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Cromwell Road, London, United Kingdom

Victoria & Albert Museum London Reviews

Bojasem Bojasem
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Decorative Art & Design Jun 18, 2016
The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum at Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London has extensive collection of items from different parts of the world.the Victoria & Albert Museum is 100 % worth the time you spent there & it is one of my faourate museums

in London.

There are 2 entrances to the museum. One of them in Cromwell Road where you enter and can see the colorful chandelier above the front desk, where you can pick up a map. The other entrance is from the South Kensington Tube station, connected by a tunnel, and into the back.

It is contain paintings, photographs,textile,theater performance,Islamic,Glass,Cast

Europe,South Asia,Jewelry,Architecture,Ceramics,Japan & fashon.

my favorite is area they have amazing painting for great painter like Turner,Landseer & etc

note; they do not show Pizarro Seizing the Inca of Peru for Sir John Everett Millais,
indian sculpture
moda part man & women
cool painting
nice statue
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WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
A very nice museum that's free! Apr 19, 2015
Having an extensive collection of items from different parts of the world, the Victoria & Albert Museum is definitely well worth the time.

There are 2 entrances to the museum. One of them is the street entrance, where you enter and can see the colorful chandelier above the front desk, where you can pick up a map. The other entrance is from the South Kensington Tube station, connected by a tunnel, and into the back.

More commonly known as the V&A, it has a nice collection of items from the medieval and Renaissance periods. Some items include golden crucifixes, altarpieces, and tapestry.

The biggest highlight(s) are the Cast Courts, which just looks very impressive. There are replicas of Renaissance sculptures, like Michelangelo’s David. And Trajan’s column, which had to be cut in half, to fit in the building. Definitely should not be missed.

There is an Islamic and Asian collections as well, but unfortunately, I did not get to see them, as I had only 90 minutes to see this place. But it was definitely well worth it.

Needless to say, there is just so much to see in this museum. Therefore, one should not try to see it all in one visit. Instead, just pick a few sections, and focus on those. Add more if you still have the time and/or energy.

The great thing about this museum, is that admission is free. So you can definitely come back on another day, and see more of this museum.
street entrance
colorful chandelier
Hereford screen
medieval art
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Bojasem says:
nice job
Posted on: Jun 17, 2016
missandrea81 missandr…
147 reviews
Exhibit of Decorative Art worth visiting Aug 10, 2013
The V&A can easily pass as one of my favorite museums ever visited. I enjoyed the eclectic range of decorative art on display here. The museum is a celebration of architectural design, especially the main lobby. I wasn't even turned off by the very modern chandelier hanging above the information isle. The museum's staff is VERY helpful and will answer any question you may have in a sincere and polite manner.

Entry to the Victoria and Albert Museum is free, and they especially welcome students of the arts and design, as they can find a huge variety of global influences here.

It's not just about sculptures and paintings at the V&A. Anything decorative can be found here, from altar pieces to oriental rugs, to statues of foreign deities, along with mosaics, jewelry, stained glass, and tapestries.

I enjoyed the Cast Court the most. The items on display are all replicas of famous works of sculptures and architecture, including the Trajan column of Rome. Too bad the David wing was under reconstruction during my visit. I snuck a peek through the exhibit door.

The Asia exhibit showed many objects I had never seen in person before, from Samurai armor to a bronze sculpture of a dancing Shiva goddess.

I found a few sculpture by Rodin and marveled at the Ceramic staircase which reminded me of the Vatican museum.

The museum shop offers a huge selection of educational books on design and other relevant material.

The cafes have a tasty variety of snacks and drinks, and you can enjoy your break outside in the John Madejski Garden, surrounded by beautiful Victorian architecture.
Victoria and Albert Museum approac…
Main entrance
The beautiful lobby and the modern…
Looking back toward the main entra…
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cotton_foam says:
my late congrats, Ms Andrea!!
Posted on: Aug 31, 2013
missandrea81 says:
Muchos gracias, señoritas.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2013
cicie says:
Congrats on your feature
Posted on: Aug 28, 2013
sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Victoria and Albert Museum May 19, 2011
The Victoria and Albert museum (V&A) is a large museum in Kensington, South London.  Established with a specific mission as an educational resource for architects, artists and designers who could not afford to go abroad to study, it has a genuinely breathtaking range of artefacts from all over the world. 

I hadn’t done much research before I went, so I actually gasped out loud at some of the exhibits. Coming around a corner to a full size plaster cast of Trajan’s column, for example – I have never seen anything like it.  In one rather overwhelming hall, there are plaster casts of Trajan’s column, the Gloria entrance of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostella, and dozens of fascinating tombs, doorways (my favourite exhibits in this room were the Viking doors) and sculptures.  This room was designed in a time before cheap flighths, so that architects could study glorious art without having to travel abroad.  The ethos has continued – I’ve rarely seen so many adults with sketch pads in one place.

There are rooms full of medieval art, including some stunning enamel ware and a video explaining how enamel was made, and some beautiful rooms of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic art.  There was also a beautiful oak staircase from the middle ages, with the central column carved from a single tree, and the façade of a wooden building that survived the Great Fire of London. 


