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Universal Studios Singapore Reviews

Ceejay211 Ceejay211
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Good day out in Singapore Feb 08, 2013
If u are in Singapore make sure u visit the universal studio

And defo see the sea life centre there

Also take the cable car ride into the city

All in singapore is a small place can be seen in 4 days

Ohhhh and don't sneak any chew gum through the border lol

If you want to stay in SG, please go to Booking.com to check out hotel rates. Hotels are expensive, a decent one will cost you around RM600++ a night (excl. taxes). Of course there are lower end ones but I strongly do not recommend these if you are travelling with your family as these are better suited for backpackers or (super) budget travelers.
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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
Singapore's first theme park Jan 01, 2012
What can I say? Its the Universal Studios. Its not the 1st to be opened in Asia, Japan has it for few years now but I think everything will be in Japanese just like their Disneyland, so no point. Now theres one in Southeast Asia and in my own country!

The Universal Studios Singapore (USS) opened its doors in Singapore March 2010. I did not feel the rush to go there when it first opened because of the anticipated crowd. But I finally went in December 2011 due to the first ever in the World experience of "Transformer the Ride". No do not get me wrong I am never a Transformers fan. But my little nephew has been bugging me so I have no choice.

There are 7 attractions within this theme park:

1. Hollywood

2. New York

3. Madagascar

4. The Lost World (Jurassic Park & Waterworld)

5. Far far Away (Shrek)

6. Sci-fi city (Transformers & Battlestar Galatica)

7. Ancient Egypt (The Mummy)

My favourites are Far Far Away and Ancient Egypt.

Queues for the rides are as expected horribly long. Unless you are willing to pay $50 more to get an express queue ticket! But ultimately, even those ticket holders have to queue.

The longest queue of course is for the "Transformer the Ride" at Sci-fi city. We queued for about 2 hours!! Initially I wasn't keen on the ride but when I saw the long queue i thought what the heck might as well otherwise I will end up waiting for my nephew and brother forever! The ride in itself was not that long, 10 minutes? I was so thankful there was no problem with ride when it came to our turn as there was a technical glitch for the ride that day and the ride had to be closed a few days after its opening due to technical fault. Michael Bay was impressed with the ride? I guess so was I. Really feels like you are in the movie with Megatron & Bumblebee in your face! Very good animatronic.

Bring a raincoat/ umbrella as it tends to rain and theres not much of a shelter. I came prepared with an umbrella but my bro & nephew got wet waiting for the Dino-ride. I am not going to spend $7 on a raincoat which I will never wear again. No food from outside is allowed but hey whos checking?

I think little gals will prefer Far Far Away for the safe and friendly rides. Theres plenty of restaurants and push carts selling snacks/ drinks.

I must applaud the way the theme park staff manage people though, everything is done so orderly, everyone queues (so Singaporean I must say). But I think the gal who approached me for a survey was disappointed to know I am from Singapore as there are so many Pinoys, Indians, Malaysians, Indonesians, Burmese that day.

I do not think its a huge theme park, u can definitely finish visiting everything within a day.
oliver01 says:
Hi Foxy, Can I ask you what your opinion was on the lockers located in the theme park?
Posted on: Jan 05, 2012
Africancrab says:
Interesting indeed.
Posted on: Jan 01, 2012
christl3 christl3
171 reviews
Delve into a make-believe world Oct 20, 2012
Universal Studios Singapore is located on an island off Singapore called Santosa Island.

To get there catch the MRT to station 'Harbour Front' and get off and get the cable car from there to Santosa. The cable car costs $29 return. I'm not actually sure of the others ways to get there without paying for the cable car. This would be worth looking into.

I love Universal Studios! I've been to Florida three times now and although this one did not compare to the Orlando ones, it was still a good day out.

Singapore is a very expensive country so a day out in Santosa is going to cost a fair amount. Try to bring your own water and food if possible.

The signature Universal Studios world globe stands proudly outside the enormous, welcoming main gates. People scramble to take their photos by it. Upon entering grab a park guide (you'd be pretty lost without it!) and make your way down the American movie style street, all of the houses with colourful facades are home to copious amount of souvenier shops. It feels like walking through a movie set with all the hustle and bustle.

Follow the map whichever way you choose. It is laid out very well. The park runs in a circle which makes it impossible to get lost. There are five movie themes to the park - Shrek and Far Far Away, Madagascar, The Mummy/Ancient Egypt, Jurassic Park and New York. Each section of the park is laid out according precisely to the aesthetic from the movie it originates e.g. Far Far Away has a huge fairy castle in the middle of it, Jurassic Park has the recognised big gates with the dinosaur logo on them. It's like walking through the movie set.

There is a great atmosphere there. Everyone is in great spirits.

The rides are ok! Our favourites were the Transformers 3d adventure and the Jurassic Park water rapids. The Madagascar boat ride seemed to be building up to a climax that never arrived, all it was was a boat ride!

Very expensive day out but worth it!
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