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Utah bears a resemblance to some of its surrounding neighbors in terms of its rugged countryside. The vast majority of the state’s population (roughly 80%) all congregate along the area known as Wasatch Front, which is the Salt Lake City area, while the rest of the state is fairly uninhabited. And while Salt Lake City has its own reputation for being the headquarters of the Mormon religion (also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or LDS), the majority of people who come to Utah to experience the state itself are the outdoor enthusiasts. Canyon Country, for example , which is also been referred to as Mars on Earth, contains some of the worlds craziest looking rock landscapes on the planet, and there are a wide variety of national parks to choose from to go exploring.

There are cities. Salt Lake City, Cedar City, Logan, or places like the mountain resort of Park City or the tourist trap of Moab, with its sand dunes and 4-wheeling appeal, but honestly, you can see cities in any other section of the country. What you can't see anywhere else is the amazing rocks and scenery. The best way to see it all is to purchase a Park Pass from the U.S. National Park Service. This pass gives you unlimited access to all the National Park services throughout the year, which could pay off in the long run if you plan on moving from park to park. Outside of the parks there are things like Bear Lake, Goblin Valley, the Great Salt Lake, Monument Valley, and more.

Summers are fairly hot, but it’s a dry heat, which can make a little more tolerable. The mountain regions can see snow, so you want to plan trips accordingly if you plan on taking advantage of the ski slopes. Just remember that the people here are mostly Mormon, so brush up on your religion before you come so you don’t risk offending someone accidentally.

The Nat. Parks in southern Utah are unbelievably beautiful and different. See Bryce Canyon, Zion, and go to Moab to see Arches, and Canyonlands (I-Sky district). From I-Sky have some very scenic 4X4 driving. Take the Shafer trail (near the park enterance) and after the big switchbacks (1500' down) turn right on the White Rim Trail and drive as far as you dare.

