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Osaka, Japan
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Universal Studios Japan Osaka Reviews

janniina janniina
32 reviews
USJ Jul 07, 2017
I wasn't sure if I wanted to go there, cause of the price. But then my brother told me to go, cause it was my last day in Japan, and it will be epic either way.

I'm glad that I did go there. Cause of the HARRY POTTER WORLD!!! I'm huge fan, and I was having fun. I went straight to the line to this 4D Harry Potter thing. (Best tip you can get.. get yourself those fast passes if you are there during peak season!! I ended up saving money and not get one.. BIG MISTAKE!) But the ride was awesome. I did feel myself a little bit sick, but that's cause I get motion sicknes quite easily.

I also went to Terminator 2 thing. Didn't understood a word, except HASTA LA VISTA BABY. But the 3D was very cool and nice work. I saw also this Rock n roll thing, where characters from horrow movies song Bon Jovi, YMCA, Madonna and Ricky Martin.

I also saw pieces of parade, but cause I don't speak Japanese, I skipped long lines there as well.

Minions were big thing, cause of the new movie which came out couple days ago. Minion world was quite fun experience, and you could buy all kinds of cool things if you are a fan.

And I ate in Jurassic Park world. Food was okay, but at least it's not too expensive. I really don't understand why Japanese people won't love fries. Got like few of them with my hamburger.

Anyways, it ended up being quite fun day, and even though I was alone, I did spend my whole day there. Next time if I ever go, I will most definetly get myself one of those Fast Passes.
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hightide says:
Did you see any Disney villains?
Posted on: Aug 06, 2017
ys484 says:
It was good that you enjoyed USJ!
Posted on: Jul 08, 2017
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ys484 ys484
177 reviews
various kinds of attractions Jan 19, 2016
I was surprised to know 15 years have passed since Universal Studios Japan had started. Osaka is not a long way from Nagoya. The TV commercial of USJ seems very fun. This amusement park is conveniently located. The staff are helpful. If you have 'Universal Express Pass', you don't have to line up. The Express pass is expensive though. The number of visitors of USJ had been hovering at a low level. But recent tactics like halloween festival in the off-season have done well, so attendance was rapidly increasing. There are not only movie attractions but also popular animation attractions. As a result, 2015's attendance at USJ was 13,900,000 people. Many visitors/repeaters enjoyed USJ in their favorite costumes. USJ is a dream world. I hope you will enjoy USJ as well if you go to Osaka.
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anewchapter anewchap…
62 reviews
USJ - Fun for Everyone Jun 03, 2014
I'm sure that there's been a thousand reviews and comments about Universal Studios and I'm not sure that my review can add anything that's not already been said, but here goes.

Firstly, I thought the price for a day pass was quite cheap. It was around 7,000 yen (around £40/$70). When you consider the number of attractions/sights that you see, 7000 yen for a whole day is a good price in my opinion.

The queues on average were around 15 minutes, which is nothing. The place itself was clean and the staff were helpful and welcoming.

As for the rides--

Jaws--A little dated but still fun. They told us "no photos" but I couldn't resist!

Backdraft--A great film but not sure why an attraction was made out of it. Not the best.

Jurassic Park---Great ride! A nice drop and I got soaked. Good stuff.

Back to the Future--good fun.

Spiderman--Probably the most advanced of the attractions. Great fun!!

Terminator 2--Really enjoyed this. The woman who presented the show was quite funny too even though I had no idea what she was saying. One of the best at the park!

Waterworld--Good fun. Got a few buckets of water thrown over me too :)

Hollywood Dream--Not a chance! I got dizzy on the back to the future simulator, no way I was going on this. I enjoyed hearing all the girls who went on it screaming though :)

In all USJ is a great day out, lots of fun, minimal queues and plenty of photo opportunities and you don't have to be in a group to enjoy yourself.
Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan
Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan
Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan
Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan
anewchapter says:
Absolutely, you can recover but your gadgets can't haha
Posted on: Jun 04, 2014
trippin_jen says:
It's better you than the gadgets right? Haha
Posted on: Jun 04, 2014
anewchapter says:
Before you go on the ride they offer you plastic rain coats, so instead of putting it on, I wrapped my stuff in it and happily took the soaking :)
Posted on: Jun 04, 2014
Lmatters Lmatters
4 reviews
Some good and some flaws Aug 20, 2009
Good: 3D Terminator, Peter Pan

Bad: Sesame street, Woody Woodpecker, Jaws

It was a rainy day so that interfered with some events, such as the character parade. If there was fair weather I think we could have enjoyed it more.

It was still a neat day out with the kids (2), but there aren't any attractions that I would say are really awesome or spectacular, even a few we just regretted lining up for. So it was a bit costly for $70
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ayakam ayakam
1 reviews
Universal Studios Japan 'Wicked' May 10, 2008
If you come to Osaka,Japan,I recommend you to go to Universal Studios Japan(USJ).

And I really want you to see 'Wicked' musical. USJ presents a 30 minutes USJ version of Wicked. The show generally uses American and Australian actresses to play Elphaba, and Japanese actresses play Glinda. This USJ version is performed mostly in Japanese,and portions in English.

I LOVE 'Wicked'!!:)


Also I like 'Hollywood Dream the Ride'(roller coaster),'spiderman the ride','water world' and 'Universal monsters live rock and roll show'.

Please come and enjoy Universal Studios Japan!!
Universal monsters rock'n roll show
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Tiffatron says:
looks like a fantastic, fun place! i'd love to go!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2009
mewzak says:
ahhh.... memories!! :)
Posted on: Nov 11, 2008
ayakam says:
but maybe,you're coming to USJ on sat,so you may get in line about for 1 hour or more...
Posted on: May 14, 2008
melissak melissak
35 reviews
Aug 17, 2006
Universal Studios Osaka is pretty similar to the one in California, but a fair bit smaller. We went in mid-August and it was SO hot. If you go in August, bring a huge water bottle. We only went on 3 rides there because the lineups were INSANE. There is a big outdoor Peter Pan show but it was cancelled the day I was there because of weather conditions.

We went on the Back to the Future Ride, the line was over an hour, but it was an awesome ride none the less. The Jurassic Park like was about 2 hours, but still an awesome ride. The line up was soo hot though, it was just ridiculous, but everyone in Japan had these little hand towels they used to help with the sweating issue. Seemed to work. The last ride was the Jaws one, which I didn't get to go on in California, but it was pretty cool here.

I saw 2 shows there, the Waterworld show and the Wizard of Oz show. Both a tad hard to understand if you don't speak Japanese., but still entertaining.

Theres a really cool shopping street area right outside the park that has some good stores, we ate at Mo's Burger which is apparently a famous burger joint in Japan.
the entrance to the park
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