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Cheap Ubud Hotels and Deals

#1 of 33 hotels in Ubud
bernard69 says: "In Penestanan,only 8 minute ride to Ubud Palace,near Bianco museum,Gajah Birubl..."
#2 of 33 hotels in Ubud
Wanderstiefel says: "The small resort is a little bit outside of ubud. The resorts offers a free shut..."
#3 of 33 hotels in Ubud
stephoramaa says: "From the moment of arrival everything was outstanding! I was greeted with a tas..."
#4 of 33 hotels in Ubud
MartinAustria says: "I stayed at this homestay for one week. Because Ubud it a good places to discove..."
#5 of 33 hotels in Ubud
MannyK says: "As I walked into the lobby area, I already had a good feeling about this place. ..."
#6 of 33 hotels in Ubud
anapt says: "This is for me an unique accommodation, you forget that you are in a hotel or as..."
#7 of 33 hotels in Ubud
myangel037 says: "Weni Homestay is off one of the side streets so it's nice and quiet. Every mo..."
#8 of 33 hotels in Ubud
mschuler82 says: "I loved Hibiscus cottages! It was just off the main road 5 minutes but it felt ..."
#9 of 33 hotels in Ubud
keldilouise says: "It's hard to find an average place in Ubud as most places are pretty amazing and..."
#10 of 33 hotels in Ubud
divadownunder says: "From the time I placed my booking through I was impressed by their service. They..."
#11 of 33 hotels in Ubud
tiffa says: "I LOVED this hotel. It's right in the middle of Ubud but you'll feel like you're..."
#12 of 33 hotels in Ubud
funguyforreal says: "Just a short walk from the Market and the action on Monkey Forest, one feels lik..."
#13 of 33 hotels in Ubud
cowboy says: "Words really cant describe the wonderful experience we enjoyed over our short ho..."
#14 of 33 hotels in Ubud
cicie says: "We spent last holidays in Maya Ubud Resort and Spa after staying 4 nights in Nus..."
#15 of 33 hotels in Ubud
yuness says: "On reaching ANIS VILLAS we are to get some surprises, 1st being the whereabou..."
#16 of 33 hotels in Ubud
Butterfly971 says: "This nice guesthouse is in the middle of a rice field, it's just beautiful. It's..."
#17 of 33 hotels in Ubud
atusa says: "I stayed at Jati Homestay for 5 nights in September 2010. It is a lovely and ine..."
#18 of 33 hotels in Ubud
fallingrain says: "Very nice hotel, with few rooms, very clean, very Balinese architecture, landsca..."
#19 of 33 hotels in Ubud
FoxyFauz says: "When were we looking for a hotel/ villa for our Bali trip, we had the following ..."
#20 of 33 hotels in Ubud
alexandrah says: "This hotel clearly shows what Balinese design is. The whole area of the ho..."
#21 of 33 hotels in Ubud
WheresHelen says: "Located in central Ubud, Puri Ulun Carik Bungalows offer its guests the feeling ..."
#22 of 33 hotels in Ubud
d2amy says: "I only stayed at this place because a girl I met along my travels recommended it..."
#23 of 33 hotels in Ubud
ariesur says: "This hotel located in ubud, it near with many tourist location , Monkey Forest, ..."
#24 of 33 hotels in Ubud
Reephboy says: "Londo Bungalow 2, in Campuan, Bali, just west of Ubud, is a quiet and isolated r..."
#25 of 33 hotels in Ubud
pammyrobertson says: "I spent 3 days 4 nights at Royal Villa Jepun. It was incredibly difficult to nar..."
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