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The only New England state lacking any coastlines, Vermont makes up what it lacks in coast with the natural beauty of the Green Mountains which have given the state its nickname of The Green Mountain State. Known for being one of the region’s best destinations for hiking in the summers and skiing in the winters, Vermont is also known for its cheeses and maple syrup, of which it is the largest producer in the entire U.S. The second smallest state in the nation, it is made up of mostly rural areas, and the largest city of Burlington hovers around 40,000 residents.

Contrary to popular belief, Vermont was not one of the original 13 colonies. Instead, the land was part of a disputed territory between New Hampshire and New York, eventually falling under New York’s jurisdiction until the state won its independence and was admitted into the union as its own state, the 14th to become part of the United States.

Vermont has an almost post-card beauty that is picturesque in every sense of the word. The fall season is renowned across the nation for being one of the most beautiful out of the states which have seasonal changes visible, with the forested mountains of the state literally filled to the brim with tourists during September and October of every year. Reservations are booked months in advance, and the ski resorts offer foliage-viewing ski-lift rids up the slopes for visitors.

Maple syrup and cheddar cheese are two things which should not be missed if you are visiting Vermont, and there are also dozens of microbreweries. There’s nothing finer on a crisp autumn morning than some buttermilk pancakes smothered in fresh maple syrup, then a day spent hiking through the most beautiful forests imaginable, followed up by an evening of fresh micro-brews, some sharp cheddar cheese, and the warmth of the fire crackling away at your feet.

Stowe #1 most popular location
Stowe, VT, located in Lamoille County, is a resort town, with a standing population of about 4500. There is plenty to see and do here, year round. It is home to The Trapp Family Lodge (Sound …
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Killington #2 most popular location
Killington calls itself the "Heart of the Green Mountains" and for many, it is. This a year-round place, like most of Vermont, with plenty to do in every season. Winter is made for skiers a…
5travelers 10reviews 3blogs
Burlington #3 most popular location
Burlington is Vermont's "Queen City". The eclectic mix of students, business professionals, artistic types, families, and musicians make the entire downtown a lively place. The brick stee…
80travelers 18reviews 8blogs
South Burlington #4 most popular location
South Burlington, while it is its own city, it could easily considered the southern suburb of the larger city of Burlington. South Burlington has many areas that are reminiscent of your ty…
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Bennington #5 most popular location
5travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Manchester #6 most popular location
4travelers 4reviews
Rutland #7 most popular location
Rutland is the third largest city in Vermont. It lies in the central region, and is a great jumping off point for places like Killington, Woodstock and Ludlow and is also within easy driving…
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Brattleboro #8 most popular location
Along the Connecticut River, and at the mouth of the West River, you can find Brattleboro, settled in 1753 on the southeast corner of Vermont. Brattleboro has an intense arts community that r…
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Ludlow #9 most popular location
There are three reasons to come to Ludlow- skiing, foliage and it's a typical Vermont town. Okemo Mountain is one of Vermont's most well known mountains, and is still family owned. Like mos…
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Montpelier #10 most popular location
Montpelier is the capital of Vermont and is known to be the least populous state capital in the United States with only about 10,000 inhabitants. The city is located in Washington County and …
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Colchester #11 most popular location
8travelers 3reviews 1blogs
White River Junction #12 most popular location
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Woodstock #13 most popular location
If you think of a typical small town in Vermont... Woodstock has to come to mind. With it´s untouched nature and rural feel it´s a great place to spend a few relaxed days. Visit the "Bil…
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Shelburne #14 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews
Saint Johnsbury #15 most popular location
Saint Johnsbury is the largest town (abt 7600), and county seat (squire town) of Caledonia County, VT. It is also the largest city in Northeast Kingdom of VT. Thaddus Fairbanks invented the p…
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Waterbury #16 most popular location
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Middlebury #17 most popular location
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Jeffersonville #18 most popular location
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Essex Junction #19 most popular location
4travelers 3reviews
Quechee #20 most popular location
Quechee is an unincorporated resort town of about 656 located along US Highway 4 in Windsor County. Quechee started as a mill town and has now developed into a tourist center. There is one of…
West Dover #21 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Grafton #22 most popular location
Stratton #23 most popular location
Barre #24 most popular location
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Bolton Valley #25 most popular location
Vergennes #26 most popular location
Saint Albans #27 most popular location
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Cavendish #28 most popular location
Cabot #29 most popular location
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Pittsford #30 most popular location
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Proctorsville #31 most popular location
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Mendon #32 most popular location
Bristol #33 most popular location
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Smugglers Notch #34 most popular location
Northfield Falls #35 most popular location
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Ripton #36 most popular location
Ripton is a typical Vermont town- small and quaint. Part of Middlebury campus in is Ripton, as is Bread Loaf- which hosts the annual Bread Loaf Writer's Conference. Robert Frost is the town…
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Waterbury Center #37 most popular location
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Alburg #38 most popular location
Fairlee #39 most popular location
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Peru #40 most popular location
Windsor #41 most popular location
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Jacksonville #42 most popular location
Stratton Mountain #43 most popular location
Hardwick #44 most popular location
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Ferrisburgh #45 most popular location
Coventry #46 most popular location
Morristown #47 most popular location