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Museumplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam Reviews

Andy99 Andy99
621 reviews
Learning about Van Gogh Sep 27, 2014
The Van Gogh Museum was on the list of top attractions to see while while Amsterdam. I did not know how much I was going to learn here about the artist, his career and his art.

Van Gogh had a short active career, from about 1882 to his death in 1890. The museum affords an excellent overview of his changing styles, from the dark mood of The Potato Eaters, to his bright sunflower painting, to the frazzled looking style of his late work. Along the way, self-portaits and still lifes appear in each of his varying styles, documenting his artistic progression. I was quite taken with his paintings of peach trees and almonds in bloom. They reminded me of Washington's cherry blossoms. A special exhibit traces the last year of his life, from his stay at an asylum in Arles, France, to his death at Auvers. In addition to paintings, newspapers clippings, photographs and correspondence attempt to show his state of mind at this time.

The museum is laid out on four levels. Each one showcases a different style as well as painting of his associates and contemporaries, like Gauguin's paring of Van Gogh painting sunflowers. One exhibit focuses on Van Gogh' perspective technique and how he sketched perspective behind a painting

We purchased our tickets online in advance of leaving on our trip. This was a real advantage over waiting in the long ticket queue and I recommend it.

We enjoyed lunch at the museum's cafe, Café Le Tambourin. This was a nice buffet of soups, salads, prepared sandwiches and food and and pasta.

Free WiFi for visitors.

Photography is not permitted.
Entrance to the Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum signage
Café Le Tambourin at the Van Gogh…
Café Le Tambourin at the Van Gogh…
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westwind57 says:
I heard it is great after the renovation. Had been there before, and then it was quite good too. Did you know there is another museum in Netherlands that has quite a few Van Goghs and contemperaries? It is more in the coountryside, built by a famous architect contemporary to Frank Lloyd Wright (I think) in the middle of our oldest National Park. Here is the link, maybe something for next time:
Posted on: Nov 11, 2014
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curious_claire curious_…
78 reviews
Impressive Collect of Van Gogh Paintings Oct 09, 2014
The Van Gogh Museum was one of the places that was quite high on my Amsterdam "To Do" list. It just seemed wrong to go to Amsterdam and not visit this place! I had actually booked my ticket during my walking tour so I was able to go through the fast track queue. Although to be honest it made very little different as the other queue only had 3 people more! But maybe I was just there during a quiet period.

I like visiting galleries although I don't pretend for a second to completely understand them. I will never be one of those people starring at a painting for 15 minutes! But that being said I do like to have a look around, even if it's just a quick look.

Because I don't really know a lot about Van Gogh I got the audio tour so I could understand what I was looking at. The Museum show cases Van Gogh's work throughout his career so you can see how his work has changed throughout the years. Sadly though my favourite painting, the sunflowers, was not there they day I went. I guess as it's being Loaned to a London Gallery I shouldn't complain too much as that is my home city!

Overall I'd say that if you get the chance you should visit this museum. If you're an art lover you'll probably want to see it, if not, then I'd still say go, but if you're short on time and not desperate to see Van Gogh's work, this can probably be skipped. But if you do have the time definately go and spend an hour there!
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gingerbatik gingerba…
537 reviews
Van Gogh Museum Apr 15, 2012
If you are in Amsterdam, this museum is a must visit as it is associate with the most famous painter who has lives and leaved this earth tragically and the museum houses the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world.

The museum show the paintings from his early career till the week before he takes his own life. Be prepare for a long queue for the ticket, deposit of the bag and coat, and to see the paintings itself. Soo many people inside.

On Friday night (open till 10pm), there is life music with a dj inside the museum and open bar but you are not allow to bring the drink to the paintings exhibition areas. There is free guide tour at 7pm for an hour.

Take tram no 2 or 5 stop at Hobbemastraat. Museum entrance fee is 14 euro.
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Rubens80 Rubens80
2 reviews
A must for any art fan Mar 14, 2011
I love Van Gogh. This museum has some of Van gogh´s most important works. Its not a very big museum , but is very nice and clean. Worth it !!!

