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Rome, Italy

Vatican City Rome Reviews

ghia09 ghia09
6 reviews
Christmas eve in Vatican City, Rome Dec 29, 2012
I never expected that spending my Christmas eve in Vatican City, Rome would be that special. My first sight of St. Peter's square literally made me smile with satisfaction. As a first timer, it was not too difficult to find your way around Rome. The Metro stations are easy to follow so any tourist will be able to find his/her own way to and around Vatican.

All the structures in Rome were amazing. Its like the sunset blends with the buildings making it hard for you to take your eyes off anything.

For Christmas eve, it is indeed fulfilling and satisfying to know that they prepared hundreds of seats right outside St. Peter's Basilica and giant screens for everyone to hear the Mass celebrated by our Pope. I just learned that to get inside the church for the mass, you actually need to reserve online atleast 6 months in advance. However, despite the cold and windy weather, the warm smiles and faces of everyone who was there on the strike of 12 midnight made it all worth it.

I am definitely going back to Rome :)
Christmas 2012 holiday break in Ro…
St. Peter's Square :)
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rcpilgrim rcpilgrim
40 reviews
Seat of Catholicism May 23, 2012
The Holy see and Vatican City are a separate city state entirely within the city limits of Rome, Italy. It is the seat of the Vatican and Catholicism and is the most important site in that religion. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Vatican serves as home for the Pope and the cardinals and a few residents. It is a major tourist draw as well as for religious pilgrimages. The Sistine Chapel, The Pieta, the Bascillica and countless works of art by the likes of DaVinci and Michaelangelo and other prominent artists are here.
Rizz1 Rizz1
3 reviews
Great attraction Apr 03, 2011
Exploring the vatican city is very interesting. I would definitely recommend booking tickets in advance as there is a very long queue. You may have to wait for up to 2 hours!!
Indina81 Indina81
1 reviews
Surrel! Jul 02, 2011
Rome has many attarcations, and after day two of trawling through Colloseum, Pantheon, Tiber Isalnd etc got well predicatable, and well Vatican city was one of thoses places where it is a tick box- must see while in Rome.........however, I was not prepared for the outstanding beauty of the place- and the museum- go and see it.

I won't spoil it by revealing too much- just go and see!
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sunshinething sunshine…
1 reviews
A long wait in the line, but every minute worth it Apr 30, 2011
Waited around and hour and a half to get in, and it was absolutely heaving, but with sights such as the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel and pallatially cavernous St Peters Basilica, the wait was certainly worth it. Best to go later in the afternoon as the midday crowds will have died down. Be prepared to be on your feet for a long time as there is much to see and all of it is on foot.
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Caliber-A Caliber-A
142 reviews
The Souvereign City Within the City Jan 11, 2010
Vatican City, the world's smallest sovereign city state is undoubtedly a "must see" place for everyone heading on to Rome, Italy. It became a favorite venue not only by the Catholics but with other religious sect as well, not just because of spiritual aspect but also because of the grandeur beauty of the place itself.

The Vatican territory includes St. Peter's Square (with St. Peter's Basilica), the Apostolic Palace, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel, among others.

Saint Peter Basilica is by far the biggest Catholic Church in the entire world. The ascend to the church's dome is truly spectacular with the perfect view of Rome. The Underground Grotto wherein you can find the tombs of Pope and some other Italy's dignitaries is indeed a very solemn sanctuary. The Sistine Chapel is full of so colorful frescoes. It has been a place of functionary papal activities. I really can't figure out the feeling of having been standing there at the place where the Pope is being selected and a site of Papal Conclave. Needless to say the Vatican Museums posses a complex but diverse array of displays. Everything has its own glamour, depending on one's individual preferences. And before you finally exit the museum, be delighted with the shining bronze made spiral staircases and experience yourself stepping on one of the world's most famous staircases.

As described by UNESCO, everything at the Vatican is really a masterpiece of creative human genius, a testimony of natural and cultural heritage - no wonder it belongs to their list of world's heritage sites.
Staircase at Vatican Museum
The St. Peter's Basilica
The St. Peter's Square
Vatican Museums entrance
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Paullfc Paullfc
13 reviews
Vatican City & Rome Sep 02, 2010
After catching a train from Pisa I arrived in Rome along with my girlfriend. We were totally in awe of the Vaticans beauty and the memories of the place will remain. Michelangelo's craft in the Sistine Chapel is unmissible and something every proclaimed travel enthusiast must see.

