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Boasting the world’s most accessible and active volcano and dozens of sparkling waterfalls set amidst a tropical setting that appears as though it’s paradise on Earth, Vanuatu is an archipelago nation made up of 83 different islands that were at one point in time known as the New Hebrides Islands. Set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and Australia, these tropical islands are literally packed with wondrous experiences, and best of all…it’s not yet truly been discovered by the masses, which means hordes of noisy tourists haven’t yet managed to strip the sanctity of the islands away. If experiencing pristinely untouched island beauty is something you think you might enjoy, then now’s the time to experience Vanuatu.

Although under a joint rulership between the French and British until 1980, the natives have their own distinct culture, which is unlike anything else on Earth. There are primitive villages where ancient traditions are still practiced, hidden refuges that have remained untouched by modern infrastructure and development, giving visitors a unique look into tropical living among native tribes. And at the same time the capital city of Porta Vila, a port on the island of Efate, is a hub of modernity that is interweaved with traditional.

While accessible to all levels of travelers, Vanuatu is not a destination for the uninitiated. The tourist infrastructure is not as developed as in other countries, but there are still plenty of things to experience, especially when it comes to exploring the islands. From the volcano at Tanna to the magical forest and massive lakes of Ambae, to the guided tours on the island of Efate and snorkeling off the beach with your own private little villa, there is an endless array of opportunities. Vanuatu is absolutely one of the best island adventures a person can experience, and with its ancient traditions and beautiful interiors makes for the trip of a lifetime.

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Espiritu Santo #2 most popular location
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Tanna Island #3 most popular location
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Tanna #4 most popular location
Tanna is a small remote island of 40 km long 19 km wide,located in Tafea province of Vanuatu. Isangel is the provincial administrative capital located on the West coast,near Lenakel the larg…
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Santo #5 most popular location
Mount Yasur Vulcano #6 most popular location
Port Vila. #7 most popular location
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