Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To

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Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To - the rheinturm in düsseldorf (pic from internet)
Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To - the commie blocks, bratislava (pic from internet)
Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To - drachenfels, königswinter (pic from internet)
Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To - maria theresien straße, innsbruck (pic from internet)
Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To - liège, belgium (pic from internet)

Underrated Places In Europe I Had Been To Reviews

lauro lauro
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Nov 09, 2007
I had been to some underrated cities and places in europe, let me share my list of top 5 which i had been to:

5. Königswinter, germany: little is known in this small town south of cologne. It is located directly on the foot of the "siebengebirge" (seven mountains), a sleepy town which the rhein river passes, but the small town hold a very special ancient history/mythology to it. For just at the top of the highest hill, lies the "drachenfels" or the dragon's lair, many people would shrug it off, but to lovers of the norse mythology would find this a holy and sacred place, for it is where the hero siegfried from the saga "the ring of nibelung" killed the dragon "fanfir" and bathe in it's blood to make him invulnerable, sadly a leaf got stuck on his shoulder making that only part of his body to be vulnerable. just below the ruins lies a castle called "drachenburg" which was built in the 1800's.

4. Bratislava, slovakia - one of the smallest capitals of europe, bratislava lies in the danube river. A rundown central station, scary alleys, little english is spoken but german is widely used (hahaha - thank god) and trams about to breakdown - it is not grand or big or famous as it's cousin prag but it has a very special charm of its own, specially the witty statues scattered in the old city. Although the old town is very small, there are quite a number of small streets and alleys which are peaceful and quite that reminds of the middle ages. And at the highest hill inside the city lies presburg castle (presburg was the old habsburgian name of bratislava) compare to the castles of germany and austria, it looked poor and shabby. But inside, old women will greet you in every exhibition room in the castle, which i find very sweet and charming, their friendly and warm smiles alone makes my heart happy and at the top of the castle, you can see the other side of bratislava which are filled with horizons and horizons of communist blocks built in the socialismus time. Bit of eyesore, but that makes bratislava special - a combinations of west (from the habsburgian empire) and east (slavic and socialismus) periods.

3. Liège, belgium - due to the fact that my favorite tennis player in the world hails from this small francophone city in wallonie, belgium pulled me to visit this city at the border of germany and belgium. The city is crossed by the river meuse (maas in german and dutch) and has 4 confusing names liege in english, liège in french, lüttich in german and luik in dutch. Once a very powerful and steel manufacturing city in the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries now the city is decaying, bad air from factories and industrial plants, rundown buildings, crimes and unemployment. It would not be a city of first choice to visit, the city is located deep in the ardenne, a nature and mountainous part of of belgium which compensates the city's rusty image and it has the most concentration of cultures i had ever seen in my entire life in such a small city! Immigrants from congo, turkey, gypsies and arab world collide with the western culture. Most of the buildings are designed in belle epoque (the age of beauty) but were not renovated or rundown facade making the city a gotham-like image: dark and shadowy. It has many small flea markets too with gypsies (roma people) sell curio things. Tres charmant.

2. Innsbruck, austria: when people think of austria, they say vienna and salzburg automatically, last year i had a chance to visit austria in early winter and i decided to go to innsbruck, which i am not dissapointed, for it is located in the valley between the austrian alps. A small city with an incredible view of the alps in all corners! The most famous street is the maria theresien st. Where it cannot be compared with the grand habsburgian architectures of vienna around the st. Stephens cathedral, but it compensated more with postcard view of the nordekette range of the alps towering above the main street of innsbruck. Since innsbruck held the winter olympics 2x, they built bergisl, where they built a gigantic stadium for ski jumping and at the top you can view the whole city of innsbruck with the karwendel, nordektte and bettelwurf ranges in the alps.

1. Düsseldorf, germany (hahahaha) of course i have to be biased: when people think of germany they think of berlin, frankfurt, cologne, munich and hamburg. Düsseldorf doesnt advertise itself too much in the international world. Recent survey said the it ranked no. 5 in the world in the world's most livable cities after zurich, geneva, vancouver and vienna. A feat considering that not many people heard of it. Inside düsseldorf is germany's largest companies of telecommunications, insurances and fashion. It has the most beautiful walk in the rhein river in the rhein promenade and just beside is the old town where hundreds of bars and pubs are located and königsallee famous all over germany for its well manicured streetscape, fully renovated buildings and expensive designer label shops from all over the world. The thing i love in düsseldorf is the tower, called rheinturm, the world biggest decimal clock, not only that but the light of the tower at night, it can be seen in düsseldorf, with it's deep blue purple light illuminating itself from the distance.
the rheinturm in düsseldorf (pic …
liège, belgium (pic from internet)
maria theresien straße, innsbruck…
drachenfels, königswinter (pic fr…
lauro says:
thank you very much kora always always for liking my writing!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2009
Koralifix says:
Absolutely nice writing & very informative as well!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2009
lauro says:
did you know i got an award for writing? :D but that was ages ago.. its a vip ticket for 2 a club in manila :D hahahahaha i gave it to my friends. im not a party person anyway, i just tried my luck :D
Posted on: Nov 15, 2007
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