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Having undergone a revolution in the early part of the new century, Ukraine is a country dragging its feet through a political stalemate, torn between the Soviet loyalties of its past and a more western focused future. It can seem gruff and unhelpful, but nevertheless holds deep-seated desires to gain entry to the illustrious club of EU nations, and establish its 21st century identity. In short, Ukraine is very much a case of 'watch this space'.

Kiev, a capital that’s unique selling point is the underground caves in which it stores the candlelight bodies of mummified monks, is a surprisingly beautiful city that quickly sweeps crooked politicians and gun-wielding gangsters from the mind. It’s a surly city, one that’s best enjoyed working your way through a bottle of local vodka and throwing yourself into the frantic local clubbing scene, which really brings Kiev to life. The Chernobyl Museum offers a glance into perhaps Ukraine’s most notorious (and sad) piece of history, while the ornate outline of St Sophia Cathedral’s gold and green peaks are well worth a look, too.

Elsewhere, Odessa, home of Ukrainian champagne, is the place to dance until dawn on the beachside, while Lviv, with its shabby charm and eclectic architecture, is well on the way to becoming an established international city break destination. The tiny town of Kamyanets Podilsky perches on top of a spectacular rock, contained by the walls of a pointy castle and peering out over a remarkable natural moat. The Black Sea, during winter, offers hole-in-the-ice opportunities to catch your dinner, while the ‘cave city’ of Churfut Kale – a 200m long maze of ancient sheltering caves – you can explore over a dozen centuries of Swiss-cheese ruins with views of an entire verdant valley from the peak.

When it comes to making your order, it’s worth remembering that Chicken Kiev is actually a New York dish (order the incredible varenyky dumplings instead), and that while vodka translates as ‘a wee drop’ you certainly won’t be served anything diminutive. Give it time, and you’ll find Ukraine’s gruff exterior hides a wealth of pleasurable experiences.