Another bonus to the trip is to tick another country off as the Vatican city has country status.

Rome itself is a marvel and is not as expensive as I was expecting. The Colosseum is worth a visit and provides excellent opportunity for a couple of snaps.
Polpeck Polpeck
2 reviews
The Cupola of St Peter's Basilica Jul 05, 2010
Vatican city is well worth a visit, there is so much to see and do that in the two days i spent there i still missed bits. However the highlight had to be the view from the top of The Cupola of St Peter's Basilica. In total its just over 300 steps up to the top, you can get the lift up half way however this costs a bit extra so to save money i decided to brave the whole thing. It's safe to say in the July heat i felt like i was going to die, this is all of course forgotten when you reach the top and see the incredible 360 degree views of Rome. It really is the most beautiful site, you'd be silly not to visit Rome without experiencing it.
chasingsunlight chasings…
3 reviews
Tons of history to enjoy - even if you're not Catholic Jun 10, 2010
I only decided to visit the Vatican because it was one of those "must see" locations in Rome. As someone who is Jewish, I wasn't sure I'd be able to fully appreciate the sites.

So, I joined a reasonably priced tour for the day. I highly recommend getting a tour guide. It really helped me appreciate the endless amounts of art on display. Plus, our guide knew some of the less obvious details / back-stories behind the works.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that most of what I saw was from ancient Greece and Rome. I expected a lot of Catholic symbolism and religious art, but it was a lot more history than religion.
Ann_Hells Ann_Hells
33 reviews
St. Peters Mar 02, 2008
St. Peter’s basilica as well as the cupola and tombs are must-sees in Rome. The lines look intimidating but going at certain hours can alleviate that distress. I went to St. Peter’s at 7 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. You would expect more people to be there but surprisingly it was empty!

St. Peter’s opens at 7, the cupola at 8, and the tombs at 9. This gave us the perfect time frame to see each section of the Vatican. We were one of the only people in the basilica. There was not the usual mob that constantly surrounds the Pieta. Although the treasury was not open we got to see the basilica that was even more impressive without people bumping into you every time you turn around.

The cupola has a 5 euro entrance fee for walking and 7 euro for elevator. It is worth it to save 2 euro, the elevator doesn’t even take you half way up. As you near the top the stairs get trickier and trickier as the walls slant in setting you off balance and the stairs are smaller and winding. It is all worth it to see the top and the spectacular view of Rome and Bernini’s square.

The catacombs don’t require too much time, most people are through in 10 minutes. It is difficult to stay and see any particular thing because of the general current towards the exit.

The Vatican has some of the most memorable sights and art works in Rome. To see both the basilica and the museums I would recommend an entire day.
Pieta without the mob
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jasonvy7 jasonvy7
9 reviews
The smallest country of the world! Feb 25, 2008
Un bijou architectural & l'effet étrange d'être dans le plus petit pays du monde!!
showbiz101 showbiz1…
2 reviews
Jul 02, 2007
Firstly, the vatican is amazing. So make sure you go.

Secondly, the line for the museum will quite possibly be the longest queue of people you have ever seen in your entire life (it certainly was for me). So get there early, early, early!! Seriously!

It is well worth going to the top of St. Peters too, but the line for this will also be massive. Unfortunately you can't be early for both queues, so basically just resign yourself to having to spend a couple of hours in line at some point during the day.

Thirdly, they can be pretty pedantic about the rules. Some of it is quite ridiculous but do try to respect it. The Sistine Chapel has a bunch of people just constantly saying SHHHHH! It is a bit silly. I mean it's not like a bit of talking is going to ruin the paintings, but it still pissed me off that so many people insisted on chatting. Just shut up and leave your cameras in your bags for a while. It's not that hard.

I think one of the things I enjoyed most was finding bizzare unexpected paintings inside the museum. One small painting I found was of a preist about to crack someone's skull open!
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cookie86 says:
Good thing they didn't hear my husband say "HOLY SH** THIS IS BEAUTIFUL" every two seconds.. that might not have gone over very well! ahah He can't help that he expresses his appreciation for beauty with a potty mouth :o)

P.S. This was by far the most breathtaking and awe inspiring place we've been. I feel so fortunate I am able to say I saw this place with my own 2 eyes...
Posted on: Aug 08, 2010
raluklaluk says:
great tip :) ty
Posted on: Dec 07, 2008
JenCooks86 says:
Hey great review and advice! Thanks!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
stevenguyen stevengu…
81 reviews
Jul 02, 2007
We arrived at Saint Peter's Square around 10 am on a Sunday morning after a nice gondola ride - which give us an opportunity to see the entire city and gave us a great time to take pictures, with the early morning sun hitting the dome of the Basilica at a nice angle, and not too many people milling about to walk through the photograph that you are about to take!

