Uluru (Ayers Rock) and KataTjuta (Olgas)

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Uluru - Kata Tjuta, Australia

Uluru (Ayers Rock) and KataTjuta (Olgas) Uluru - Kata Tjuta Reviews

cimtech cimtech
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Amazing Red Rock - The Ayer Rock, Uluru Dec 25, 2014
This is many years of old dream come true and is now an unforgettable memory for my life and worth the journey of 16,000 km to see. I felt so lucky to be there at the amazing big red rock so far away from home. This site is rich in history and emotion, the colors are gorgeous and the vegetation around is quite surprising, in fact I spend hours looking at them and taking as many pictures as I could! The sunset is beautiful and it is interesting to watch the colours change across the Rock as the Sun reaches it at different times throughout the day and again when the Sun is setting.

One of course Australia's iconic sight, the one we all dream of, and it's so much more than your mind can conjure! It is just breathtaking the Sunset and Sunrise and are of course the most popular viewing times in order to capture this great monolith in all its amazing red glory, but throughout the day the colors change so whenever you go there would be no disappointment. In the hot summer, get there early and do the walk that takes around the base, there are small caves and aboriginal drawings to study and appreciate, and there are few people around.

Three days pass to Uluru (Ayer Rock) and The Olgas - Kata Tjuta - many heads will cost you A$ 25.00 per person. One last thing. Remember your fly net, hat, water and hiking shoes.
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MalenaN says:
Such a beautiful place! A visit there is on my wishlist!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2017
stefmuts says:
This ones very high on my list, amazing pic's !
Posted on: Feb 26, 2015
TravelingChris says:
Congrats on the feature, I'm headed there in 3 months!
Posted on: Feb 26, 2015
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richwavfc richwavfc
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Jun 27, 2007
In 2005, I travelled Around Australia. This being my first review, I decided to write about what I would say is the one MUST DO thing in Australia: Uluru. Firstly, yes, I have rated the experience as expensive. However, this is relative, as it depends on where the rest of your travels take you. If you are planning to travel up the east coast then Uluru is a long, long way out of your way, and therefore not cheap. What I would say to this is that to come back to Australia again just to do Uluru is even further out of your way. You just have to do it if you have the chance. Having said this, if you are only doing the east coast anyway, as magnificent as it is, you have not done Australia. The Northern Territory is REAL Australia, the one that you see on the TV as having men with funny hats, crocodiles, red dirt, outback bars and a dodgy dunny, etc. That is a story for another time, but I would highly recommend visiting this area of the country for those reasons.

Before planning tours of Uluru, I strongly recommend flying into Uluru airport itself. Many people decide to do a tour from Alice Aprings, without realising that this journey can take as long as 5 hours. Uluru resort has many options of accomodation, ranging from top of the range hotels to a budget hostel. I stayed in the hostel, in keeping with my travels. It was nice and cheap, and had a bar. Result. I opted for the 2 day tour, taking in Uluru and Kata Tjuta. I prefer the Aboriginal names to 'Ayers Rock' and 'The Olgas' because I believe this adds to the whole experience. The advantage of doing an organised tour soon became apparent. Sure, it is an amazing sight on its own, but unless you have VERY strong will power, get a tour and you reap the rewards. Firstly, I found the stories of the tour guide fascinating. Our particular guide had lived with Aboriginies, but I am sure many of them have similar tales to tell. Aboriginal dreamtime stories related to Uluru are certainly not rare, but they are very interesting and add to the overall experience. The guides also told us the geological facts, which I also found fascinating. For example, the vertical lines that run down the sides of the rock used to be horizontal! They are actually sediment layers, and the rock has turned on it's side over time. When you go, and see the size of it, you will be taken aback by this!


Copied from diary extracts, written 21st March 2005:

Day one of the tour took us to Kata Tjuta and then back to Uluru for sunset. Kata Tjuta was partly closed due to high radiated heat, but we still managed to hike through a small gorge between the famous domes. There are many Aboriginal stories surrounding these domes... (but I will not ruin the trip by divulging these now. They stay in the diary) I really enjoyed being at Kata Tjuta, but wheras this was a good sight to see, at Uluru I could actually 'feel' the place. I am not a spiritual person at all, but here I really felt a special feeling. This icon that I had seen so many pictures of, and heard so much about was all of a sudden right there in front of me. Maybe it was because of the extra effort to get there, the 'middle of nowhere' feeling, but something made me feel completely in awe of the whole experience. Everyone watched the sunset, which in truth left me a little disappointed. It was very colourful, but not as much as I imagined. Another initial disappointment was the sheer amount of tourists, particularly out of season. However, once you are hooked on the rock, you don't notice the people at all. Slept in swags under the stars. Amazing. Apparently this is safe, despite snakes, scorpions, spiders, centipedes and dingoes. Hmm.

Day two, got up at 5: stupid o'clock. Who gets up at that time?! I thought that the colours of the rock at sunrise were much better than sunset. It was amazing infact. The whole rock seemed to glow almost like it was lit from the inside...incredible. Also stopped on the way to get a photo of Uluru as a silhouette. After seeing the rock glow, we walked 9km around the base. Lots of flies but totally worth it! Finally came up close enough to touch. There was a waterhole, cave paintings and many distinguishing marks, most with a story behind them. Finished the walk covered in red dust. Usually there is also the option of climbing the rock, but this was closed due to high winds. The last person to fall to their death because of this was a Japanese tourist, trying to catch a hat. His body got stuck in a ridge and rescuers (or rather recoverers of the body) had to cut him up to get him out. Nice! I wouldn't have done the climb anyway though, as this is against Anangu (the tribe who own it) wishes. After sharing this places, we owe them that much. That night we had a BBQ which included Crocodile, Emu and Kangaroo (Apologies to vegetarians, but this is perfectly ok to do!)


I would recommend Uluru to everyone. Infact, I order you to go there! Sure, there is no MacDonalds or pub right next to it, but save all that for the East Coast and when you get to Alice Springs. Even if you go to Oz to party, a bit of culture doesn't hurt. Another reason to do a tour is that you meet so many people. Everyone got on really well on the trip, with most of us aged between 20 and 30. This obviously depends on the company you book with. By the time we got back to the hostel at Uluru, we were ready to party hard in the bar, and most of us then continued to travel together on a bus to Alice Springs the next day.

If I had not done a tour, I am not sure I would have met people to party with in Alice, and I certainly would not have learned so much, not to mention I would not have had the will power to get up at 5am! I would not then have seen Uluru at sunrise, and would probably not have been inspired to write so much right now! If you are still reading what seems to have become an essay (!), then you are obviously interested in going. Turn your interest into reality, GO!
Uluru at sunrise, as a silhouette!…
Uluru at sunrise (sun behind us)
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smudger43 says:
as i only have a month in oz , i was dithering about going to uluru, but you have conviced me, great review
Posted on: Oct 20, 2010
ice4swervin says:
Great review Richard, I wish I had the opportunity for a tour but with two young kids in tow and a wife that doesn't know what 5am is, this would of proved hard for everyone involved. I am glad that I got to see this marvel and just like you I have much respect for the Aboriginals and their land so therefore didn't climb the Rock.
Posted on: Jun 22, 2008
kendra1107 says:
Your review was very helpful. What tour company did you travel with to Uluru? I am planning to visit sometime in August.
Posted on: Apr 01, 2008

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