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coreyjay1977 coreyjay…
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Another historic MUST-SEE Pearl Harbor site Jan 18, 2010
The USS Missouri Memorial located on historic Ford Island in the heart of Pearl Harbor is back from dry-dock at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and open once again.

The Japanese signed the surrender of World War II on her decks while in Tokyo Bay. Sitting just a few hundred yards from the USS Arizona Memorial the begining od the US involvement in World War II. There are several tour options ranging from a self guided tour to guided tours that last around 90 minutes. A wide variety of tour stops are located throughout this great ship from the top of the pilot house to the bottom of the main engine room. As of my last visit some places are only available for viewing from a guided tour.

Transporation is provided from the USS Arizona Memorial via a tour bus. Tour bus transporation is required if you do not have US Department of Defense credentials for base access as Ford Island is still an active military installation.

There is also a gift shop, snack shop, and drink stand available. Be sure to drink lots of water prior to arrival as it is rather warm in some of the ship's spaces on the tour.
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p38dlightning p38dligh…
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USS Missouri Jul 10, 2009
The USS Missouri, an Iowa-class battleship, is one of the last battleships to be constructed. The battleship, having been surpassed by the aircraft carrier as an offensive weapon, continued to contribute to fleet operations primarily for shore bombardment during the wars many amphibious assaults. It was aboard the USS Missouri that the document of surrender officially ending hostilities in the Pacific was signed and so bringing the end to one of the most deadliest conflicts the world has ever known. The Missouri served in three wars: WWII, Korean War, and the First Persian Gulf War. She is now moored at Ford Island. Access to the ship is gained via the Bowfin Memorial where tickets can be purchased. From here a shuttle will take visitors to the ship and back. The reason why tourist cannot drive their personal vehicles is that Ford Island is still an active naval installation. The sight of the USS Missouri is astounding. She is not as massive as a modern Nimitz-class carrier, but the size of the those 16 inch guns only makes one wonder what it would have been like to be on the receiving end. Many of the areas on the ship are undergoing preservation so one is bound to encounter barriers and workers chipping away topside preserving her decks.
MissJaneCA says:
Lots of history on that one eh! Can't wait to see it!
Posted on: Jun 06, 2010
wongjst wongjst
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Jul 11, 2007
Ever since in 1999, the USS Missouri was docked near to the USS Arizona Memorial. One of the major reason was to salutes the ending of World War II.

The pairing of the two ships (USS Arizona and USS Missouri) became a symbol of the beginning and end of the United States participation in World War II.

The battleship was in Tokyo Bay upon the Japanese surrendered to United States. U.S. General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester Nimitz were in charge at that ceremony.

289 is the number of fires that had been shooted out under the operation of "Desert Storm"...

On Apr 11, 1945 the so called Kamikaze Attack that hit the battleship really hard. It was noticed that between the frames 159 and 165 is not a purely straight.

Some of the 7th fleet still base in Peral Harbour in order to guard the peace over the Pacific ocean.

During the Gulf War, you'll find the Tatical Pilotage Chart inside this battleship. Also there were several red telephones that they can directly talk to the Department of Defence / the U.S. President...

You will find all the Allied Powers were signed such as French General Leclerc, Republic of China General Hsu Yung-Ch'ang, Soviet Lieutenant-General Kuzma Nikolaevich Derevyanko, Australian General Sir Thomas Blamey, Canadian Colonel Lawrence Moore Cosgrave, Netherlands Vice Admiral Conrad Emil Lambert Helfrich, and New Zealand Air Vice Marshal Leonard M. Isitt. Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. From the Japs side, it was the Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu.

USS Missouri played an important role during the surrender signing ceremony by the Japs at the deck of the battleship.
jennjeff1 jennjeff1
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USS Missouri Memorial - The "Mighty Mo" battleship where World War II ended Mar 16, 1999
The USS Missouri Memorial is the perfect way to experience the history of the "Mighty Mo" from World War II to the Persian Gulf War. This was the last battleship made in the USA and the last of the Iowa-class battleships. During WWII, it was the destiny of advances in naval aviation to make the battleship obsolete. But even after WWII, battleships were put into service in the Korean and Persian Gulf conflicts after their armaments were modernized, to including the installation of TOMAHAWK cruise missile launchers.

The USS Missouri now "stands guard" over the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Each ship represents the beginning of U.S. involvement in WWII on 7 December 1941 with the Japanese surprise attack that sunk the USS Arizona, and the end of World War II as the USS Missouri was anchored in Tokyo Bay as the Japanese Imperial Army surrended on 2 September 1945 on the deck of the ship.

Jenny and I volunteered to to help restore the "Mighty Mo" after it arrived in Pearl Harbor after it had been decommissioned in Bremerton, Washington and towed to its final resting place. Jenny helped clean and restore the teak wood of the main deck and I scraped, primed and painted TOMAHAWK cruise missile launcher #4.

We took Jenny's parents aboard during their March 1999 visit to Hawaii. We also gathered around the exact spot wher General MacAurthur accepted the Japanese surrender to end WWII.

A general admission prices are $16 for adults and $8 for children under 12. There are also several "levels" of guided tours available for an additional cost, but you can also ask about military and kama'aina rates at the ticket office, located at the USS Bowfin submarine museum adjacent to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Although the USS Arizona is the most popular attraction in Hawaii because it is a National Memorial run by the U.S. Park Service with free admission, the USS Missouri is owned by the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc. which is funded solely by entrance fees and donations and unfortunately does not have as many visitors. Still, the USS MIssouri can get very crowded, so try to plan your visit from 9-10AM or 2:30-4PM. Visitors are advised to wear sunscreen and comfortable clothing and hiking/walking shoes since you will have to climb ladders and gangways.

Unless you have a Navy Base pass, you cannot drive onto Ford Island to tour the Missouri. Park just past the Arizona Memorial at the USS Bowfin submarine museum (which we also recommend visiting!) and take the trolley ride to the USS Missouri after purchasing tickets online or at the USS Bowfin.

Be a part of history--take a tour of the Mighty Mo!
USS Missouri battleship overlookin…
Us in front of the 16-inch main gu…
16-Inch Main Guns of the "Mighty M…
Jenny's parents with us in front o…
p38dlightning says:
It is an interesting experience working on the Missouri. When I first arrived on the island I volunteered there and painted the overhead and bulkheads of the compartment that now houses the Chief's exhibition. I always wondered if I should have painted the threads on all the valves overhead. I hope they never have to use them, lol.
Posted on: Jul 10, 2009
bkretzer says:
We toured the Missouri when we were out in Honolulu. I really enjoyed it! Those 16" guns are impressive!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008

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