Eu adoro Van Gogh, este museu tem das melhores obras dele, nao é um museu muito grande mas tem muita qualidade, aconselho vivamente !!!
ylwu53 ylwu53
2 reviews
Van Gogh Museum Jul 03, 2011
The Van Gogh Museum is a great place to visit with not only artworks but takes visitors on tour on under what art was at Van Gogh's time and how his life and painting. It was nice to see Bedroom and Sun Flower.

The souvenirs were very good for gifts or home decoration and within reasonable price range.

The paintings weren't the same one that was in Taipei. Personally, I highly recommended this museum. Also, there are other museums that are really close by that one could visit if time allows.
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Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Sublime, inspiring art Sep 27, 2010
Probably one of the world’s most iconic artists, and certainly one of my favourite, the Van Gogh Museum is a wonderful collection of his work.

The paintings are just stunning, what more can I say. The details are incredible first hand, and I really enjoyed seeing how the paint was just slapped on in places as solid colour. You could even see some bits of the canvas! Paintings such as Sunflowers and The Potato Eaters command your attention and dominate the rooms they are in.

Despite the popularity of the artist and the heavy amount of visitors, the museum isn’t crowded and I got a very decent amount of staring time with each piece.

Set across two or three floors, the gallery is nicely laid out. There is a cloakroom where you can leave your bags, coats and valuables for free. The gift shop is extensive and expensive (surprise surprise!). No photography is allowed inside.

An essential and unforgettable visit, I cannot think that any trip to Amsterdam would be complete without paying your respects to this collection of art.
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Vipin says:
it def is cool and well worth going to. apart from a few italian masters, he's my favourite artist!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2011
montecarlostar says:
Van Gogh was a bit crazy, his paintings disturb me a bit... but this museum must be cool anyway. I am not a big connossieur but I preffer Monet :)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2011
WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
Must see museum Mar 10, 2010
This museum houses the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch artist who started painting at a very young age, and has moved around. His artwork tells the story of his life, who has had his emotional highs and lows throughout his life. Van Gogh has definitely had issues, that I think some people can relate to, like myself. His life ended when he committed suicide.

His artwork are arranged in chronological order, and organized by location, with works done while living at a certain place. Just be prepared for some paintings not to be there. But the main highlights should be there, like “Sunflowers” and “Whitefield With Crows”.

The Van Gogh Museum should not be missed, as these paintings tell the story of his life.

Photography is not allowed!
front of Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh displays
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nealewelch nealewel…
3 reviews
The Dutch Master Jul 22, 2010
As an art lover, this is for me, second only to the Louvre as a place to go and appreciate great art.

This one is a little more difficult to find that the aforementioned museum, and it certainly lacks the grandeur of location as well, but it is definitely worth the trip when you do find it.

Although the name of the museum is given over to Vincent, there are also some wings of the museum which have visiting exhibitions from around the world, so if this kind of art is not your thing, then there is still something else for you to see here as well.

With regards to the Vincent, if there is anything that you want to know about him or his work, then this is obviously the place to come.

The museum tells the story of his life in chronological fashion around the building and the way that it is laid out provides an 'easy' introduction in the works of the Dutch Master.

For me, the highlight was the portrait and particularly self portrait section. Here, you can get in close to the work and literally appreciate each and every brush stroke on the canvass, brilliant.

This is a great little museum and I would describe it as intimate and cosy - it just has a really nice feel about it.

Regardless of your artistic preference, there are some fantastic works in here and perhaps some of the most iconic paintings in recent history can also be found here.

Thoroughly enjoyed.

Hope you enjoy too!
davidx davidx
564 reviews
Pick your time Oct 29, 2010
This excellent museum naturally enough gets very crowded. Pam and I went in 1996, when they had only just started Monday opening and few coaches went on a Monday. We were there when it opened - already quite a queue - and went straight into the lift. hence we were able to see many of the pictures without too big a crowd.

There can be little to say that has not already been said. Yet perhaps there are still many who don't realise the extent of the museum's holdings of drawings and letters as well as the paintings, to say nothing of the works of other 19th century painters.

