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100 Universal City Plaza, Hollywood, CA, USA

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anewchapter anewchap…
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Universal Studios #2 Apr 14, 2015
I first went to a Universal Studios back in May 2014 in Osaka Japan and had a really good time. I wasn't sure if visiting Universal Hollywood would feel much the same or a different experience...thankfully it was different.

Jurassic Park Ride---Universal Japan also have a Jurassic Park ride but the final plunge at Hollywoods felt alot higher! After looking it up though I was surprised to see that both drops are the same, around 85 feet. Before the plunge, the ride automatically takes your photo but the quality of the photo was quite bad so I didn't get one (Unlike the one at Japan).

Despicable Me/ Transformers/ Simpsons ---The rides are all pretty similar, you put on the 3D glasses and go for a bumpy ride. Transformers is probably the best of the bunch because it really throws you around and everyone loves getting whiplash :/

Shrek 4D---Alot of fun and the 4D effects are really cool.

The studio tour was ok, seeing the film sets of Back to the Future & War of the Worlds was cool. The King Kong 3D ride on the tour billed as "the largest 3D experience in the world" was disappointing. Its apparently won awards but I was underwhelmed by it.

Waterworld show---same as Universal Japan, fun show, don't sit near the front unless you wanna get wet!

Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster---no idea, I don't ride rollercoasters and don't ever plan on riding them haha

Kids will love Super Silly Fun Land and there's also plenty of photo op's to take, like the posing Transformers, Betty Boop, Beetlejuice, Minions etc

If I had to compare the two (Hollywood & Japan) I would say that I had more fun at Universal Japan mainly because the attractions were older and based on films I grew up watching like Terminator, Jaws & Back to the Future. Yes these might sound outdated but if you've never been on them then they'll seem fresh. They were building the Harry Potter and Fast & Furious rides whilst I was there so that will give more appeal.

Universal will always be fun no matter what age you are and Universal Hollywood is no exception.
Universal Hollywood
Universal Hollywood
Back to the Future Set at Universa…
Back to the Future Set at Universa…
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Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
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Universal Studios Hollywood Los Angeles Aug 06, 2015
I recently had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios Hollywood at the end of my friends' bachelor party weekend. It brought back memories to cut all the lines and try all of the rides again. The last time I went was when I was 12 years old. The park was very well put together and my favorite ride was Return of The Mummy. It was a very fast rollercoaster and I have to admit that I screamed for a moment while hanging off of the edge. The Waterworld show is also a must see. This park is much more family oriented and the park has a ton of restaurants and bars you can stop at. I recommend bringing sunscreen and a hat if you are planning a day trip.
My favorite ride
blondofborg blondofb…
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Still the best studio experience in Hollywood Mar 25, 2013
Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's awfully commercial and many of the attractions are outdated (Waterworld? Terminator 2? Really?). Yet a single journey on Universal's famous Studio Tour or taking that final famous plunge on Jurassic Park: The Ride, will quickly tell you why Universal has endured both as a theme park and a museum of film history.

There's nothing here to compare to the Studio Tour, but there's just enough to fill a day without rushing. Staff are universally (you can groan now) helpful and enthusiastic (they could teach the cast at Disney a thing or two).

For horror film fans, a journey to Universal is almost a pilgrimage - and a walk through the House of Horrors a must.
Studio tour, Universal Studios, Ho…
View over the Universal Studios, H…
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cotton_foam says:
We liked the Transformer ride!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2015
aresgorn aresgorn
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Hollywood California Apr 15, 2011
Conocer hollywood fue fascinante. Desde el paseo de las estrellas hasta hasta el teatro Chino. Tomar un tour para conocer las casas de las estrellas o el memorable letrero "HOLLYWOOD" es algo que de verdad vale la pena si eres fanatico de la historia del cine. Viaje solo y de verdad

fue algo inolvidable. Es seguro y muy divertido.
omaritosan omaritos…
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Rides. Sights. LEarning Feb 10, 2011
Great time to spend a day in the universal studios. learning some of the movie techniques and some of the studios as well. Nice rides and shows.
sarahthevegasbride sarahthe…
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Fab day out! Oct 26, 2009
We visited Universal Studios for a second time in late October on a sunday afternoon. It wasnt too busy and we didnt pay for the front line pass and we managed to get on the rides within a 5 min wait. One tip go on the studio tour first thing as there is a queue for that. My favourite ride is Jurassic park. This theme park is brilliant and would recommend it for familys with young children and couples.
sirenn9 sirenn9
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Aug 20, 2007
went to Universal Studios for the first time last weekend, and although I had a lot of fun I think this theme park is tremendously overrated. First of all.. there are only..like..2 or 3 real rides. All the rest of them are either shoes or walk-through haunted houses (which aren't even scary).

The two highlights of this park are the Mummy Ride (not for the faint of heart) and the Jurassic Park ride... which is actually pretty boring except for the very end of it. You walk out of the Jurassic Park ride drenching wet, unless you buy one of the $1 raincoats. Even then, you still walk out with wet hair and your makeup all over your face. It's a lot of fun, though!

I thought it was cool that they sell alcohol practically everywhere, and that you can walk around with your drinks, but I didn't think it was very cool that everything is two times more expensive than it usually is. I guess that's how it is with theme parks, though.

Two other things I recommend doing, aside from the rides I mentioned earlier in my review are buying the VIP pass, so you don't have to wait in lines that can take up to an hour, and going on the tour of the lot.
mwtlgray mwtlgray
21 reviews
Universal Studios Mar 30, 2005
Great fun for all ages. Had rides that adults could go on as well as the two year old that was with us. They also have a really awesome tour that shows you a bunch of places and old houses from old movies and old TV shows. They show you tricks of the trade, how rain is made and other stunts. They have some really exciting rides for adventure seakers and they have some mild show and rides for those of us who get motion sick! There are of course lots of gift shops and shows along the path. It is a really big park so bring you walking shoes and expect to spend the whole day. The food is of course over priced and greasy as usual for most amusiment parks. Since I am not much of a thrill seaker I enjoyed Universal studios more than Six Flags.
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mypictures4u mypictur…
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Sep 22, 1996
If you are a movie lover the "Universal Studios" are a must-go - in spite of the fact that ii is high-priced. When I visited the Studios back in 1996 the entrance fee was about 35$ (2007: 61$).

It is great to have a look at old movie sceneries like the plaza that has been used in "Gremlins", "Back to the future" and many more feature films. Or Norman Bate's house and the famous motel ("Psycho"). Take the train ride!

In addition to that there are some nice fun + thrill rides lake ("Jurassic Parc", "Back to the future"), a Western/Stuntman Show, the famous "Waterworld Show" (Great!) and so forth.

Please note:

Since I visited the Studios back in 1996 the information I give in this review should not been taken for granted.
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laserjones says:
When we visited the Walk of Fame, I found that my hand fitted exactly into Arnold Schwarzenegger's hand print. Which does not mean that his Terminator (oops, sorry - Governator) hands are similar to mine, which are rather skinny - but add some millimeters around the outline of my hands on all sides, and there you are. :-)
Posted on: May 06, 2008
matthew says:
That brings back some good memories - I loved the Jurassic Park ride.
Posted on: Feb 27, 2008
mellemel8 says:
i miss this place. i went there back in 2004.
Posted on: Jul 25, 2007

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