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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - 1-888-303-653 or 52 (322) 297-1212

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misshannah90 misshann…
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Swim with dolphins, zip line, go sailing, etc. Mar 22, 2009
LIke all things touristy this is expensive an a little cheesy, but loads of fun! My parenst signed us up to swim with the dolphins through Vallarta adventures. This is a place that offers many different activities. As far as the dolphins goes you can get many different packages, dolphin encounter, swimming with the dolphins, dolphin training, etc. The one we had the pleasure of experiencing was great. The dolphins are so gentle and friendly and beautiful and it is a heart warming adventure to be so close to them. The guides are also very funny, interactive, and very nice. Our package included kissing the dolphin, petting her, and riding her! Tinda, our dolphin, took us for a ride around the pool. We laid on her stomach and hung on to her dorsal fins while she laid on her back and swam backwards. It was great! Vallarta adventures also offers zip lining and sailing and several other animal interactions. Its definitely worth it.
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inlandrovers inlandro…
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Vallarta Adventures May 04, 2009
If ever in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico seek out Vallarta Adventures, this team of people make repelling, and zip lining awesome. Wonderful 1/2 day adventure!!!
sylviandavid sylviand…
111 reviews
Canopy Tour May 20, 2008
One thing David wanted to try was the zip lines that were in the canopy of the Mexico tropics. It was one of the highlights of our visit. I wish we had done it sooner so we could have had time to do it twice!

We signed up for the 8 AM tour. We got to the Vallarta Adventures at 7:15. A couple of people were there before us. To do the adventure you must be able to climb uphill 15 minutes. You must be able to grip and squeeze with your dominate hand. And, most importantly, (quoting the guide book) "you must have the ability to stand on a platform 5 stories high without hyperventilating, vomiting or fainting". One of the people in front of us had fractured her hand the night before and had to drop out so we adopted her friend Amy from Chicago for the day.

We were briefed on what to expect at the Vallarta site then went to the really cool Mercedes Benz all-terrain adventure vehicles. We sat in the open back two rows on each side facing the middle. There were straps to hold on to if we wished. The 45 minute ride was a blast as the wind was whipping and we were bouncing along...and I am certain everyone in a bus or car envied our cool transportion vehicle. The guide Armondo kept us entertained with his stories and his knowledge of the trees and Mexican traditions. He was an exceptionally funny and nice guy. (He looks like Vin Diesel)

When we arrived at the eco friendly camp we needed to leave all hats, sunglasses, cameras and backpacks at the camp. We were fitted with safety equipment and helmets then walked to the first area where we were introduced to the canopy team "D". A great group of cheerful and hard working guys. There were only 3 signals to remember: stop, lift your feet, and come to daddy. (as in don't slow)

We walked to the first platform and were shown how to ride the lines. At no time did we hook or unhook the equipment ourselves. It was all done by the guides. Each platform had a rope around the trees to which our safety line was attached as soon as we landed. When we were riding the lines we were attached to a top and bottom line. We held the top line with our right hand and held the rope in front of us with our left hand. We lifted our legs and crossed them in front of us as we rode.

We went to 14 different observation platforms. They ranged from 10 to 90 feet (30 meters) above the floor. It was a real rush to be so high on a little platform. I love heights. David really challenged himself with this tour as he sometimes has acrophobia..... but he did great! From each platform we were hooked to a top and bottom line and sent to the next area. It was exhilarating to fly from tree to tree.

The hardest platform for me was walking on an open grate bridge about 15 feet long between two trees. It was one of the higher platforms. I was able to walk and look down:I loved it! .... there was a holding rope on the tree side only. Sometimes we would not break but would be stopped by the guides on the other side. It was so wonderful to fly between the trees with the wind blowing and trees rushing by. As I got more comfortable I was able to look around more instead of worrying about the landing.... It was a totally unique and exciting experience! The very last platform required us to rappel down..... I went slowly and at the end the guide dropped the rope. I landed sitting on the ground... that was a little sad as I had done everything else well.... But it did not deminish the fun I had..... David whizzed down.... He definatly looked better at the landing!

I cannot say enough good things about this fun and exciting tour. Do it if you have an opportunity. It is about $79.00 per person and it is so worth it. It is safe, empowering, exciting and fun for both a nature lover or a thrill seeker!
David in his equipment
On a tree platform
David on the canopy platform
David flying and about to land
hklasek says:
Congrats on your feature! Can't wait to try the Canopy tour in PV :)
Posted on: May 28, 2008
alyssa_ob says:
Fun! Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: May 28, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Great review, congrats Silvia
Posted on: May 28, 2008

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