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Veluwe is the name of a mostly forested area in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It is the largest lowland nature area in Northwest Europe with approximately 1,000 square kilometers, of which major parts are either national nature monument or protected landscape. The Veluwe is roughly located in the zone among the cities of Arnhem, Utrecht, Zwolle and Deventer.

Unlike most of the Netherlands, the Veluwe is not really flat. It consists of moraines, which are slightly hilly areas that have been formed by glacier formations from the north during the Saalien Ice Age, about 150,000 years ago. These glaciers pushed large amouts of sand, rock, pebbles and debris up in front of them. The Veluwe is believed to have been the southern most border of these glaciers and ice cap. The most elevated of these moraines is 110 meters above sea level.

With many forests, scattered farmland and villages, the Veluwe is a very popular destination for summer vacations and short breaks, especially for nature enthusiasts. Throughout the area there are many hiking and cycling routes. The National Park Hoge Veluwe (approx. 54 square kilometer) is accessible only by daytime for visitors on foot, bicycle or by car at an entrance fee.

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