Kiev #1 most popular location
Sadly, if most people associate the Ukraine’s capital with only one thing, it’s garlic chicken. It’s sad for two reasons: firstly, Chicken Kiev is not, in fact, from Ukraine at all, but…
511travelers 76reviews 49blogs
Odessa #2 most popular location
Odessa is a legendary city of Ukraine. It's often called the Ukrainian Paris. It's the city of romance, art, poems, theaters and museums… Odessa is a very special city. Speaking more precis…
189travelers 34reviews 25blogs
Lviv #3 most popular location
If you ask a specialist in geography, he’ll say that Lviv is a city in Ukraine. Lviv is one of Ukraine’s regional cities, situated on the hills of picturesque Roztochia, where the main Eu…
98travelers 107reviews 13blogs
Kharkiv #4 most popular location
Kharkiv or Kharkov (Ukrainian: Харків, Russian: Харьков) is the second largest city in Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Kharkiv region, as well as the administrative c…
41travelers 58reviews 30blogs
Yalta #5 most popular location
Yalta is often referred to as "the perl" of Crimea. Exposed to the sun, washed by gentle waves of the Black sea, sheltered by the Crimean mountains from northern winds, Yalta is always full o…
21travelers 4reviews 2blogs
Truskavets #6 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Sevastopol #7 most popular location
Sevastopol is sometimes called the pearl of Crimea. Founded in 1783 by Catherine the Great, Russian Empress, this city is now one of the largest in the Ukraine. The architectural appearance o…
29travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Kyiv #8 most popular location
Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine, its administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational center. This scenic city with …
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Poltava #9 most popular location
Poltava is one of the Ukraine’s regional centers with the population of over 300,000 inhabitants. The city is located in Poltava Plain on the picturesque banks of the River Vorskla in the n…
12travelers 27reviews
Chernivtsi #10 most popular location
Chernivtsi is situated at the banks of the river Prut in the Ukrainian part of the Bukovina region. It has approximately 240.000 inhabitants. Only in the recent past Chernivtsi belonged to…
10travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Chernobyl #11 most popular location
Opened to tourists in 2002, the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor's meltdown and the surrounding area is now considered to be safer than a short flight, in terms of exposure to radiation.…
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Ivano-Frankivsk #12 most popular location
Ivano-Frankivsk would sound like Ivan-Franko-City in English. It was named after the outstanding Ukrainian writer and poet of the 19th and 20th century Ivan Franko. The city got this name in …
7travelers 3reviews
Kamenets-Podolskiy #13 most popular location
Sviatogorsk #14 most popular location
This is not just a place for a tourist visit. It is a place where you can be inspired with the spirit of God, with a sense of harmony with nature and the joy of peace. You have to come into c…
Simferopol #15 most popular location
Simferopol is the capital of Crimea. The city is also a large industrial and cultural center. Simferopol is known for its products of perfumery, light, machine-building and chemical indust…
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Sudak #16 most popular location
3travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Lvov #17 most popular location
If you ask a specialist in geography, he’ll say that L'viv is a city in Ukraine. But do you really know much about Ukraine? It is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe with mountains (the C…
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Myrhorod #18 most popular location
When you come to Myrhorod, at first it seems to you that you got into a different world. It seems that the time there is flowing quietly and smoothly. You start admiring the striking beauty o…
Lviv (Lvov) #19 most popular location
The West-Ukrainian Capital - this is how Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine, is often called. It is much more ornate than many other cities of Ukraine. Lviv is famous for its old and unique arch…
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Bakhchysarai #20 most popular location
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Mariupol #21 most popular location
Mariupol lies on the coast of the Sea of Azov, 120 km (74.5 miles) to the south of Donetsk, the capital of the Donets Basin and the center of Donetsk region, the most industrial one in our co…
6travelers 1reviews
Luhansk #22 most popular location
Luhansk is the easternmost city of Ukraine located 850 km (528 miles) to the east of the nation's capital Kiev. The city was founded in 1795 as a working settlement for the iron foundry. Luha…
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Cherkasy #23 most popular location
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Syeverodonetsk #24 most popular location
Syeverodonetsk is often called the Pearl of the Donets Basin. It is a compact city located on the left bank of the Seversky Donets. The residents of Syevyerodonetsk regard their city as a ver…
Kolomyya #25 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews
Kherson #26 most popular location
Kherson has long been famous as a centre of shipbuilding, food and light industries. It's also known as a centre of a big agricultural region in Ukraine.Kherson water-melons, melons and plums…
6travelers 1reviews
Ivano-Frankivs'k #27 most popular location
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Bukovel #28 most popular location
Boryspil Airport #29 most popular location
The Air Gate of Ukraine - this is how then town is often called. The Ukrainian International airport is called Boryspil after Boryspil County of Kiev region on whose territory it is located.…
Kirovohrad #30 most popular location
Nikolaev #31 most popular location
7travelers 1reviews
Crimea #32 most popular location
Crimea is a beautiful region on the Black Sea, narrowly attached to the Ukrainian mainland, with the weather which is very much Mediterranean. Simferopol, the capital of Crimea, is rarely a p…
15travelers 2blogs
L'viv #33 most popular location
If you ask a specialist in geography, he’ll say that L'viv is a city in Ukraine. But do you really know much about Ukraine? It is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe with mountains (the C…
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Kolochava #34 most popular location
Kamianets-Podilskyi #35 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Ternopil #36 most popular location
13travelers 1blogs
Kovel #37 most popular location
The city is an important railroad hub of Western Ukraine that plays an important strategic role connecting Ukraine with numerous European states. The city is a big industrial and cultural cen…
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Pripyat #38 most popular location
24travelers 1blogs
Uman' #39 most popular location
Chatyr-Dag Mountain #40 most popular location
Crimea is known for its magnificent landscapes and breathtaking wonders. One of them is the Chatyr-Dag Mountain (the tent mountain), the second highest of its kind in Crimea. The mountain was…
Heneral's'ke #41 most popular location
Bolotene #42 most popular location
The village of Bolotenne was founded by Don Cossacks in 1899. The name implies “a marsh village”. The village is located in the area between lakes and not far from the river. It is locate…
Kreminna #43 most popular location
Svatove #44 most popular location
Lysychansk #45 most popular location
Uzhhorod #46 most popular location
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Karabi-Jajla #47 most popular location
Provalye #48 most popular location
Koliadivka #49 most popular location
The village of Kolyadivka (“Kolyadovka” in Russian) is located in Novoaydar County Luhansk region. It is to the north of Luhansk, off the motorway to Kharkiv. I have heard about this v…
Novopskov #50 most popular location
Novopskov is located at the confluence of the River Kamyanka and the Aydar (the tributary of the Seversky Donets) about twenty miles from the railway station in Starobilsk. Novopskov is the…