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Everyone dreams of heading to the Caribbean at least once in their lives, but it seems almost impossible to choose which of the islands travel to. No matter which island or country you go to you're going to experience a unique cultural vibe that will depend on which part of the Caribbean you are in. Perhaps the most popular for modern travelers is the U.S. Virgin Islands. A group of three islands that make up the Virgin Islands archipelago when combined with the British Virgin Islands, Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas are a unique combination of island adventure and Caribbean paradise.

While there are plenty of coastal regions featuring pristine beaches and surfing areas, the vast majority of territory in the U.S. Virgin Islands is related to hiking and exploring the rugged interior of the mountains, or snorkeling off the coasts. There are places like the Buck Island Reef National Monument, which was set up to preserve what many consider to be the greatest marine garden in the Caribbean, or the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument, which is a few miles off the coast of St. John and features some of the most spectacular submerged regions of land on the planet. On the other hand, the Salt River Bay National Historic Park Ecological Preserve showcases vast mango forests as well as coral reefs and otherwise, and the Christiansted National Historic Site features a few old buildings that date back to 1733 and the Danish occupation.

Between the rum, the food, and the pristine beauty of the island mountains and forests, the Virgin Islands offer some of the best eco-tourism areas in the world. While there are plenty of resorts and some beaches to take advantage of, most people come here for the snorkeling and the hiking, and to experience some of nature’s most amazing features.

Saint Thomas #1 most popular location
Tucked away in the Caribbean Sea is a little gem known as St. Thomas. The island is located in the United States Virgin Islands. Whether you arrive by air on the island's western end or by …
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Saint John #2 most popular location
The island of St. John is located in the Caribbean Sea and is a part of the United States Virgin Islands. It is located only 4 miles from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas (also in the USVI) and …
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Saint Croix #3 most popular location
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Charlotte Amalie #4 most popular location
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Christiansted #5 most popular location
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Cruz Bay #6 most popular location
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Cinnamon Bay #7 most popular location
Cinnamon Bay is a beautiful white sand beach on the island of St John, in the US Virgin Islands. It is the longest beach on the island, but doesn't get as many visitors or activity as nearby …
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Frederiksted #8 most popular location
St. Johns #9 most popular location
Hawksnest Bay #10 most popular location
Trunk Bay #11 most popular location
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Francis Bay #12 most popular location
Reef Bay #13 most popular location
Reef Bay, Saint John, is a secluded reef and beach located at the end of the Reef Bay trail, which is about a two and a half mile hike from Centerline Road. There is a well preserved, abando…
Genti Bay #14 most popular location
Reef Bay Trail #15 most popular location