We went up the stairs up to the top of the dome -- 7 Euros for the 3 storey elevator ride plus the climb up 320 stairs. As the previous reviewer states, do NOT try this climb if you have ANY problems at all with claustrophobia or general cardiovascular fitness. Pace yourself on the stairs (they're very narrow and winding) and you'll manage okay. Remember that once you start up, you can't turn back! Many people get dizzy for lack of air and the slightly claustrophobic atmosphere of the staircase and so caution is recommended when climbing up, particularly for elderly people.

With those warnings in mind, the view of the city that rewards you at the end of your climb is worth every step and every Euro. You have to visit to get the full scale of everything; it is definitely worth the trip.

Visiting Saint Peters on a Sunday morning, we were lucky enough to be in the Basilica for one of the masses. It is impossible to describe the sensation of being there in the centre of the Roman Catholic faith, hearing the priest chant, the choir sing, seeing the morning sun streaming in through the windows, smelling the incense, being there in the presence of such an enormous collection of works of art ... it was an experience that left both of us (non-Catholics) profoundly moved. Definitely the highlight of our Roman holiday.
This is an image of me at the Vati…
This is an image of me inside the …
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lindseyrpi lindseyr…
7 reviews
Jul 02, 2007
I really enjoyed the Vatican City and spent an entire day at/in the Vatican City. I suggest taking a small tour. We went with about 10-12 people on a tour given by an american girl who studied history in Rome. I don't remember the company because we kinda just found it by the church store outside St. Peters Square. It was about $50.00 which included the entrance fee. It was a 6 hour tour of the Vatican City and then St. Peters Basillica which was optional. Check out my Travel Journal for more information. It made the waiting in line to enter the vatican interesting as well since our tour guide provided a lot of information before we entered and answered questions we had about other sites in Rome. I also agree with going to the top of the dome!

If you decide not to take the tour... there is a outside portion within the vatican that has pictures of the sistene chapel with information you can read before entering, so you know what to look for.
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Documama Documama
4 reviews
Jul 02, 2007
A couple of pieces of advice.

They are VERY serious about having your knees and shoulders covered in St. Peters. Don't argue, don't get offended, just do it. A long-enough skirt and a scarf over your shoulders work well.

The Sistine Chapel will be packed. You can't sit down. You can't lean on anything. You're not even supposed to talk. If you really want to appreciate the ceiling and paintings, take (1) a friend you can lean against :) and (2) a pair of binoculars. We found the binoculars very helpful in Vatican City.

St. Peters also has the "no sitting, no leaning" rule (though you can talk). The binoculars were very helpful here since it can be tricky to get close to things like the Pieta and the altar.

If you are going to be there in summer, take a hat because it is sunny and HOT and you may have to stand in line outside before getting into the museum or St. Peters. There is ZERO shade in the plaza. I saw people standing in the shadow of the obelisk just to have some shade.

There is a fee to get into the Vatican Museum (sooooooo worth it!) but St. Peters is free.
Looking towards the High Altar in …
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Nzelvis Nzelvis
56 reviews
Jul 01, 2007
We really shouldn't link this with Rome, although it's right there. In reality, it's a whole separate country! Plan for a whole day in the Vatican, even though it's quite small there's a lot to see. Your first stop will be the Vatican museum. For one, the hours are very strange and it's not something you want to miss. Two, the lines get really long really fast, so you want to get there first! The museum is great, and it will take you a couple hours to see it all. The museum ends at the Sistine Chapel, where you can take a look at the ceiling that Michelangelo painted so long ago. The exit to the museum puts you right at the heart of Vatican City. You can quickly jump in line to go into St. Peter's Basilica. Make sure you have pants on or at least something that covers your knees and your shoulders. St. Peter's is incredible on the inside, and there are often free tours. Be sure to check out the Pieta near the entrance. Make sure you head up to the top of the dome for great views over all of Rome. Finally, wander out into St. Peter's Square and check out the statues, columns, see the Pope's apartment, and other architecture.
St. Peter's Basilica
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