Salt Lake City #1 most popular location
Placed in the void between two mammoth mountain ranges, Salt Lake City is something of a hill-lovers Mecca, having hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2002, as well as being famous as the hear…
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Park City #2 most popular location
Park City, Utah is a mountain town just 30 minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City. Close by but a world apart from the rest of the Utah culturally, Park City was once a mining town dating …
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Moab #3 most popular location
Never heard of it? There’s no reason why you should have: Moab’s just a tiny dot on the sizable Utah landscape, but its not the town that would bring you here. Situated within a brisk str…
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Saint George #4 most popular location
St. George is a small community located in the southwest corner of Utah approximately 120 miles northeast of Las Vegas. It was founded in the 1860's as a cottom mission only producing enough …
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Springdale #5 most popular location
Springdale is the gateway city at the southwest entrance to Zion National Park. This is a small community reliant wholly on the National Park and the large numbers of people who visit the pa…
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Kanab #6 most popular location
This small town of 10,000 or maybe less sits in the center of the southwest’s national parks and amazing geological scenery, with coral pink cliffs, sand dunes, volcanic craters, lava flows…
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Cedar City #7 most popular location
Cedar City is the second largest city in southwestern Utah after Saint George. There is a university (Southern Utah University) in town, and on the campus of SUU is the Tony Award winning Uta…
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Bryce Canyon #8 most popular location
Bryce Canyon is not a canyon. Brice is on UT 63 just south of the very scenic UT 12. Bryce has many scenic overlooks of eroded rock with colored pinninals and other strange variations of bea…
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Provo #9 most popular location
Provo is quite calm town,distance from Salt Lake City 1 hour by a car. At the center of town there are a few high buildings.
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Panguitch #10 most popular location
Ogden #11 most popular location
Ogden is a small city with all servives on I 15 in northern Utah. Ogdon has a route to western Wyoming and to Yellowstone N. Park.
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Vernal #12 most popular location
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Layton #13 most popular location
Layton, Utah is located about 30 minutes from Salt Lake City. This little town is pretty close to the airforce base. The houses are cozy and is really a "family" kind of place. People…
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Wendover #14 most popular location
Wendover, Utah is on the western border of Utah along I-80. The town consists of cheap motels along the main road and the Wendover airfield. The airfield was used for training during WWII f…
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Green River #15 most popular location
Green River (town) is next to the Green River (river). It is located on interstate 70 with a intersection with UT 6 to Price. The green river is sourounded with cottonwoods and tamerisc.The …
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Hurricane #16 most popular location
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Bryce Canyon City #17 most popular location
Bryce Canyon City is a small town on UT 63. (Just a mile from Bryce Canyon National Park where you pay the fee then it gets wonderful.) Bryce canyon is a small town who provides some uaeful s…
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Torrey #18 most popular location
Torry is a smal town in Utah (with some important services) at the junction of scenic UT 24 and the east end of scenic UT 12. Go east for some beautiful canyons.
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Hatch #19 most popular location
Does Hatch still exist?
Monticello #20 most popular location
Monticello is a mid sized town with most services on US 191 in eastern Utah. From Monticello you can get to Canyonlands N.P. and Arches N.P.
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Nephi #21 most popular location
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Blanding #22 most popular location
Blanding is a small town and a good place to get resupplied. Blanding is the gateway to scenic Utah hwy 95 going to the wonderful White Canyon, Colorado River, and on to Hanksville and other …
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Mexican Hat #23 most popular location
Located just north-east of Monument Valley, this extremely small community of less than a hundred has made a name for itself due to a stone feature that looks like a sombrero or hat.
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Escalante #24 most popular location
Escalante is a small town in Utah (with few services) on scenic UT 12 coming from Bryce Canyon Nat. Park. The Escalante River is beautiful and near town. The Escalente Nat. Park Ownes the lan…
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Lehi #25 most popular location
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Midway #26 most popular location
Brian Head #27 most popular location
Brianhead is a little mountain community located in the southwestern part of Utah. While the actual peak of the mountain reaches over 11,000 feet high, the town is located at the base, aroun…
Snowbird #28 most popular location
Tropic #29 most popular location
Tropic is a very small town in Utah (no services) on scenic UT 12 Just east of Bryce Canyon. Close to Tropic, the hwy. goes a steep downhill where the views of the back of Bryce Canyon Nat. P…
Hanksville #30 most popular location
Hanksville is a small Utah town (with some services) at the intersection of Ut 24 and the NW start of scenic UT 95 to White Canyon. Stop at the rock shop in Hanksville and on to North Wash, C…
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American Fork #31 most popular location
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Mount Carmel Junction #32 most popular location
Mount Carmel Junction is a small tpwn in Utah (some services) at the junction of US 89 north and south. The east end of UT 9 is going west to Zion Nat. Park,
Parowan #33 most popular location
Parowan is a tiny little town located at the very base of Brian Head mountain in southern Utah. One must go through here in order to reach the road that leads to the mountain resort. Parowa…
Fillmore #34 most popular location
Spanish Fork #35 most popular location
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Cannonville #36 most popular location
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Dutch John #37 most popular location
Kamas #38 most popular location
Highland #39 most popular location
Ivins #40 most popular location
La Verkin #41 most popular location
Garden City #42 most popular location
Garden City is a town in Rich County, Utah, and is located between the western shore of Bear Lake (ID and UT) and the mouth of Logan Canyon (Highway 89). Garden City is a very popular summer …
Goulding #43 most popular location
Harry Goulding came to Monument Valley in 1921 and established a trading post with the Navajo out of a tent. He improved it to a building in 1928. The trading post expanded to include a lodge…
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Huntsville #44 most popular location
Tabiona #45 most popular location
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Cottonwood Heights #46 most popular location
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Corinne #47 most popular location
Virgin #48 most popular location
Virgin as a sleepy small town in Utah (some services) on the Virgin River. Virgin is just east of Interstate 15 and on scenic UT 9 west of the wonderful Zion Nat. Park. Go east or south and y…
Roy #49 most popular location
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Jordanelle #50 most popular location