of Virginia along the Atlantic Ocean near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is the most populated city in Virg…
328travelers 43reviews 16blogs
Williamsburg #2 most popular location
Williamsburg, Virginia USA is a major tourist destination because of the historical significance of the area. Also, is offers state-of-the-art theme parks, outdoor fun, spas and golf. William…
71travelers 26reviews 17blogs
Richmond #3 most popular location
Richmond is the capital of Virginia, and is an independent city, not part of a county as many places in Virginia are, being a Commonwealth of places. Located near the James River, Richmond wa…
266travelers 22reviews 16blogs
Arlington #4 most popular location
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Founded 9 July 1846 Website: Arlington County is an urban county of about 203,000 residents in the Commonwealth of Virginia, …
165travelers 40reviews 7blogs
Alexandria #5 most popular location
Alexandria, Virginia, is an independent city of Virginia. (Not in any county.) The city was founded in the mid-18th century as a tobacco, cotton, and trading seaport on the Potomac River. For…
171travelers 56reviews 10blogs
Norfolk #6 most popular location
Home to the largest naval base in the world, and featuring a waterfront packed full of typical American food chains, docks, plenty of off-duty sailors, and enough waterfront taverns to fill a…
143travelers 30reviews 32blogs
Fredericksburg #7 most popular location
Fredericksburg is an independent city in the U.S. Commonwealth of Virginia, 50 miles south of Washington, D.C., and 55 miles north of Richmond, Virginia. As of the 2006 census, the city had a…
68travelers 18reviews 1blogs
Charlottesville #8 most popular location
Such a lot of things to do from C-ville. Visiting the awesome southern downtown, and UVA monuments (academic village and rotunda, designed by Thomas Jefferson ) plus 3 sites about 3 presiden…
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Newport News #9 most popular location
Newport News is a city with services in a cluster they used to call Hampton Roads in the SE corner of Virginia.
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Chesapeake #10 most popular location
Chesapeake, Virginia is not only a small city of 222,528 (as of 2007) but also a county and a historic Revolutionary War battlefield. Chesapeake is one of the seven cities that make up the H…
57travelers 8reviews 1blogs
Roanoke #11 most popular location
Roanoke is located 168 miles west of Virginia's state capital, Richmond, nestled between the Blue Ridge and the Virginia Allegheny Highlands. Its proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway near the …
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Fairfax #12 most popular location
Fairfax, Virginia, is a small city in Northern Virginia. Originally known as Fairfax Court House, it is home to the burgeoning Fairfax County Court House complex. Yet, it is not part of surro…
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Manassas #13 most popular location
Manassas, Virginia, is forever associated with the two Civil War Battles that took place nearby in 1861 and 1862. Manassas was founded as a railway junction point in the 1850s and its strateg…
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Winchester #14 most popular location
Winchester, Virginia, is a market town and college town in the Shenandoah Valley. It's long been known as an apple production and distribution center. The Apple Blossom Festival engages the t…
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Hampton #15 most popular location
47travelers 5reviews 9blogs
Chantilly #16 most popular location
Chantilly, Virginia, is located in Northern Virginia, in western Fairfax County, right on the border with Loudon County. Chantilly is probably best known to travelers as the site of Washingto…
13travelers 9reviews 4blogs
Lynchburg #17 most popular location
33travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Harrisonburg #18 most popular location
Harrisonburg,VA is a picturesque up and coming city located just off interstate 81. It is the home to James Madison University and both the city and University are growing rapidly. While the …
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Glen Allen #19 most popular location
4travelers 2reviews
Petersburg #20 most popular location
5travelers 3reviews
Herndon #21 most popular location
Herndon, Virginia is a large city in Northern Virginia, I suspect it was created by wealthy influential landowners. It encompasses Dulles International Airport and Reston. Reston is home to m…
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Luray #22 most popular location
Luray is a quite town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountain's about an hour and a half drive outside of DC. Although it still retains all the small town charms, Luray has recently experienced a…
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Staunton #23 most popular location
11travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Lexington #24 most popular location
Home of two colleges, VMI (Virginia Military Institute) and W &L (Washington and Lee University), this is also the home of Stonewall Jacksons residence.
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Springfield #25 most popular location
Springfield, Virginia, is a suburban community 17 miles south of Washington, DC. It’s not an incorporated city, but politically is part of Fairfax County. Springfield residents nevertheless…
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Wytheville #26 most popular location
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Sterling #27 most popular location
Sterling is a town with services in Loudoun County nearb Dulles Int. Airport in Northern Virginia.
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Dulles #28 most popular location
4travelers 11reviews 4blogs
Woodbridge #29 most popular location
Woodbridge is an unincorporated communiuty in Prince William County in Northern Virginia about 25 miles (40 km) south of Washington, DC. It is generally defined by Occoquan Creek to the north…
43travelers 5reviews 2blogs
Yorktown #30 most popular location
12travelers 11reviews 8blogs
Falls Church #31 most popular location
Falls Church is a city with all services centered on hwy 7 in Northern Virginia near Washington DC. I expect the auto traffic is very bad there.
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Blacksburg #32 most popular location
Blue Ridge Mountains, New River Valley, and Virginia Tech Hokie football...a trifecta which makes Blacksburg a relaxing and exciting place to visit. Situated in the beautiful mountains of …
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Waynesboro #33 most popular location
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Chincoteague #34 most popular location
Chincoteague Island is famous for it's pony swim, an annual wild pony auction held as a fundraiser for the local fire department. It's a quaint town with fantastic gift shops, and numerous ic…
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Ashland #35 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Vienna #36 most popular location
Vienna is a city with all services on hwy 123 in Northern Virginia in Fairfax County, and a suburb of Washington DC. I remember long ago Vienna was a nice small quiet residential town.
28travelers 4reviews
Suffolk #37 most popular location
Suffolk is a very quiet climate with in my opinion very friendly people. It has a very based wildlife claim with lots of fun activities to do out doors such as, four-wheeling, camping, and so…
15travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Reston #38 most popular location
I was there when Reston Ave. was just a dirt road to nowhere in Fairfax County. Us silly high school kids used to drag race our parents V-8 cars there. Things changed for the better when they…
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Salem #39 most popular location
7travelers 1reviews
Chincoteague Island #40 most popular location
2reviews 1blogs
Portsmouth #41 most popular location
Pretty quiet place with all types of people, and places to see. Lots of restaurants to choose from like spanish, chinese, caribbean, and fast food spots too. Shopping is not very selective, t…
33travelers 4reviews 3blogs
Emporia #42 most popular location
Emporia lies at a transportation crossroads; a major rail line and three major highways pass through it. Though Emporia is officially a city, it has less than 6,000 residents. Emporia has t…
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Stafford #43 most popular location
16travelers 2reviews
Front Royal #44 most popular location
Front Royal is a city with all services in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains. I remember long ago Front Royal was a quaint quiet country town at the Northern point of the very nice Sk…
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Abingdon #45 most popular location
Abingdon is a pretty, historic small town in Washington County. It is conveniently located along Interstate 81 approximately 20 minutes from the Bristol VA/TN line. The downtown area is eas…
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McLean #46 most popular location
38travelers 5reviews
Mount Vernon #47 most popular location
Mount Vernon, Virginia, is a community in eastern Fairfax County. It is most famous for being the location of the Mount Vernon estate, the home of George Washington. For the most part, Mount …
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Orange #48 most popular location
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Dumfries #49 most popular location
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Martinsville #50 most popular location
Martinsville is a small city in the south of Virginia, best known for the two big NASCAR events each year at the Martinsville Speedway. The speedway is the shortest and one of the most excit…
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