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We wanted a very nice and a relaxing day at a exotic beautiful place; after five days of very fast paced (enjoyable but difficult) adventures while staying in downtown San Jose, Costa Rico. We found that through Viator Tour Company serving Costa Rico. We found our 4.5 star all inclusive tour to Tortuga (Turtle) Island from our downtown San Jose Dunn Inn (0630 pickup). Featured was a three hour round trip boat ride across the Gulf of Nicoya in the Pacific Ocean to the isolated Tortuga Island, with a five hour stay on the island! They would often be serving us unlimited complimentary food, cold bottled water, fresh tropical fruit, fresh fruit jouce, snacks, and rum drinks. (ahhhh, tropical paradise awaits us!) We couldnt pass on a great day like that so we were ready to book the tour. Looking at their web site we found two more tours to book including the difficult walk to the rim of the active Poas Volcano caldera (8900 feet) to see a large beautiful toxic sulfur lake. (I am 100% disabled but with the help of God and medical science I can make the difficult uphill walk). We booked three great tours with Viator.

Double cross!

My math must be wrong, but I thought of the final total cost of $115 USA each would not be $249.98 for two. No big deal cuz its worth it. For a big USA company they were a little inefficient with their booking processing with their incompetent and uncaring "booking specialists". With only about ten listed tours in Costa Rico, their specialists could not answer any small question about their tours. Why should it take me three days and over 10 hours "on hold" on my phone to book three simple tours? Well, cuz it was worth it.

TBs, call Viator and book a tour. For me a call to Viator would start with a minimum of a 20 minute "on hold". Then their "pleasant specialist" was ready to serve me well. She would be happy to meet me but with your first tour question you were on hold a minimum of 30 minutes while they called their tour vendor in San Jose. Maybe I am getting old, but why cant you ask several questions to make their one call to one San Jose tour vendor more effective? (tic, tic, tic) Often after your "on hold" the "specialist" would just say something nice about the tour but not talk about your question to vendor. No big deal cuz its worth it. I started to ask to speak to a supervisor but they answered that it was impossible for me to speak with supervisor or have supervisor (in USA) call me back. Maybe Texas is long distance call for those poor needy people. God bless these jerks!

My two questions were about degree of difficulty and access for the old and disabled; and please have vendor promise to pic us up at Dunn Inn as written by Viator. The third day of this booking ordeal I was "on hold" for five hours before tour vendor and Viator agreed to pic us up at the downtown San Jose Dunn Inn; so I booked the three tours with Viacom. I was very stressed out but it was worth it. Finally we booked the three tours and we were ready for wonderful Costa Rico. I took a heavy RX stress pill and a RX valium and washed them down with a large cold strong rum drink and went to sleep.

Double cross!

I just suffered through the poor software of Trip Advisor to submit a shorter review on Viator. I hope TA will publish my review. Even though I toned down review of Viator, Trip Advisor just notified me that they refuse to print my review. Thanks TA for your good work on informing the traveling public. Thats one reason I quit TA for TB.

We Texicans are usually nice; but we dont cotton to a blatent double cross. I have a problem handling stress, but what could go wrong now? Next morning I got email confirmation from Viator. After several promises to be picked up at our hotel to get me to book, the email told me about 0610 pickup in Aurola, some five milers away. I was ticked.

I played their "on hold" game with Viator as my anger grew. Finally reaching their "booking expert" I asked several times to speak to a supervisor. The only reply was that speaking to supervisor was impossible and supervisor could not call me back. Then I demanded my 100% refund on three tours as stated in writing by Viator. The "specialist" told me that I would have to be "on hold" again for refund. I was so stressed that I could hear and feel a loud "thumping" in my head behind my left ear. Then I got rude! I told "specialist" to shut up cuz it was my turn to talk! I told the B that I expect my 100% refund. I said no more calls to Viator and no more "on hold". Then tomorrow at 0900 I start making phone calls...with the first call to the fraud Dept. of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and asking for a criminal investigation of Viator, then hung up the phone. An hour later Ruby, a Viator supervisor, called me. The B sounded nice as she promised to pay for my taxi to Aurola. I answered that when you double cross me in San Jose I could get 0% refund. (You cant trust a double crosser). I then called my credit card company and quickly got to a supervisor. He promised to make a permanent recording of our chat. I told him about Viator and my evidence of fraud making my contract with Viator "null & void". The supervisor started feeding me poop about their company policies. I told supervisor to shut up cuz it was my turn to talk! I told him if they were stupid enough to pay Viator, my card and all future mail from credit card company would go strait to my burning barrel unopened. Then I hung up. My head was pounding. I took two strong RX stress pills, two RX valium, a RX sleeping pill, and washed it down with a big cold concentrated rum drink, and went to sleep.

The next day we found a good tour company with a toll free # from USA direct to San Jose. The three star all inclusive tours cost less and included Tortuga Island, Poas Volcano, and two other active volcanoes, and more. Some of those destinations we can reach cheaply by public transportation. We only have to book one day in advance. The news in Spanish is nothing to me, but I can understand the weather rador enough not to book a mountain tour with a major front coming through.

One more rum drink and Viator is history. We are looking forward to a great adventure in Costa Rico! To bad no TBs in San Jose will answer my meetup message.

After going to Costa Rico we learned that all my time with Viator on hold was wasted. They never bothered to call vendors while I was on hold. Their answers to my questions were dead wrong...and they still didnt know anything about the tours they offered.
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walterman9999 says:
Thanks Melanie,
Everything worked out fine.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2016
monkeymia79 says:
So you did end up getting the 100% back?

I booked a Viator tour in Paris and didn't have a problem (thankfully.)

I booked the Eiffel Tower and Seine River cruise for two people then when I cancelled my holiday, I informed them to change it into my companions name, I was so surprised at how easy it was to change the name and I got a refund on my half of the booking.

I'm sorry you had so much trouble. Different branches operate differently.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2016
walterman9999 says:
Hi Texan,
We were lucky to get shafted by Viator while we could get 100% refund. Found good local vendors that cost less and care more.
Thanks, but we are doing better.
Posted on: Apr 09, 2016
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