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Vama Veche Overview

Vama Veche is an old border-crossing town, hence the name "Vama" (Customs), "Veche" (Old). For a while it has been no more than a deserted beach where people would come to get away from it all and spend time peacefully.
Recently, the "Save Vama Veche" campaign was started, which instantly made the resort "commercial", by organizing the "Stufstock" concert with an explicit ecological mentality.
Ironically, the initiative failed, with more garbage being tossed on the beach and in the water than before and an increasing number of tourists started to visit and changed the secluded and exclusive resort to just another place to go.
However, if you're looking for a good time, friendly people to drink with, hot girls to dance with, a chance to sun-bathe in the nude without anyone even staring at you in disapproval, this is the place to be. It's still a very fun place to be in, even alone, because virtually everyone is your friend.
There are tons of beach bars, parties and concerts every night and many scattered groups on the beach near fires where you can go and meet new people.