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inhk inhk
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Amazing view. Just don't be forced to pay for it. Jan 07, 2013
I love taking visitors to Victoria Peak (or The Peak). It always reminds me of how amazing my city is.

It's really worth seeing. On a clear day you can see all the way to the mountains by the border of China (in fact you should see about 3 mountain 'ranges' that separate Kowloon and the New Territories). On a foggy day, okay not so great but I still think it's worth the trip because if you can at least see across the harbour it can be terribly atmospheric.

I know a lot of people who go at about dusk so they can see the harbour lights turn on. And why not? You can grab dinner up there. It's a little pricey but not exorbitant. I like The Peak Look-out because it has a quiet outdoor terrace where you can escape from the crowds and I like to get away from the shopping mall (as far as possible).

The ideal is to take The Peak Tram up to the top but the queue can take forever (up to almost 2 hours). What I normally do is taxi or bus it up (take the minibus from under IFC mall's Exchange square) to enjoy the view/a walk/some food then take the Peak Tram back down to the city, a much shorter line.

So you can actually walk up The Peak if you desire. It's honestly not that bad a walk. Either head to Central and walk up Hatton Road, or go to Pok Fu Lam country park and walk up from that direction. Both are very pleasant and it really shouldn't take you even an hour. To walk down head to the Pinewood Battery (there are signs) and from there it should take you back down to Hatton Road, which will lead into Central Hong Kong. The Pinewood Battery makes for an interesting detour as it's one of the last remnants of WWII here. The Peak was part of the main defense system.

The main area of the Peak is where all the buses and The Peak Tram will drop you off which is very much populated by shops, cafes, restaurants and the viewing stations. There is the 'official' viewing station which you have to pay for (daylight robbery!) but there are also some beautiful views on top of the shopping mall that you can go to. Also, if you are facing the Peak Tram station, turn right and walk along. On the left you'll see the view of the city and then come across a very cute little pagoda where I think is one of the most charming views of Hong Kong - no 'viewing platform charge' needed.

But did you know you can walk RIGHT to the top of The Peak? Check out the fancy houses on the way. Right at the top are some very lovely unmanicured gardens with grass you are actually allowed to touch (hey, this is Hong Kong - no grass allowed!). Dogs are even allowed up here, making this my favourite place ever. It's fantastic from September to November for picnics. It's another 20-30 minutes to the very top, just keep going. I personally think it's worth it for a picnic, to lounge around and to check out the view of the South side of the island.

Yes, this is a must see. But no, you don't have to enter the heaving shopping mall or pay for the viewing platform (pay to see a view? Seriously?) or eat at some of the depressing and and commercial restaurants so this can either be very expensive or totally free. Go! Go and enjoy the view, it's spectacular!
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westwind57 says:
I always enjoy being there. You mean the restaurant, when you arrive with the minibus, not at the big square and shopping mall, but the "chiquer" one opposite of the road? I love that terrace! And for me, the view when walking the path around is good enough. By the way, I also love the Ten Thousand Buddhas monastery in Sha Tim, feels like far away from the city once you're up there :)
Posted on: Jan 13, 2013
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Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
The most beautiful view of Hong Kong ! Aug 02, 2010
It's a highlight of Hong Kong , and absolutely you must go there .

Just catch the tram for a small price value and get to the top , the uphill with the tram scare you a little bit but as I learn it's very safe .

The panoramic view from the hill is amazing and unique .

Many coffee shops and restaurants around the hill just for a relax .

Don't forget to go at the higher view point of the hill , some lazies don't do it :)

Many creatures around the hill , as eagles and other beautiful birds .

As always say "one picture thousand of words" :)
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Johnpro says:
Yes is the highlight from Hong Kong , really amazing view point :)
Posted on: Dec 05, 2011
ccjbeachbum says:
i loved it up there - i still have to post my pictures from that trip - amazing views
Posted on: Dec 04, 2011
Makkattack Makkatta…
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Perfect view of Hong Kong Nov 18, 2010
Victoria Peak is a 552-metre hill on Hong Kong Island and is mainly visited because it has some tremendous views from the top which can be reached by the Peak Tram. You can also walk to the top or back, i would recommend the tram to the top and walking down, mainly due to the heat & humidity HK brings.

On a clear day the views are outstanding, you can see as far as Kowloon Island, a great location to witness the infamous start ferry embarking on its journey.
HK by day creating a sunset silhou…
HK night lights!
Liselore_Verschuren Liselore…
252 reviews
The best view in town Nov 03, 2009
Victoria Peak is definitely the place to have the best view of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. The tram that takes you there is quite the attraction to start with. It’s build in the same sharp angle as the Peak and while you go up the steep hill you have wonderful views. The Peak itself is quite a circus with souvenir shops and restaurants, but the highest viewing point (for which you have to pay extra) has a breathtaking sight.

Make sure you come early, the Peak is one of the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong and if you arrive at the tram station at a later, busier hour it may take ages until you can get on the tram. Not to mention the crowds at the viewing point. It goes without saying that you need decent weather and as little smog as is possible to enjoy the view!
The highest viewing point at Victo…
dennisvanweeghel dennisva…
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The Peak Hong Kong Aug 04, 2009
Het mooiste uitzicht op Hong Kong heb je vanaf The Peak.
The Peak Hong Kong
The Peak Hong Kong
The Peak Hong Kong
The Peak Hong Kong
iwade2much iwade2mu…
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Amazing Skyline by night Dec 29, 2008
Long ride up but well worth it, ride seems to at some point make you feel out of control as the angel is almost straight up and down.

Once you arrive to the peak you have to follow the escalators up,up,up and up some more and if you wanna see the best seat in the house you'll have ot pay more to go up another 2 more escalators! (but well,well,well worth it)

Hong Kong's city sky line at night is one not to be missed from the lighted up HSBC bulding to the cannon bulding there's just so much to awwwwww over!

totally worth it and if i'm ever back in Hong Kong I'll be on it again!
PatrickWoo PatrickW…
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Jul 26, 2007
You can spend the day time at Stanley and the evening/night at the Peak.

Besides the beach, there is a shopping place at the Stanley market. Also you can have a beer or tea time there.

Seeing the whole view of HK from the peak is great.
hawkeye372 says:
Posted on: Jul 31, 2007
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