Uluwatu Temple

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Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu Temple Bali Reviews

turbo7880 turbo7880
3 reviews
Great Temple ... very peaceful Mar 10, 2015
The Uluwatu Temples, was a great experience. I absolutely had a great time. The cost was very fair price of 20,000 to enter. I was given a purple sarong to wear because I was in shorts, it was very nice. It was a lot easier to wear compared to the temples in Bangkok where they give you pants. I decided to get a guide while I was going through the temple. The guide cost an additional 20,000, but it was definitely worth it. My guide was awesome. He explained everything in the temple, the history, why this location was choses, the dances that take place. My guide was great. He was also great at keeping the monkeys from stealing my sunglasses. He is very accurate with a sling shot. I saw him in action with a group of Chinese girls who has some of their shoes stolen by the monkeys. Long story short, the flip flops were returned. My guide also took great pictures of me in the temple, and around the monkeys. He allowed me to pet some of the monkeys. Another guide saw that and yelled at me, but my guide yelled back. It was a good experience.

The total time I was at the temple was about an hour. There are some shops around the area. Definitely bring a bottle of water. The weather is very hot and you are climbing up and down both stairs and hills. Again watch out for the monkeys there. They are used to stealing stuff and being “rewarded”, more like bribed at getting your stuff back. I recommend you get a guide to give you lots of information. Also make sure you wear the sarongs they give you. It is very disrespectful if you do not wear it. My guide caught a man without one on and was carrying the sarong, and politely asked him to put it back on.

If you choose to go to Bali, the Uluwatu Temple is a must. The views are breathtaking. The history is fantastic. The culture is awesome. You will enjoy this part of Bali. It is worth the trip and a great getaway for those who like to stay at the hotel or beach.
Entering the forest at the Uluwatu…
Getting a picture with a monkey an…
Beautiful View
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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
Great views over the cliff Apr 24, 2015
We drove from Ubud all the way to Uluwatu for the purposes of catching the sunset Kechak Dance performance. Our driver actually did not want to drive us there and came up with all kinds of excuse. This is the problem when you book a guided tour even though it’s a private tour just for both of us. Since we had wasted some time stopping at typical tourist traps stop such as the coffee plantation and teak wood gallery (we had managed to convince him to cancel off the painting art gallery stop) and the jam, we missed 3 quarters of the Kechak dance. Men must wear sarongs when entering the grounds.

We could not even enter the site (as it was very packed and performance had started) but could only view it from afar (mind you we had paid tickets). I was determined not to let this ruin my mood so we made the best of it by enjoying the sunset on the cliffs and taking photographs before we head for dinner. The view here was very beautiful. Monkeys roam freely here too. We were advised to hide/ remove any jewellery for fear that the monkeys will snatch it (which was weird and make me come to one conclusion, the monkeys were trained to be thiefs for a human master).

KIV for photos to be uploaded.
Sunset Kecak Dance performance at …
Beautiful sunset at Uluwatu Temple
Foxyfauz @ Uluwatu Temple
yuness yuness
250 reviews
'Great views but also beware of the monkeys' Oct 10, 2012
Pura Luhur Uluwatu at Uluwatu, Pecatu. Is in the southern part of the Badung regency, Bali. Built on a cliff high as +97 meters above sea level (asl). Of course, not only a sacred and religious atmosphere that can be enjoyed by people who want to worship and traveled in this place, but also the stunning scenery.

A small fee is to be paid before entering the temple site, visitors are required to wear special clothing, namely sarong for those who wear pants or skirts above the knee, and scarves for tourists who wear shorts or skirts below the knee. The sarong and yellow scarves (salempot) symbolizes the respect for the sanctity of the temple.

Then walk down a path that goes to Pura Uluwatu, with concrete fence on the side of a cliff, travelers can circulate sight to see the rocky hills and the expanse of the crystal clear sea. However, tourists should beware the naughty monkeys that roam the roads leading to the temple. Monkeys are said to guard the sanctity of the temple is believed to be. However, they often also take the belongings of visitors, such as sunglasses (including my own...hehehe), hats, earrings, hair tie, and other items. If you already missed, you can exchange the item by providing snacks at the monkeys.

Also here you can wait until before 6pm to pay to watch the performance of the Kecak and Fire dance. (which I have reviewed separately).
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jveland jveland
3 reviews
Best temple out there Sep 17, 2012
This is just an opinion but as for the views I think that Uluwatu is the best temple to go to. There are many with better statues or carvings but as for the scenery and location I have to put this temple at the top. At sunset (I would even describe it as a bad sunset) this place was indescribable. There is a bit of a fee to enter and there are locals trying to sell things at the entry but once you are inside you can spend hours just walking around and looking at all the different views. I am a huge fan of nature and that is what really sold this temple to me and puts it on the top of my list.
christiant86 christia…
3 reviews
Amazing May 12, 2011
This is a must see especially when traveling to Uluwatu. The monkeys can be very nasty and steal your belongings, but it all comes with the territory. The fire dance happens every night at sunset, which is always breathtaking. The dance is a great look into bali culture. I was lucky enough to unknowingly become a part of the dance. My local friend told one of the monkey dancers to "show me a good time", so towards the end of the ceremony the dancer picked me up and pushed me into the ring of fire with the "evil white monkey". With 100 spectators watching me "fight" this man dressed in a white monkey outfit, this is a memory I will never forget..
dinzvyeofvine dinzvyeo…
52 reviews
Uluwatu Temple-cliff,Ocean,Nice view Apr 18, 2010
Is a nice place to go...

The sun was shining bright

on each wave

that carried its reflection in.

The sky in the west

was filled with mottled clouds

and on occasional breaks;

the sun’s rays peaked through.

An easterly breeze

This is what I can describe about Uluwatu...

Nice View,but beware of the monkeys...

and one more thing,to enter the locatian we have to wear the long skirt for woman and for man is a pants under the knee..
Right side of the Uluwatu Cliff
The Right side of Uluwatu Cliff
The wave - Left Side cliff
The wave
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travelman727 says:
Nice review and fabulous photos :-D
Posted on: Jun 08, 2010
whites81 whites81
22 reviews
Uluwatu cliff at sunset Dec 13, 2010
This spot is definitely must see. The cliff view is breath taking, one of best places to see the sun sets down. You might catch the kecak dance right on time too, if you can get there just before sunset time.

It's about an hour from north kuta, far passing the dreamland, near jimbaran area. You can get there by rental car or motorbike.

Word of wise, watchout for the monkeys. They can take off at sudden the flashy things you wear, your camera, glasses, watch, etc.

The entrance fee is 3000 rupiah, snack or coconut refreshment are available right out of the entrance. Toilet is charged 1000 rupiah.

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