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Oceanside #401 most popular location
Oceanside is located centrally between Orange County and San Diego County. What puts Oceanside on the map is a large MARINE base, Camp Pendleton. I write Marine in caps because if you mis…
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Charleston #402 most popular location
Charleston is the captial city of West Virginia. It is also the largest city in West Virginia. It is home to the Yeager Airport.
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Natchez #403 most popular location
Named after the Native American tribe that first settled the area, Natchez is known for its beauty and history. Lying on the coast of the Mississippi River, this town has a quiet park perfe…
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Lake Charles #404 most popular location
Lake Charles is a decent sized city of just under 74,000 (up 2% since 2000) located along Interstate 10 in Calcasieu Parish in Southwest Louisiana. It is also on the shore of a couple of lake…
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Saratoga Springs #405 most popular location
Saratoga Springs is a city in Saratoga County, New York, USA. The population was 26,186 at the 2000 census. The name reflects the presence of mineral springs in the area. The city is also …
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Marina del Rey #406 most popular location
Located on the Pacific coast southwest of Los Angeles. It's between Venice beach and Playa del Rey. LAX is easy access to this city - located approximately 4-5 miles from it. This city has…
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Providence #407 most popular location
Providence, Rhode Island's state capital, is a survivor. After its industries left for the South in the 1950s, it sprang back as a cultural center with a thriving arts community. Providen…
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Midland #408 most popular location
Midland is a medium sized town on I 20 just east of Odessa. There are some services in Midland. It is a good place to stop if you can stand the smell of Hydrogen Chloride from the oil wells.
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Paducah #409 most popular location
Paducah is located at the confluence of the Tennessee River and the Ohio River. The population was 26,307 at the 2000 census. It is the home of the American Quilter's Society museum.
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Kanab #410 most popular location
This small town of 10,000 or maybe less sits in the center of the southwest’s national parks and amazing geological scenery, with coral pink cliffs, sand dunes, volcanic craters, lava flows…
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Sunny Isles Beach #411 most popular location
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Fort Bragg #412 most popular location
Fort Bragg is very foggy but has beautiful redwoods, wharf and typical grey pacific ocean know to Northern California.
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South Beach #413 most popular location
South Beach is the section of Miami Beach, Florida that encompasses the southernmost 23 blocks of an island separating the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Today, the South Beach section o…
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Grapevine #414 most popular location
Grapevine is a city located in Tarrant and Dallas counties. The city is part of the Dallas Fort Worth Statistical Area and its city limits are mostly within the Dallas/Fort Worth Internationa…
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Islamorada #415 most popular location
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Ashland #416 most popular location
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Titusville #417 most popular location
Titusville is a small city in Central Florida along the 'Space Coast' of Brevard County. Titusville is the closest city and probably best base for Kennedy Space Center. It is home to the Spac…
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Florence #418 most popular location
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Cedar City #419 most popular location
Cedar City is the second largest city in southwestern Utah after Saint George. There is a university (Southern Utah University) in town, and on the campus of SUU is the Tony Award winning Uta…
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Jackson #420 most popular location
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Alpharetta #421 most popular location
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Cape Coral #422 most popular location
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Brownsville #423 most popular location
Brownsville is a fast growing city of about 180,000 (up 29% since 2000) located at the intersection/southeastern end of US Highways 77, 83 and 281 in Cameron County in the South Texas Plains …
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Salina #424 most popular location
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Manhattan Beach #425 most popular location
Not too long ago, Manhattan Beach was a sleepy beach town with a laid back vibe. Now, it's a popular home base for celebrities, professional athletes and those who can afford the multi-millio…
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Wailea-Makena #426 most popular location
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Grand Forks #427 most popular location
At almost 55,000 people (up 11% since 2000), Grand Forks is the third largest city in North Dakota after Fargo and Bismarck. Grand Forks is located at the intersection of Interstate 29, and U…
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Walt Disney World #428 most popular location
The largest recreational resort in the entire world, and the most visited as well, Walt Disney World Resort is located near Orlando, Florida, and is generally known simply as Disney World. In…
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Pueblo #429 most popular location
Pueblo is a nice small city on I 25 south of Colorado. It is a friendly town and real good to stop and resupply. Pueblo has grown a lot and is more busy now; but still has that small town fe…
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Coeur d'Alene #430 most popular location
With 50+ lakes within relatively easy driving distance of Coeur d'Alene, this city has rapidly become a tourist haven. The Coeur d'Alene Resort sits at the water's edge of Coeur d'Alene Lake,…
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Saipan #431 most popular location
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Stockton #432 most popular location
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Princeville #433 most popular location
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Seaside #434 most popular location
Seaside, Oregon is located in Clatsop County and has a population of 5900 people. Seaside is a popular weekend and summer retreat for people in and around the Portland, Oregon area. Dur…
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Paso Robles #435 most popular location
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Helena #436 most popular location
Helena is the state capital of Montana and is a city of about 30,000 (up 16% since 2000) located at the intersection of Interstate 15 and U. S. Highway 12 in Lewis and Clark County in West Ce…
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Newport #437 most popular location
Newport is one of the larger towns on the oregon coast with a population of nearly 10,000 people. It sits on highway 101 and the highway is one big long strip of tourist activity with motels,…
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Chantilly #438 most popular location
Chantilly, Virginia, is located in Northern Virginia, in western Fairfax County, right on the border with Loudon County. Chantilly is probably best known to travelers as the site of Washingto…
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Rincon #439 most popular location
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Newark #440 most popular location
Newark, Delaware. Small college town USA. Located in New Castle county, about 45 minutes south of Philadelphia proper, Newark's main draw is the University of Delaware, a medium size school o…
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Appleton #441 most popular location
Appleton Wisconsin thrives with a population of approximately 70,000 and is part of the Fox River Valley in Northeast Wisconsin, about 100 miles north of Milwaukee. Appleton is the biggest …
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Athens #442 most popular location
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Aurora #443 most popular location
Aurora is a suburb of Denver.
