Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar

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Rhapta Road, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 704 812 689
Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar - Pretty girls in attendance.
Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar - The courtyard
Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar - Perfect place to spend the afternoon with your friends and goof around.
Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar - One of the three cocktail bar areas.Makes it easy to get your cocktails.
I highly advise you go get your own drinks then you can sweet talk the bartender into adding more alcohol ;-)
Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar - I call this the bar tender special,It had four different types of alcohols

Vineyard Restaurant And Wine Bar Nairobi Reviews

tigrian tigrian
21 reviews
Reaally good affordable cocktails Apr 27, 2015
This is one of the few places I go to when I want to go out but I only do it once in a while and only during the weekends.

Lets start with why i love going to Vineyard;

The cocktails;

They cocktails are delicious,lethal,affordable,everything a cocktail should be.

My favorite day to go vineyard is on Saturday's when they have Absolut sunset.

We normally get there at around 4 pm before it gets crowded and sit under the big tree in the garden.then the drinking begins,the cocktails are lethal so its advisable to drink with a plan,drink a bottle of water after every 2 cocktails and take a snack in between and make sure you have had a good lunch before,preferably "kuku choma" grilled chicken or nyama choma "grilled goat meat to line your stomach.This is absolutely necessary if you dont want to black out by 11 pm or be puking your guts out when the party has just started.

They also play very awesome EDM music,my best genre of music so its a win win for me.Cocktails and EDM perfect way to spend my Saturday.

The Ambiance;

Its not extraordinary but its good.I love sitting outside in the garden under the big tree in the middle of the courtyard.

This is the best spot for me especially when it gets crowded and stuffy inside.

The inside is separated into two sections with a VIP area,this has a more British pub vibe and is more trendy than the other side.There is a tiny minuscule dance floor next to the dj booth,so if you love dancing on a crowded night you have to get creative.

The trendy crowd;

You will mostly find people from 23 - 40, which is a good thing,I hate going to clubs full of teenagers,sketchy people and you have to guard your drinks and bags like a guard dog,creepy guys and your forever trying to get away from them and their groping hands.

Just because its a nice place with a good crowd doesn't mean you don't have to watch out for your stuff.

Awesome theme nights;

Every day is a happening day at Vineyard with absolute sunset on Saturdays,that Sunday plan on Sundays,hip hop karaoke on Tuesdays,and after work Thursday's.They get a great turn out and it's a bunch of fun.

They also have a whiskey bar that was recently opened up if your a whiskey lover.I can't tel you much about this since I'm not a fan of whiskey person and I have never bothered to check out the whiskey bar.

Things I do not like about the place;

The food;

If you are hungry I would suggest you stick to the french fries and choma sausage combo on the menu,you will get value for money and its about the only good dish on the menu.

Be prepared to wait between 20 minutes and half an hour or more.Its better to go when you have had lunch elsewhere.

The fish fingers and fries used to be good,but they unreasonably hiked up the price and reduced the portions.

Keep away from any other options on the menu especially the pizza.You will be disappointed and probably not even finish it.TRUST ME,I have learnt the hard way.

The Wine list;

I'm a wine person,love it,love it.Me and my girls normally buy wine in bottles when were at the club but we have all agreed this is a place we do not order wine,just drink the cocktails or beer.

The choices given are not worth the money they charge.

A glass of wine goes for about $2 -$3 dollars,the portion and the quality of wine don't match the price.

The wine bottles go for about $28 and the wine list is not that good.I have had better wine for less.So if you are a wine person you might be quite disappointed with the selection especially.

No dance space;

It can get a bit overcrowded with zero space to dance and move around especially on Sundays.I went for the Sunday plan once,there was no standing room due to the number of people.I hate overcrowded clubs,so we stayed 5 minutes and left.


They only have 2 ladies toilets,I don't know how the gents situation is but it gets real inconvenient especially on busy days when you have to pee real bad and your queued behind ten girls and you know how women love to take their time.

Parking space;

Parking is a big issue and most of the time if you come late you have to park by the side of the road and pay some guy who is acting as a parking attendant,who may or may not work there a small fee to watch over your car.

I would give this place 6/10, cocktails,music and location are the best things about it.
The courtyard
One of the three cocktail bar area…
I call this the bar tender special…
Pretty girls in attendance.
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mwafrika mwafrika
37 reviews
Over priced with the worst service i have ever come across and i mean ever ! Aug 21, 2011
Ambiance is spectacular, and the music is great, and that's just about it !!!!

It takes close to an hour to get a beer (Something you just open the fridge door and send to the table !!!) I shudder to think what would happen if one ordered a cocktail !

After you wait the hour or so, the waiter returns and demands for money before the drink is released by the head bar man. Now in which universe does that happen ???? This is westlands for crying out loud !!!! Please note this is like 7pm, so its not like people are even drunk enough to forget the bills !

Meanwhile they have 5 waiters hovering around the bar area doing exactly nothing !

The wines are exorbitantly priced and the quantity is wanting (When we questioned this, the nice waiter says they use a champagne glass to measure, and in my head am like, there is a reason why THAT is a champagne glass !!! A glass of wine will set you back some 8 dollars by the way !

3 People from our party left when they could not get a beer. The rest of use gave the chaps a piece of our mind and the nice Lady who was handling the PR tried to salvage the situation but none of us was having it.

FYI: The Manager found us ranting and raving, and did not a even offer an apology / explanation. She just stood there and gave us a blank look ! The PR lady even followed us to the car park, still apologizing and trying to get us to give them another chance. You would have been forgiven for thinking she was the owner! Their problem clearly sits at the top of their little hierarchy !

I do not understand how you would invest millions of your shilling in a well done establishment such as this one then neglect service !!!

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