There is far more to be seen here than I could fit in the couple of hours I had free, so unless you are happy to focus on specific areas, plan at least a half day.  There are lots of hands on activities for children, especially in the medieval rooms.  I think access for wheelchairs and buggies  would be fine.  The shop is fantastic.
Modern light fieature
Medieval reliquary
Enamel Box
Medieval oak staircase (man for sc…
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Glynnes Glynnes
125 reviews
Decorative Art & Design Sep 29, 2010
The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum at Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 has a enormous collection of art and decorative design art pieces. The Photography gallery in Room 38a contains a collection of 300,000 photographs from 1856 to the present, while The Islamic Middle East Gallery in Room 42, showcases magnificent pieces of Islamic art and design. The 16th-century Tile-To-Table from the Ottoman Empire, I can spend hours studying it is one of my favorite pieces at the V&A. Take a look at the Architecture Gallery that has the world largest collection of drawings, models, photographs, and architectural fragments. In the Madjeski Garden at the V&A, the Blow and Roll art piece by Oskar Zieta was on exhibit. Blow and Roll is made up of pieces of sheets of stainless steel welded together, and the 3-dimensional shape is formed when air is pumped into the steel sheets.

Admission to the V&A Museum at South Kensington is free. The V&A hours are from 10.00 to 17.45 Saturday through Thursday and from 10.00 to 22.00 on Fridays. Several free daily 1-hour tours are also available. To get to the museum take the Piccadilly, Circle or District Line Underground to the South Kensington tube stop and use the below ground walkway to the access the V&A. The V&A Café that can be found in the Morris, Gamble and Poynter Rooms is a great place to get lunch or simply take a break.

V&A South Kensington

Cromwell Road, London, SW7

Telephone: 020 7942 2000
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum a…
South Kensington Tube stop directi…
V&A sign
Blow and Roll by Oskar Zieta
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dqfn1 dqfn1
74 reviews
Such different objects on one museum Oct 16, 2009
After a walk through Hyde Park and passing by the Albert Memorial and Albert Hall we finally entred the Victoria and Albert Museum. This museum is allso known as V&A.

What I remember seeing was very diverse, so objects can be religious, but allso copies in plaster. This last section is a very important collection for V&A.

There are severall sections in V&A, ranging from china (aka porcelain), silver, till religious objects and copies of famous or important objects. There are historical and contemporary exhibitions.
Guanyin, a Chinese Buddhist interp…
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dqfn1 says:
Thanks, I hope I was right about the things I said because it's quite a while ago :S. But when in London I'd love to go back there.
Posted on: Apr 18, 2011
Glynnes says:
One of my favourite museums. Thanks!
Posted on: Apr 17, 2011
mothernatureobeyed motherna…
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Victoria & Albert Museum Cafe, the first museum restaurant in the world. Jan 14, 2009
Any serious visit to the V&A will require several hours or even a second day!

At some point in your visit you may want to have a meal or a refreshment. The V&A Café is located in the V&A's original refreshment rooms, the "Morris, Gamble and Poynter Rooms." These three rooms formed the first museum restaurant in the world and were intended as a showpiece of modern design, craftsmanship and manufacturing.

The Café is open 10.00-17.15 and from 10.00-21.30 on Fridays.

The Café is run by award-winning London caterers, Benugo's.

The period rooms remain largely untouched although access and views into the highly decorated spaces has been improved, as the original and much wider entrances have been re-opened.

Visitors coming to the new Café have the choice of either sitting in the more informal spaces of the garden rooms or the more formal and opulent surroundings of the period rooms.

Although they were functional spaces, the Refreshment Rooms belonged to the Museum's public face, so they were also given some extremely lavish decorations. The westernmost room, originally called the Green Dining Room (now the Morris Room), was designed by William Morris and remains today as an important feature. The Green Dining Room has paintings by Burne- Jones.

The central refreshment room is now known as the Gamble Room, after its designer. The room was clad in washable ceramic tiles, but the most notable element was its windows, designed by James Gamble and featuring food-related sayings such as 'Hunger is the best sauce' and 'A good cup makes all young'. The eclectic mix of Arabian, classical, renaissance and modern features was abhorred until recently, but now we can appreciate what is a truly stunning interior. Note the quotations around the top of the walls, and the mouthwatering quotations on the window. Although they were functional spaces, the Refreshment Rooms belonged to the Museum's public face, so they were also given some extremely lavish decorations.

The Poynter room or Dutch Kitchen or Grill Room, 1876–81, was designed by Sir Edward Poynter. This is where chops and steaks were cooked. The lower part of the walls consist of blue and white tiles with various figures and foliage enclosed by wood paneling. Above there are large tiled scenes with figures depicting the four seasons and the twelve months. These were painted by students from the Art School which was then based in the museum. The windows are also stained glass, and there is an elaborate cast iron grill still in place.

The deep colors of the scheme show the influence of the Gothic Revival. The walls are embellished with Elizabethan-style panelling below a section of green plaster with a low relief of olive branches, while the stained-glass windows bore female figures painted by Edward Burne-Jones and Philip Webb.
Gamble Room, V&A
entrance area outside the more for…
Inside Gamble Room, V&A
Typical lunch plate, quiche and sa…
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xxwishnonstarzz xxwishno…
33 reviews
Not too unlike other museums, but worth a look Jul 20, 2008
I'd say if you were going to visit just one of the various free museums in London, come to the V&A. The plus for this is that its got many of the things that other museums have, artifacts from various eras and some paintings and such (including some very large cartoons by Raphael), and some other more knick-knacky, kitch type stuff. Plus, the layout is interesting and not as stuffy as most museums. Probably a better one for kids as well, as we stumbled upon an arts and crafts demo area for the young ones.
aelder2259 aelder22…
216 reviews
Cheap entertainment Feb 12, 2007
If you can only pick one museum in London, this is the one to see. What's even better than seeing all the wonderful artifacts the museum has to offer? Being able to take pictures without anyone telling you no! I could have spent several days here, but only had a couple of hours...didn't get to see everything.

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