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Ithaca #444 most popular location
Ithaca is the epitome of a "college town" as Cornell University (an Ivy Legue school) and Ithaca College are housed here. It is known for its liberal leanings, giving more votes to Ralph Nade…
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Ogunquit #445 most popular location
Ogunquit features the wonderful Maine coastline and has the motto "Beautiful Place by the Sea" because of this, and features a 3+ mile beach. It is an extremely popular resort town and is key…
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Lawrence #446 most popular location
Lawrence, Kansas sits in midway between Kansas City, Kansas and Topeka and is a diverse and cozy college town. Famous for the long and storied winning reputation of the Kansas University (KU)…
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Vero Beach #447 most popular location
Vero Beach is a nice town of just under 16,000 (down 10% since 2000) located along Interstate 95, U.S. Highway 1 and Highway A1A in Indian River County in Central Florida on the Atlantic Coas…
40travelers 4reviews
Champaign #448 most popular location
Champaign is a small city in the central Illinois, however it's one of the most important towns in the state as the home of the University of Illinois. The city is located in the center of…
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Lake City #449 most popular location
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Bangor #450 most popular location
25travelers 5reviews
Bishop #451 most popular location
Bishop lies in a high mountain valley east of the Sierras along the scenic 395 highway. The town of Bishop was originally founded in the late 1800's in the Owen's Valley. The town itself is…
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Big Sky #452 most popular location
Located high in the Northern Rockies, Big Sky has something to offer everyone: magnificent mountains for skiing and hiking, streams and rivers full of trout, great dining, and a variety of sh…
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Rehoboth Beach #453 most popular location
Located in the second smallest state, not known for its' tourist attractions Rehoboth Beach bills itself as the "Nation's Summer Capitol". Those not from Delaware understand this when they vi…
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San Clemente #454 most popular location
53travelers 4reviews
Bossier City #455 most popular location
Bossier City is a medium city with all services. Located in NW Louisiana on the Red River, Bossier has good casinos.
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Joshua Tree #456 most popular location
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Chapel Hill #457 most popular location
Chapel Hill is a town in North Carolina, where its name named for the Church of England New Hope Chapel, which once stood atop the hill’s crossroads. Nicknamed “The Southern Part of Heave…
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Sequoia National Park #458 most popular location
Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just 30 miles east of Visalia, CA, this national park along with Kings Canyon National Park are administered by the National Park Service as one unit, t…
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Whitefish #459 most popular location
Small town in Montana. It has a cute little town center. Great location for hiking, close to Glacier national park
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Duluth #460 most popular location
11travelers 3reviews
Wilkes-Barre #461 most popular location
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Kalispell #462 most popular location
Kalispell is a booming town of about 22,000 (up 51% since 2000) located at the intersection of U. S. Highways 2 and 93, and Montana Highway 424 in Flathead County in Northwest Montana near Fl…
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Venice Beach #463 most popular location
Venice Beach, is situated between Santa Monica to the North, and Marina Del Ray to the South. Beside the board-walk you will find many unusual and intriguing shops, bars, cafes, street entert…
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Bellingham #464 most popular location
Bellingham is the biggest city in Whatcom County, as well as the 10th largest city in the state of Washington. The city's population is about 74,440. It has a large student population, as it …
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Glendale #465 most popular location
Glendale (population 255,000) is one of the major residential cities that border Phoenix to form the Phoenix Metropolitan Area (or simply "The Valley of the Sun"). People may know Glendale…
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Yakima #466 most popular location
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Homer #467 most popular location
Homer is a town on the north side of the entrance to Kachemak Bay from Cook Inlet, south of Anchorage. Arriving at Homer you see the panorama of mountains, white peaks, glaciers and Homer Spi…
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Ames #468 most popular location
Ames is a fast growing city of about 61,000 (up 20% since 2000) located along Interstate 35 where it intersects with US Highway 30 (The Lincoln Highway) and US Highway 69. Ames is in Central…
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Frisco #469 most popular location
Frisco is a small town with few services West of Denver and a few miles South of Interstate 70 on Colorado hwy 9.
