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A frenzied mass of complex history and rich, cultural traditions, Vietnam is both the experience of a lifetime and a very difficult country to experience fully as a foreigner. Invaded and occupied by China several different times over the pass years, and subject to invasions by foreign forces on dozens of other occasions, their country has a history of violence, war, rebellion, colonization, and..wait for it..invasion. Yet, despite all of these, the country has managed to come out of it a richer place, with an intoxicating blend of cultures and traditions that makes it one of the most amazing destinations on the planet.

Visas are required for almost all visitors, and take around a week or so to process. They must be acquired in advance, and generally lasts for 30 days. Keep in mind though that international driving permits are not valid in Vietnam. Getting around will require public transportation or “renting” a car and driver to drive you around. Many of Vietnam's most amazing sights and sounds are on the waterways, however, and no adventure in the country is complete without spending some time in a boat. Budget-wise, the country is extremely affordable, although accommodations will depend on whether or not you are in a major city like Ho Chi Minh City, or out in the country staying in a traditional stilt house in the lush countryside in places like Mai Chau.

Vietnam is a country of amazing beauty, with lush forests and rugged mountains, as well as plenty of coastline and major hubs of modernity. Vietnamese cuisine is beyond description, and is absolutely one of the major reasons to come to the country. Great care is taken with the preparation of even the daily meals, and there are special holidays nearly every week during which the people undertake great efforts preparing cultural and traditional dishes. Bring your boots, a sense of adventure, and an empty stomach, because you are in for a treat.

During the Vietnam War the national debt increased by $146 billion (1967-1973). Adjusted for inflation, the debt in 1992 dollars was $500 billion.

