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The entry point to the Middle East, at least from a safe and touristy standpoint, the United Arab Emirates stands apart from the rest of the Middle East as one of the most Western—and thus most approachable—of the countries in the region. Still teeming with a rich and vast Arabic and Muslim history dating back thousands of years, this country is nevertheless a modern hub of old blended in with the new. A mixture that has been described by some as resembling a “Disneyland” of Muslim and Arabic culture and traditions, allowing the Western viewer to make their way through like some huge amusement park of traditional Arabic ways of life, the United Arab Emirates is a perfect way for the first-time visitor to the Middle East to experience a taste of this part of the world in an absolutely safe environment.

Perhaps the most logical starting point for visitors is Dubai, officially called Abu Dhabi. It is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and also one of the most luxurious, modern, and excessive places on the planet. It is also one of the most heavily developed cities on the planet, which mirrors the rest of the UAE. While there are vast stretches of beaches along the coast, the waters are not as clear as they once were, due to all of the construction going along the coasts, but they are still some of the best in the region, and definitely worth visiting. Although, women should be warned that bathing suits will cause undue attention at the beaches due to the Muslim nature of the community, so it’s best to get a day pass to a private beach at your resort if you don’t feel like dealing with people staring.

Shopping is probably that which makes the UAE so different than the rest of the Middle East. There is no sales tax on anything, although inflation has gone rampant in recent years. Accommodations and transportation are extremely modern, making this country very easy to access for all levels of travelers.

Dubai #1 most popular location
Advanced warning: Dubai is not for the short of cash. Glitzy, materialistic, well publicized and quite incredibly luxurious, this small corner of the Middle East is a real millionaires playgr…
4,842travelers 455reviews 158blogs
Abu Dhabi #2 most popular location
Abu Dhabi or ("Abu Zabie" as pronounced by locals). The Capital of the United Arab Emirate, and the biggest Emirate in terms of land. There are only three seven-star hotels in the world, Ab…
662travelers 74reviews 36blogs
Sharjah #3 most popular location
Sharjah is one of the 7 emirates of United Arab Emirates. This is one of the smallest Emirates. The authorities in Sharjah still follow the Muslim law and is enforced much effectively than in…
43travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Ras Al Khaimah #4 most popular location
11travelers 12reviews 1blogs
fujairah #5 most popular location
Al- Fujairah in English and in arabica الفحيرهthe prounance of English is one of the Northarn Emirates its had many tourism destinations and it more quite than Dubai, also u will find …
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Al Ain #6 most popular location
25travelers 7reviews 5blogs
Ajman #7 most popular location
Ajman is one of the 7 emirates of United Arab Emirates. Not as vibrant or active like the other emirates. It is a lovely place with lots of beaches and less restrictions. The rents are cheap …
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Jumeirah #8 most popular location
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Umm al-Quwain #9 most popular location
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Dubia #10 most popular location
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Jebel Dhanna #11 most popular location
Liwa #12 most popular location
Khor Fakkan #13 most popular location
Khor Fakkan is a town located in Fujaira, beside the Gulf of Oman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Khor Fakkan belongs to the emirate of Sharjah but is geographically situated in Fujairah …
Hatta #14 most popular location
Hatta in Englisg and حتا in arabic its an erea attach two countries together the UAE and Oman, and this area located in Al-Fujairah Emirate, so if u ever visited Al- Fujairah and stepped i…
Al Dhaid #15 most popular location
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Al Rahba #16 most popular location
Jebel Ali #17 most popular location
Jebel Ali is a port town, part of Dubai emirates, it's located 35km soutwest from Dubai city towards the road to Abu Dhabi. It is wellknown as free zone port, and jabel ali is an important…
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Masafi #18 most popular location
Diba #19 most popular location