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Kenner #470 most popular location
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Lynchburg #471 most popular location
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Nacogdoches #472 most popular location
The Spanish were the first non-Indians to reach Tejas, what is now Texas. Their first settlement in Tejas was in Nacogdoches in 1716 with the Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe; making it th…
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Avalon #473 most popular location
Avalon is the only town on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles California, and also the only town in the entire Channel Islands Chain. Founded in 1919 by the Wrigley family, the is…
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Beaufort #474 most popular location
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Kennesaw #475 most popular location
Kennesaw is located in Cobb County and is a northwestern suburb of Atlanta. It was selected as one of the 10 Best Towns for Families and is also the home of Kennesaw State University. It is a…
29travelers 2reviews
Bradenton #476 most popular location
Welcome to the friendly city, Bradenton Florida. Enjoy the gorgeous sunshine as it beats down upon your shoulders. Let your eyes wander to the beautiful Manatee River. Watch as the sun sets a…
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Hermosa Beach #477 most popular location
The city is located in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area and is one of the three Beach Cities. Hermosa Beach is bordered by the other two, Manhattan Beach to the north and …
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Prescott #478 most popular location
Official Tourism Site: http://www.visit-prescott.com/ The towns of Prescott (population 40,000), Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey-Humboldt comprise what is locally known as the "Qua…
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Carlisle #479 most popular location
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Cortez #480 most popular location
Cortez is located in Montezuma County in southwest Colorado. It is a great base from which to explore Mesa Verde National Park and San Juan National Forest. Often referred to as the gatewa…
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Salinas #481 most popular location
Salinas is located on the Central California Coast and is known as the "Salad Bowl of the World." Salinas boasts an emerging arts scene led by the First Fridays Art Walk and the innovative u…
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Peoria #482 most popular location
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Indio #483 most popular location
Back at the very beginnings of this area just prior to the turn of the 19th century the main land use here was agriculture. The growth of citrus trees and dates kept the economy alive and we…
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Treasure Island #484 most popular location
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Rocky Mount #485 most popular location
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Bethlehem #486 most popular location
Bethlehem is a city in eastern Pennsylvania, located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley. Pronounced "Beth-luhm" by the locals, the city is located on the banks of the Lehigh River, approximat…
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Alexandria #487 most popular location
Alexandria is a small city of about 48,000 (up 5% since 2000) located at the intersection of Interstate 49, U.S. Highways 71, 165, and 167 and Louisiana Highway 1 in Rapides Parish in Central…
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Marco Island #488 most popular location
Marco Island is the largest of Florida's Ten Thousand Islands, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest The afternoon temperatures of 70s or 80s and white sandy beaches make Marco Island an…
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Manchester #489 most popular location
The largest city in Northern New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) is home to the only Main Street in America with two dead ends. Near the top of the BosWash it is home to many people w…
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Bryce Canyon National Park #490 most popular location
Bryce Canyon National Park is a bit of a misnomer. It is not a true canyon that most people would envision. It is rather an impressive and dramatic, not to forget picturesque, cliff side wh…
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Custer #491 most popular location
Custer, the oldest town in the Black Hills, is named for the infamous Col. George Armstrong Custer, who discovered gold on French Creek here in 1874. The subsequent gold rush was one of the l…
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San Marcos #492 most popular location
San Marcos is a medium town and a nice place to stay. They have good shopping and are located on I 35 halfway from San Antonio and Austin. Texas State University is located in San Marcos. Aro…
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Lauderdale By the Sea #493 most popular location
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Montauk #494 most popular location
Montauk is the easternmost point of Long Island, otherwise known as "the end". It is the home of several state parks, including the famous Montauk Lighthouse, which remains a popular touri…
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Norman #495 most popular location
Norman, Oklahoma is a great college town and is home to the University of Oklahoma and their hardcore Sooner football fans! The city literally stops during football games on Saturdays in the…
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National Harbor #496 most popular location
The National Harbor is a new and expansive 300 acre development off the Potomac River. It has been here since 2008. This urban waterfront community hosts hotels, residental buildings, a mar…
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Burlington #497 most popular location
Burlington is Vermont's "Queen City". The eclectic mix of students, business professionals, artistic types, families, and musicians make the entire downtown a lively place. The brick stee…
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Hyannis #498 most popular location
Hyannis is a town of about 13,500 (down 14% since 2000) located just south of US Highway 6 in Barnstable County in Southeast Massachusetts. Hyannis is probably the most important town on Cape…
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Kingsland #499 most popular location
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Fairfield #500 most popular location
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