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A political amalgamation of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK has a surprising blend of cultures to offer. It’s no longer the world of top hats and walking sticks; instead you’ll find a land steeped in glorious history, and home to a vivacious music scene and charming countryside.

London is the place to go for both music and a lot of those infamous sites. Walk around the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, take a city-viewing ride on the London Eye or wonder around the expansive (and often free) national museums. In evening, head to Camden for a cultured blend of music or Leicester Square for red carpet cinema openings and vast (but pricey) clubs.

Other must see English sites include the mysteries of Stonehenge and spectacular nearby Salisbury cathedral, the rugged cliffs of Cornwall – which has a laid back, holiday vibe and hides it’s own unique history – and the posh and picturesque university cultures of ancient Oxford and Cambridge. Liverpool is another place to take in the music, and explore a city once owned by the Beatles, while Hadrian’s Wall, the lengthy Roman border with Scotland that – should you have a few days to spare – you can walk the entire length of is also a worthy spot.

Up in Scotland, the beauty of Edinburgh and renowned grit of Glasgow are both big draws. Head to the highlands to find rustic castles, ancient estates and boggy hikes, or hunt for the Loch Ness monster with your camera at the ready. Edinburgh’s fabulous Fringe Festival is a great event to try and coincide with. Welsh capital Cardiff, meanwhile, is a rejuvenated city where rugby is the big passion; head west and you’ll come to an impressive selection of Welsh mountains to test you fitness on.

Northern Ireland is a flight (or boat ride) away, but worth the hassle for the splendor of Belfast – where political murals still adorn the walls and British and Irish flags compete for sky space – and the striking Giant’s Causeway and nearby rope bridge. It might not be the glorious empire it once was, but the UK still wows its abundant, multinational visitors.

