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Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Tyne Bridges Newcastle upon Tyne Reviews

Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
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Tyne Bridges Oct 05, 2012
Given the history of Newcastle (and Gateshead) it's no surprise the river still holds a fascination today. As I said in the blog, the best thing about the hotel we stayed in was the walk along the riverside, paticularly at night. A measure of the appeal might be that in the space of less than 48 hours, between my wife and I, the bridges feature in 98 photographs :O There are 5 of them in really close proximity in the city centre.

The Tyne Bridge, is probably the main one, and by my reckoning it would be the third most identifiable bridge in the UK ( after Tower Bridge and the Forth Rail Bridge). It was also our first encounter with the bridges, having to drive over it to get to the hotel. An iconic symbol of Newcastle and the Tyne, although surprisingly it was only opened, by King George V,in 1928.

The High Level Bridge is actually the oldest. Built to save the trains having to climb on both sides of the river, and at least going by the stairs I would say the Newcastle side was worse. It was opened in 1849. First time I saw a train crossing it I thought it looked a but precarious, as you can't see the sides of the bridge from a distance, but it looked a lot safer from up on the Castle Keep ;).

The Metro Bridge is the poor relation here, stuck upstream past the High Level Bridge, it was added in 1981 for the local Metro system to extend to Gatehead and South Shields.

The most fascinating one I thought, reading up on the information signs there was the Swing Bridge. It's the fourth bridge to sit on the site, the first being in 120AD and built by the Emperor Hadrian. No doubt after he'd done with his wall he felt the need to keep building stuff :D. Centred on a man made island in the middle of the river, it turn 90 degrees anti-clockwise to let ships pass through, and then continues to 180 degrees to lock again. Takes 6 minutes for the bridge to complete the 180 degrees. This bridge has been in operation since 1876 and is still fully functional.

The most photogenic of the bridges though has to be the Gatehead Millenium Bridge, opened in 2001. A pedestrian and cyclist bridge, that tilts to allow shipping traffic to navigate the Tyne. Nice enough during the day, but at night it lights up and (very)regulary changes colour. We were lucky, with the weather and with it being so calm, that not only did we get the bridge lit up we also got it reflected in the water.

I'm not a bridge geek at all, but I did say to my wife, at the time, that if that setting was situated somewhere else people would be raving about it as a 'must see' .
Going Under The Arch On The tyne B…
Tyne Bridge Lit Up
Port Of Tyne Swing Bridge
Blue Millenium Bridge
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davidx davidx
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A conglomoration of beauty Nov 23, 2011
Even with the fairly recent advent of the Angel of the North, The Sage and the Baltic, all of which I have reviewed seoarately, the older bridges over the Tyne between Newcastle (upon Tyne) and Gateshead provide a major feature for tourist interest.

Since if I were to give the history of the various bridges I should only be cribbing from the website http://www.bridgesonthetyne.co.uk/tyneside.html so I suggest you look for yourself. At the risk of teaching grandmothers to suck eggs: hold the cursor over the third item down and the names of numerous bridges appear. Of these seven link Newcastle and Gateshead in the space of less than one mile.

Some of my photos certainly show a conglomeration of bridges and I hope you will agree that it is a conglomeration of beauty as well. Where I referred to the older bridges I do realise that the millennium is still not too far distant but the Millennium Bridge has to be included although only one of my photos (sort of) shows it with the others. It is only for cyclists and pedestrian but there was a competition for the pattern. I don't know anything about the losing entries but their designers need feel no shame at being defeated by this marvel.
Millennium Bridge from lower car p…
Millennium bridge from Baltic
Edge of Millennium Bridge and othe…
From the Sage
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monky says:
Congrats on your featured review David! hope life is going pretty well:D
Posted on: Nov 23, 2011
g_wedders says:
Hurray for the River Tyne! The best view I've seen of the bridges is from the Free Trade Inn in Ouseburn just outside the centre of town. Particularly recommended in the evening when the millennium bridge is all lit up, the sun's just gone down and you have a lovely cool drink in hand. Nice little pub as well.
Posted on: Nov 23, 2011
cicie says:
Congrats on Today's Featured Travel Review
Posted on: Nov 23, 2011

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