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Famously called the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill years ago, Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa that is bordered by Kenya, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. It is known for being home to one of the most endangered species of mountain gorillas on the planet, and for having possibly the most diverse range of African wildlife throughout the continent. It is generally safe for all levels of travelers, although certain sections can occasionally have unrest due to political differences, so be sure to check with your embassy before heading to the country.

Some people have suggested that Uganda is Africa rolled up into a tiny little ball, with everything that makes the continent so unique wrapped up into one little country. It is home to the Mountains of the Moon, which is the highest mountain range in Africa. It is the source of the Nile, and the national parks and game reserves are some of the most beautiful on the planet, while the opportunity to explore African wildlife up close is without a doubt the best in Africa.

From the Great Rift Valley to the Murchison Falls or the Rwenzori Mountains, the landscapes within Uganda have no competition, anywhere. There is no place on Earth that can match the beauty of this African pearl. Visitors can experience gorilla tracking, rafting on the Nile, safaris, or hiking in the mountains. The food and coffee are divine, although bottled water should be drank rather than tap. Accommodations and transportation will depend on where you go, with buses being the main route of transportation between areas. English is widely understood, as it is the official language. Be sure to bring malaria pills, as it can be a risk in certain parts of the country. But most of all bring your sense of adventure, because if there's one country in Africa that is packed with things to do, it’s Uganda.

Kampala #1 most popular location
Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. With a population of 1,208,544 (2002), it is the largest city in Uganda. It is located in the district of Kampala. Kampala is a very populated city w…
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Entebbe #2 most popular location
Entebbe is a city located in Uganda and has a population of about 90,900 people. It is located right on the shores of Lake Victoria about 45 minutes drive from Kampala. "Entebbe", is a Lug…
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Jinja #3 most popular location
Jinja is a major town in Uganda on the north shore of Lake Victoria. On the major route between the capital Kampala and Kenya. Jinja lies in the south east of Uganda, 87 km north east of t…
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Murchison Falls National Park #4 most popular location
Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda's largest national park. It is located around 5 hours from Kampala in the Masindi and Nwoya districts. It is named after the water falls of the same na…
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Bwindi Impenetrable Forest #5 most popular location
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a national park in Uganda, not far from the Rwandan Border. It is home to some of the last Mountain Gorillas in the world, as well as some interesting birds, mo…
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Fort Portal #6 most popular location
Fort Portal is a small town in Western Uganda, around 5 hours from Kampala. Situated between the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, it is an important…
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Queen Elizabeth National Park #7 most popular location
Queen Elizabeth National park in UGANDA is located in the western rift valley, together with the Kyambura and Kigezi reserve, the National park covers approximately 2475 sq kilometers. As you…
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Kabale #8 most popular location
Kabale is the main town of Kabale District in south western Uganda. Kabale town has a population of approximately 41344 people and the town is about 2000m above sea level. Many visitors to Ug…
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Kisoro #9 most popular location
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Lake Bunyoni #10 most popular location
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Kasese #11 most popular location
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Kibale #12 most popular location
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Masindi #13 most popular location
Masindi is a town on the way to Murchison Falls national park, from Kampala. It is the chief town of the district – Masindi, which lies in northwestern Uganda. 215KM away from Kampala, Mas…
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Queen Elizabeth Park #14 most popular location
Karamoja #15 most popular location
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Paraa #16 most popular location
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Masaka #17 most popular location
Once the second largest town of Uganda, Masaka is the headquarters of Masaka district. Masska lies in the Southern Uganda on the shores of lake Victoria. The city lies very close to the equat…
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Buhoma community #18 most popular location
Buhoma is a small community located in western Uganda. It is the gateway to the famous Bwindi Impenetrable forrest - home of the mountain Gorillas. Buhoma is well known for it's community eff…
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Lake Mburo National Park #19 most popular location
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Ngamba Island #20 most popular location
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Lake Bunyonyi #21 most popular location
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Mbarara #22 most popular location
Mbarara known as the Land of Milk is a city in Western Uganda. Around 280Km from Kampala. It is a good tourist town with beautiful and world standard hotels, near the Lake Mburo National Par…
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Kidepo National Park #23 most popular location
Kidepo National Park is the most remote of Uganda's National Parks, tucked right up by the South Sudanese border. Travel has only recently been safe to the region but is now fine, which mean…
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Kapchorwa #24 most popular location
Mukono #25 most popular location
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Lake Victoria #26 most popular location
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Kasubi #27 most popular location
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Gulu #28 most popular location
Gulu is a town in northern Uganda, on the main road to South Sudan.
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Patiko #29 most popular location
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Sipi Falls #30 most popular location
Sipi Falls comprises a series of three waterfalls in Mount Elgon, near the town of Mbale in Eastern Uganda. A beautiful setting, Sipi Falls is a peaceful retreat. Opportunities here include …
Namugongo #31 most popular location
Mabira forest #32 most popular location
Isingiro #33 most popular location
Mount Elgon Forest #34 most popular location
Kabarole #35 most popular location
Semliki National Park #36 most popular location
Nkumba #37 most popular location
Murchinson Falls National Park #38 most popular location
Murchison Falls National Park is the largest National Park in Uganda, it was named after the mighty Murchison Falls which makes the legendary Zambezi look smaller. Murchison Falls Park is the…
Kyamulibwa #39 most popular location
Ntinda #40 most popular location
Parombo #41 most popular location
Paraombo is a small village in the county of Padyere in Nebbi District. Nebbi District is located in Northwestern Uganda and is home to a litlle over one third of the population of the distri…
Ruwenzori Mountains #42 most popular location
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Kyebando #43 most popular location
Bwindi #44 most popular location
Panyimur #45 most popular location
Adjumani #46 most popular location
Gaba #47 most popular location
Mityana #48 most popular location
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