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Velebit Overview

Velebit is the largest Croatian mountain range, with a size of 2274 km2. Due to its impressive beauty, the variety of shapes, flora and fauna in untouched nature, it was declared a Nature Park. Numerous hiking trails, historic buildings, old regal trails, fortresses and sacred monuments are evidence of man's centuries long relationship with this mythical mountain.
Paklenica National Park, with its monumental Velika (Big) and Mala (Small) Paklenica canyons, is the most famous part, and has been included in the World Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. Here Velebit opens to the sea and allows for a mixing of sea and mountain air creating ideal climatic conditions.
Velebit mountain offers a variety of outdoor activities: hiking, trekking, climbing, caving,...
It's one of Nature's most beautiful places, and we are allowed to enjoy its untouched wonder. Let's keep it that way.

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