London #1 most popular location
As a city that seamlessly blends the old world with the seductively modern, London is an atypical British city that – despite its multinational mish-mash of culture – simply couldn’t be…
16,551travelers 1,655reviews 1,133blogs
Edinburgh #2 most popular location
Draped across mossy fells and overlooking the choppy waters of the North Atlantic, Edinburgh is a scenic city in a striking location. Towered over by the soaring battlements of the hilltop ca…
1,308travelers 310reviews 199blogs
Blackpool #3 most popular location
It might be infamous as the home of an incredible array of tacky English tat (a not entirely undeserved reputation, it has to be said), but the northern seaside resort of Blackpool still draw…
134travelers 13reviews 8blogs
Manchester #4 most popular location
A city best known for its football teams: Manchester United, the most supported and most hated team in England, and the up and coming billionaires across the street, Manchester City. It’s t…
2,075travelers 194reviews 69blogs
Glasgow #5 most popular location
If you believe the press, Glasgow, is the leaner side of Scotland, the rough to Edinburgh’s smooth.Glasgow has a far more industrial history,and is a city once dominated by the shipyards. …
981travelers 75reviews 58blogs
Liverpool #6 most popular location
As the city that bought you The Beatles, that accent (if you’re not British, you can probably forget about understanding much of the native tongue) and the notorious harbor TV weather map (…
931travelers 85reviews 46blogs
York #7 most popular location
One of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in Britain, boasting some of the most amazing architecture and surrounding countryside in the whole of Europe, and long the centre of attention…
350travelers 39reviews 31blogs
Bath #8 most popular location
Named – a tad unoriginally, in truth – after its natural hot spring Roman baths, the city of Bath is an English hidden gem, both beautiful and slightly backwards, with the Roman influence…
230travelers 53reviews 34blogs
Birmingham #9 most popular location
One of the most progressive cities in England, and considered to be the second largest in terms of population, Birmingham is a massive metropolitan area in the West Midlands region of the cou…
944travelers 46reviews 22blogs
Brighton #10 most popular location
Brighton, the GAY capital. Generally known by its nickname of “London by the sea”, Brighton is a seaside city less than 50 miles south of London in the County of East Sussex. It is ac…
746travelers 50reviews 22blogs
Torquay #11 most popular location
Torquay,which is also known as ''The English Riviera'' and the big sister of the three towns of Torbay. Situated on the Devon coastline, The south west coast of the UK, Torquay has been a …
68travelers 8reviews 1blogs
Cardiff #12 most popular location
One of the longest established cities in the U.K, Cardiff has been occupied for at least 2,000 years since the Romans first established a fort on the site of the current Cardiff Castle. For t…
585travelers 51reviews 22blogs
Bristol #13 most popular location
There are places in the world which, for some reason or another, have fallen off the grid in terms of being considered a “tourist” destination. This is both good and bad. On the plus side…
931travelers 70reviews 29blogs
Bournemouth #14 most popular location
Bournemouth is a town in the South West of England, perhaps best known for its wide, sandy beach and its Victorian pier. The town lies across the water from the Isle of Wight, and South of th…
362travelers 10reviews 7blogs
Belfast #15 most popular location
Harboring a dodgy local reputation both in the rest of the UK and in the Republic of Ireland, Belfast was in the news daily for years, finding itself at the heart of the Northern Irish ‘tro…
502travelers 49reviews 48blogs
Cambridge #16 most popular location
With a skyline dominated by King’s College Chapel, Cambridge University Library, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and St. John’s College Chapel, and a history that is just as lauded and lengthy …
528travelers 29reviews 24blogs
Inverness #17 most popular location
The mental image the Scottish Highlands usually conjures up is a picture of the Loch Ness monster, peat-covered hills that turn into craggy cliff-faces and lush, green mountains covered in a …
105travelers 11reviews 30blogs
Oxford #18 most popular location
Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world and a haven for the intellectual elite, Oxford is a city that boasts not only some of the smartest people in the world, but one of …
522travelers 36reviews 36blogs
Newquay #19 most popular location
Newquay is the surf capital of Great Britain. Generally a vibrant city located in the county of Cornwall. You can get to Newquay by train, bus or air. Once there everything is generally withi…
45travelers 9reviews 1blogs
Scarborough #20 most popular location
Scarborough is a vibrant modern town on the yorkshire coast of England. It has a population of around 50 000.
47travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Leeds #21 most popular location
The largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds is a modern hub of activity, famous for its metropolitan appeal, its vibrant nightlife, the multiple universities, sports teams, superb shopping experienc…
914travelers 23reviews 10blogs
Llandudno #22 most popular location
Llandudno is a Victorian seaside resort on the coast of North Wales. Known as the "Queen of the Welsh Resorts" it is the largest seaside resort in Wales and has numerous tourist attractions …
26travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Aberdeen #23 most popular location
Aberdeen (Gaelic for mouth of Dee) is a city in Eastern Scotland. It is situated at the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don. Aberdeen is the 3rd biggest city in Scotland. It is the most importan…
238travelers 18reviews 13blogs
Windermere #24 most popular location
Windermere, and its nearby neighbour Bowness on Windermere are situated at the southern end of the English Lake District, Cumbria. Windermere the lake, on the shore of which both towns lie …
10travelers 5reviews 6blogs
Newcastle upon Tyne #25 most popular location
