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Vienna Overview

Vienna is one of Europe's most classical and refined cities and an absolute must for enthusiasts of classical music and architecture. Its magnificent Habsburgian buildings, Baroque and Roccoco castles and private parks were made to perfection by the Empress Elizabeth [the Schönbrunn is a must-see for every visitor].

A concert in this great city is not to be missed. What could be better than hearing a Viennese Waltz while in Vienna? There are countless orchestras that put on spectacular concerts, some even dressed in historical costumes, while playing period instruments.

To experience Vienna on Opera days is to go back in time, women dressed in ways not commonly seen and men escorting in ways they traditionally mean. It is an impressive way to experience the city in old style traditional ways. The feeling one gets about Vienna, from the moment you set foot in this city, is that you are taken back to the baroque times of the Royal Habsburgs, times when taxis were horse carriages and men wore wigs.

Vienna's other great asset is its café culture and exquisite cakes and confectionary; famous for its luxury coffees, "Sachertorte" and "Mozart Kugeln", having enjoyed these, you'll feel tempted to visit Vienna more than once.

The city center is splendid with its long pedestrian roads filled with shops and restaurants. Notable sights: St.Stephen's Square and Cathedral and the world famous Spanish Riding School, with its beautiful white Lippizanner Horses. The best way to describe Vienna is Classical Paris meets Classical London, and a little distinct class and charm of its own is added.

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