Hanoi #1 most popular location
While many Asian cities have simply mown down their history over the last few decades, replacing it with an influx of ugly modern skyscrapers, Hanoi has simply… well… layered. The histori…
709travelers 246reviews 260blogs
Ho Chi Minh City #2 most popular location
It might be Ho Chi Minh City (or HCMC or Saigon) on your maps, but all but the most bureaucratic of locals still refer to Vietnam’s lively capital by it's older and more widely known name: …
890travelers 278reviews 270blogs
Nha Trang #3 most popular location
Enclosed by mountains on three sides and sloping down to a golden sand beach on the fourth, Nha Trang is a major local tourist hub, for the simple reason that it’s both typically Vietnamese…
72travelers 78reviews 147blogs
Hoi An #4 most popular location
Generally speaking, Viet Nam is not the place to go to see well-preserved examples of ancient Asian architecture. The local government have a notable tendency to simply concrete over much of …
61travelers 80reviews 131blogs
Hue #5 most popular location
Hue has something of a tempestuous history. Having been the heart of the Nguyen Dynasty from the early 19th to mid 20th century, the city was then subjected to the brutal edge of the Viet Nam…
56travelers 52reviews 116blogs
Halong Bay #6 most popular location
With an evocative name prompting images amongst locals of dragons rising from its pristine waters, Halong Bay is infamously beautiful, but becoming more and more of a tourist trap. If you’r…
80travelers 27reviews 78blogs
Da Nang #7 most popular location
Originating from the Cham word "Da Nak", meaning "Opening of Big River", Da Nang is a major port city (Vietnam's fourth largest) located to the South Central Coast of Vietnam, on the coast of…
65travelers 13reviews 21blogs
Da Lat #8 most popular location
Dalat is a lovely little town set in the Southern Highlands of Vietnam. A short flight from Ho Chi Minh City, the town is a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities and…
41travelers 26reviews 39blogs
Can Tho #9 most popular location
With an estimated population of 1,121,000 as of 2004, Can Tho, from "cam thi giang" meaning river of poems, is the biggest city in the Mekong Delta. It constitutes as an independent municipal…
10travelers 13reviews 23blogs
Vung Tau #10 most popular location
Vung Tau is located 130 km east of Ho Chi Minh City, and can be reached by bus, hydrofoil, or personal transportation. The city is a popular weekend getaway for locals due to its extensive b…
21travelers 10reviews 8blogs
Phan Thiet #11 most popular location
5travelers 9reviews 4blogs
Phu Quoc #12 most popular location
Phú Quốc is the largest island of Vietnam. The district of Phú Quốc includes the island proper and 21 smaller isles. The district seat, Dương Đông, which is located on the west coas…
16travelers 15reviews 26blogs
Mui Ne #13 most popular location
Mui Ne is a small beach town and only 200km away from Saigon. Mui Ne was named by local fishing people because this is the shelter in stormy season. "Mui" means cape and "Ne" means hiding or …
15travelers 13reviews 37blogs
Sapa #14 most popular location
Known by a variety of nicknames—from Queen of the Mountains to the Tonkinese Alps—and located in the northwest region of Vietnam, Sapa is a frontier town that is a major market district f…
28travelers 8reviews 63blogs
Sa Pa #15 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Ninh Binh #16 most popular location
5travelers 3reviews 19blogs
Cat Ba Island #17 most popular location
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Ha Long Bay #18 most popular location
One of the most beautiful destinations in the whole of Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. Located in the Quang Ninh province just off the South China Sea, Ha Long Bay derives its name from the thousands…
21travelers 8reviews 20blogs
Buon Ma Thuot #19 most popular location
Over the years, Buon Ma Thuot has been the southern gateway to the Central Highlands, and an increasingly important tourist destination in VietNam. With a booming economy based on coffee, tea…
6travelers 49reviews 4blogs
Cu Chi #20 most popular location
3travelers 9reviews 20blogs
Pleiku #21 most popular location
3travelers 45reviews
Qui Nhon #22 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Dong Hoi #23 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Tuy Hoa #24 most popular location
Tuy Hoà is the municipality of the Phú Yên province, located as part of south central part of Việt Nam. The main economic engine here is agricultural production with rice and animal hus…
2travelers 20blogs
Rach Gia #25 most popular location
Rach Gia is one of the cities in Mekong Delta. Although it is a city, it is relatively small and quiet. Rach Gia is one of the 2 main hubs to reach Phu Quoc island from Mekong Delta. The othe…
2travelers 1reviews 7blogs
Mekong Delta #26 most popular location
Vietnam’s ‘rice basket’, the Mekong Delta is a watery landscape of green fields and sleepy villages, everywhere crisscrossed by the brown canals and rivulets fed by the mighty Mekong Ri…
8travelers 5blogs
My Tho #27 most popular location
This is one of the town on the side of Mekong Delta river. The river itself is running along Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. When you do a Mekong Delta cruise, you will most probably stopping…
2travelers 4blogs
Ha Tien #28 most popular location
Ha Tien is a town lies next to Cambodian border, which has nice, beautiful beaches and landscapes. Although it is quite a famous destination to tourists if they want to travel overland to Phu…
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Vinh #29 most popular location
3travelers 1reviews 5blogs
Chau Doc #30 most popular location
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Dien Bien Phu #31 most popular location
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My Son #32 most popular location
Mỹ Sơn (Vietnamese pronunciation: [mǐˀ səːn]) is a cluster of abandoned and partially ruined Hindu temples constructed between the 4th and the 14th century AD by the kings of Champa (C…
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Kon Tum #33 most popular location
1travelers 8reviews 2blogs
Ho Chi Minh #34 most popular location
26travelers 3reviews 3blogs
Quy Nhon #35 most popular location
4travelers 2reviews 7blogs
Ben Tre #36 most popular location
5travelers 7blogs
Cat Ba #37 most popular location
2travelers 12blogs
Lao Cai #38 most popular location
Vietnam #39 most popular location
109travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Bac Ha #40 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews 4blogs
Cai Be #41 most popular location
Ba Ria #42 most popular location
3travelers 3reviews
Con Dao Island #43 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Tam Dao #44 most popular location
An Giang #45 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Tam Coc #46 most popular location
Phong Nha #47 most popular location
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Tay Ninh #48 most popular location
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Thanh Hoa #49 most popular location
Thanh Hóa is the capital city of a province, also called Thanh Hóa, in the northern part of Việt Nam along the coast. It is to the southeast of Hà Nội, the capital of Việt Nam. [Th…
3travelers 1reviews
Bien Hoa #50 most popular location
Biên Hòa is a city in Dong Nai province Vietnam.This city is about 30 Km north-east of Ho-Chi-Minh-City. In the year 2005 the population was estimated to 407.000 .
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