Newcastle is the second largest city in the North East and is populated by so-called 'Geordies'. The city isituated on the north bank of the River Tyne. The city is well known for it's vib…
561travelers 25reviews 16blogs
Weymouth #26 most popular location
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31travelers 5reviews 4blogs
Fort William #27 most popular location
Sitting at the head of Loch Linnhe, a sea loch, and at the foot of Ben Nevis, Fort William is the major town of the South Western Scottish Highlands, Scotland. The High Street is the heart of…
10travelers 13reviews 18blogs
Nottingham #28 most popular location
Nottingham: Queen of the East Midlands. A Mecca for shoppers, drinkers and those going to get married. Famed for its nightlife, Nottingham sits in the centre of the region, powering a new ec…
659travelers 22reviews 19blogs
Eastbourne #29 most popular location
Eastbourne is a large sea side town in East Sussex, on the south coast of England, with an estimated population of 93,630 as at August 2005. The area has seen human activity since the stone a…
69travelers 10reviews 4blogs
Plymouth #30 most popular location
Plymouth is a city with vast amounts of history! Situated on the south coast of Devon, Plymouth is famous for being a historic Naval city. One of only three English ports that holds naval shi…
259travelers 13reviews 7blogs
Southampton #31 most popular location
Southampton is a large maritime city on the south coast of England. It is the gateway to the Isle of Wight, and has an eventful past due to its location on the solent. There is little left …
439travelers 12reviews 15blogs
Paignton #32 most popular location
Paignton is a popular seaside resort and famous for its long sandy beaches,popular Zoo and occasionally bustling pier. Paignton is located in the very centre of torbay,in between its big …
18travelers 8reviews
Chester #33 most popular location
Originally founded by the Roman's Chester or (Deva Victrix as the Roman's called it) is a touristy city with a population approaching 100,000. Popular attractions and sights include the ra…
174travelers 14reviews 11blogs
Canterbury #34 most popular location
Canterbury is the the home to 2 large universities and is very student populated. It is full of history - The Cathedral, St Augustines Abbey and Canterbury Castle to name just a few. Plenty…
124travelers 18reviews 8blogs
Salisbury #35 most popular location
Salisbury is a magnificent medieval city: historic streets and alleyways, charming half-timbered buildings, traditional English eating houses and characterful shopping streets, and of cause o…
89travelers 20reviews 14blogs
Cheltenham #36 most popular location
Cheltenham is a spa town located within the borough of Gloucestershire in England. It is situated on the very edge of The Cotswolds and has an air of wealth and respectability! It certainly i…
129travelers 4blogs
Harrogate #37 most popular location
Harrogate is a spa town in North Yorkshire, England, Located to the south-east of the Yorkshire Dales. The town is a popular tourist destination; its spa waters, RHS Harlow Carr gardens a…
84travelers 7reviews 7blogs
Whitby #38 most popular location
Whitby is a seaside resort located on the Yorkshire coast, the East coast of England. The most famous landmarks and tourist attractions here are the statue of Captain James Cook, who sailed f…
16travelers 6reviews 6blogs
Norwich #39 most popular location
Norwich is a medium sized city located in the East of England within the county of East Anglia. It is in a great location very near to the Norfolk countryside and the Broads. The populatio…
349travelers 7reviews 4blogs
Oban #40 most popular location
Oban is a town in the Scottish Highlands. It is the gateway to the isles, shopping and drinking capital of the north west, and home to the excellent whisky of that name. Ferries run from h…
5travelers 6reviews 8blogs
Stratford-upon-Avon #41 most popular location
Stratford-upon-Avon (IPA: /ˌstrætfɚd əpɒn ˈɛɪvən/) is a market town and civil parish in south Warwickshire, England. It lies on the River Avon some 38 kilometres (24 miles)[1] south …
51travelers 3reviews 4blogs
Windsor #42 most popular location
Windsor, Berkshire, England, is situated about 25 miles due west of London, along the M4, just south of Slough. Home to the royal family, it has evolved into a posh little neighborhood with a…
53travelers 17reviews 12blogs
Ambleside #43 most popular location
Ambleside is a bustling little tourist village right in the heart of the English lakes. Just a few miles from Windermere, and located on the northern end of the Lake itself. It may have a…
7travelers 8reviews 6blogs
Portsmouth #44 most popular location
Portsmouth (or Pompey, as it is affectionately nicknamed) offers you a worldclass welcome. You'll enjoy a great day out shopping, boat trip services or a night on the town! Portsmouth Cathed…
350travelers 13reviews 7blogs
Sheffield #45 most popular location
Sheffield created two inventions that changed the face of the world: steel and organised football (Allegedly - I haven't seen any recent evidence of this myself, to be honest...) A city th…
533travelers 27reviews 18blogs
Keswick #46 most popular location
9travelers 6reviews 3blogs
Great Yarmouth #47 most popular location
Great Yarmouth is a coastal town in Norfolk, England. It has a rich history from the herring industry and there are a few museums dedicated to this. It is has a large residential area and …
24travelers 6reviews
Penzance #48 most popular location
Penzance is a town, civil parish and port in Cornwall, in England United Kingdom. It is well known for being the most westerly major town in Cornwall and is approximately 75 miles west of Ply…
22travelers 9reviews 6blogs
Swindon #49 most popular location
Swindon is a strong UK business town on the M4 corridor, with a long history of engineering. It's home to the STEAM museum, dedicated to the Great Western Railway, a thriving railway by Isum…
127travelers 15reviews 5blogs
Reading #50 most popular location
Reading is a town on the main commuter routes into London from the West, lying a short way outside the M25 motorway. It is not well known for its tourism, but has a good shopping mall and a …
313travelers 6reviews 2blogs