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A South American country with a rich agricultural history that exists even into the 21st century, Uruguay sits on the eastern edge of South America between Brazil and Argentina, nestled up against the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most stable economies in South America for years, it has been termed the Switzerland of South America for both its economy, its nationalized free education system, and its terrain. And despite its agricultural background and its rustic appeal, the country is resplendent with pristine beaches and coastal regions that have had Uruguay being one of South American’s favorite travel destinations for years, with the rest of the world only finding out about it recently.

One of the most famous things from this country is the meat. If Argentinean steaks and beef are the thing of legend, Uruguay's are still a hidden treasure that the rest of the world has yet to uncover, but make no mistake; the beef here is just as mouth-watering. In fact, cattle are one of the mainstays of the population, and a way of life that dates back centuries. Visitors can experience the life of a gaucho up close and personal while visiting, participating in various ranch jobs and even renting out a room at one of the various cattle farms. Or, if sticking to the more luxurious suits you best, there are plenty of resorts and towns along the coast which provide more Western accommodations.

In addition to the beaches, the mountains, the vast river system, and the lush countryside, Uruguay boasts a rich colonial heritage that has been well-preserved in such towns as Colonia del Sacramento, which is a World Heritage site. The market at Mercado del Puerto is known world-wide for the massive steaks for sale, and the beach resort at Punto del Este is renowned for its luxurious accommodations. Regardless of what you want to experience, Uruguay provides the ultimate South American adventure.

Montevideo #1 most popular location
Montevideo sits right on the water, with several boardwalks, 'ramblas', that border the beach on the Southern end of the city. The city has many beautiful parks, the most popular being 'el P…
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Punta del Este #2 most popular location
20travelers 4reviews 15blogs
Colonia del Sacramento #3 most popular location
Colonia del Sacramento, or simply Colonia, is a lively colonial town, with narrow cobble stoned streets flanked by whitewashed buildings. A trip to this charming town will seem like a trip ba…
6travelers 5reviews 24blogs
Punta del Diablo #4 most popular location
Fantastic small fishing community that swells from 800 people to 30000 vacationers during the season. Unlimited beaches, lots of waves, national parks hugging the town...
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Piriapolis #5 most popular location
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Salto #6 most popular location
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La Paloma #7 most popular location
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Paysandu #8 most popular location
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Carmelo #9 most popular location
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Chuy #10 most popular location
Cabo Polonio #11 most popular location
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Punte del este #12 most popular location
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Uruguay #13 most popular location
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Trinidad #14 most popular location
Valizas #15 most popular location