I think the website is particularly good and warmly recommend it to anybody with a Van Gogh interest.
creatia creatia
4 reviews
Van Gogh Museum Rocks Jan 12, 2009
The greatest collection of Van Gogh Paintings. Vincent died never selling one painting! Now his collection is worth untold millions.

He tried so desperately to make an impact in his life. He did not succeed as a minister so he committed himself to evangelize the greatness of God in paint. He died feeling he was a total failure, but only now is his message appreciated. In his confusion and fear there is a transcendent beauty.

Its on 3 floors. Best to get tickets at other locations in city before you go.

There is an area adjacent that houses temporary exhibits also.
Scarlettbegonias Scarlett…
1 reviews
Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum Dec 15, 2009
Lovely exhibit, lots of stairs, not worth the price to see it unless you are a sincere Van Gogh appricator.
jostravel jostravel
55 reviews
A must-see Apr 21, 2008
Easy walking distane from city centre, or short distance on the tram, the Van Gogh Museum is a must-see sight if visiting Amsterdam. Several floors of some of the best paintings. There's a small cafe and gift shop too!! Excellent place to spend a couple of hours away from the busy centre...
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Miranda-Maas Miranda-…
144 reviews
Crowded museum but a must in Amsterdam Nov 24, 2008
I like art so i like to go to museum. And i know i can expect the Van Gogh museum can be very very crowded on a Sunday afternoon when the weather is awefull. But this was definately even too crowded for me. For that reason i only visited the temporary exhibtion of the 125 loves. Most of these artworks were paintings but there were also other works of art with the theme love. To see the permanent collection of the museum, you had to get in line and move very very slowly together with all the other people to see every painting for a few seconds. There was no way you could really look to a painting of Van Gogh and enjoy it for a while. So i decided to go back here another time and i will, because it is really worth it of course.
aka_pushkin aka_push…
9 reviews
A very nice museum Jul 08, 2008
This is a relatively small museum, compared to all the "monsters" museums of Western Europe.

As the name implies, it's mostly about Van Gogh. The works are sorted chronologically and it was very interesting to see how his style has developed over the years.

Worth a visit even if you're not generally into museums (like myself).

I would recommend to make a reservation. The queue wasn't very long, but still, having a ticket saved me about twenty minutes of my life.

sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Oct 28, 2007
The Van Gogh museum is big. When I went, there was also a special exhibition on Barcelona at the turn of the century, which was quite interesting too.

The Van Gogh museum has some of Van Gogh's best known works, including Sunflowers, the Potato Eaters, the irises and the two self portraits that you get copies of everywher, although not Starry Night when we were there. The collection of Van Gogh takes up the main floor, with a smaller permanent exhibition of his predecessors on the ground floor to set the context, and an exhibition of Japanese books on the second floor and more Van Gogh, peers and followers at the top.

As well as Van Gogh, there are works by Picasso, Monet, Manet, Gauguin, Bernard (quite a lot of these - apparently he was quite pally with Van Gogh), and a version of Degas' "in the tub" or however that's usually translated. The Picassos are blue period which is my favorite - a lot of the art appears to be on loan so I'd expect that these displays change fairly frequently.

The building itself is large and airy, and the extension where the Barcelona exhibit was is very modern. The museum was relatively crowded, but it was a sunday and the crowds were - predictably enough - in front of the sunflowers and the other well known paintings. You could get a pretty good look at everything else.

The museum does have a short queue but if you have a museumkaart you get to go straight to the front to go in. The staff are friendly, and there are cloakrooms and a big shop.
sophiabowie sophiabo…
21 reviews
Nov 11, 2007
The Van Gogh museum is a must see in Amsterdam. The museum is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh's in the world. It contains 200 of Van Gogh's paintings, 500 of his drawings and 700 letters written by and to him. The museum is structured on four floors, dividing in galleries the periods of his life. The museum also holds art from other well known artists such as Picasso, Monet, Manet, Gauguin, and Bernard.

By all means don't skip visiting this museum!!
homeres says:
i havent vistied the van gogh i may or may not stop there : )
Posted on: Oct 22, 2008
BinLeenk says:
my friend and I went yesterday. It was beautiful!
Posted on: Nov 28, 2007

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