Twins Baseball Game @ the Metrodome

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Twins Baseball Game @ the Metrodome - Me and a 1/2 pound jumbo dome dog
Twins Baseball Game @ the Metrodome - outside the metrodome
Twins Baseball Game @ the Metrodome - Inside the metrodome
Twins Baseball Game @ the Metrodome - the Mascot (T.C. Bear) shooting shirts at the fans
Twins Baseball Game @ the Metrodome - Matt enjoying his walk-away sundae... I didn't get one because they wouldn't give me chocolate ice cream... Blah!

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pinchora pinchora
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Another blah team and cheap seats Apr 01, 2008
The Minnesota Twins baseball team and the Vikings football team make their home at the Metrodome... and all enclosed dome so they don't get snowed out... and yes... yesterday (March 31) was the first day of baseball season and we got over 5 inches of snow on the ground!

But I went for half price tuesdays with some friends at work... and I'm happy I only paid $10USD. I was very dissapointed. The team lost horrible (9-1) to the LA Angels, and the entertainment was lacking; the mascot, a Bear (why a bear???) was only on the field about 2 or 3 times (one was to do the shirt shoot and the other 2 times was driving around a golf cart).

The food was good, I got a 1/2 pound Bratwurst Hot dog... it was HUGE! My friend told me their hot dogs (called dome dogs) were the best but I didn't believe him til I tried it... and they are very highly recommended. And they had a Famous Daves ( barBQ chicken sandwiches there too! Yum Yum!

The one aspect of the food I was very sad about was the ice cream. My friends told me about the walk-away sundae which are apparently delicious... they were in a waffle cone bowl, with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top. I get up to the counter and see that they serve chocolate, vanilla and twisted ice cream...

Me: I'll have one walk-away sundae with chocolate

the guy: we can't serve it with chocolate, only vanilla

me: but the sign says you have chocolate...

the guy: yes, but we can use it in the dish (no toppings) or the helmet cup (only chocolate syrup)

me: but if you have it then why can't you use the chocolate ice cream in the walk-away like I want?

the guy: hold on a sec... he turns and whispers to a woman behind him

patron behind me: it looks like you're not able to get what you want... I wonder why?

the guy: turns back around and tells me it's tradition we just can't... he can't even tell me what the tradition is... but he can tell me that he can only use vanilla

me: ewww... that's gross, I don't want anything then and turn around and walked away dissapointed and my bubble of happiness got popped... sigh...

I tried to google it to find the tradition but only found a review by on the metrodome where they mention the walk-away sundae, but what made it funny is the guy almost had the same issue as I did but with another consession stand (I'm putting it on here cuz it's funny) the web page I got it from is

ME: I'd like a pulled pork sandwich.

VENDOR: Sorry, we're out of buns. But you can have a hot dog.

ME: I don't want a hot dog. But how about if you put the pork in the hot dog bun?

VENDOR: Can't do it.

ME: Why not?

VENDOR: Because.

ME: It would be easy. Just put the pork in the hot dog bun instead of the sandwich bun.

VENDOR: I'm sorry, we can't.

ME: Well, why don't you ask your manager?



VENDOR: Sorry, we can't do that. But you can have the hot dog.

ME: I don't want a hot dog, just the bun.

VENDOR: We have hot dogs.

ME: And I'm sure they're delicious, but a hot dog isn't the same thing as a pork sandwich. I don't want a hot dog. So I'll make it easy for you. Bring me the hot dog and hold the wiener.

VENDOR: You want me to hold the wiener?

So will I go back the ball game... sure if I have some cool people to hang out with and since it's cheap entertainment yes... but am I going to go out of my way for it... NO.

See Pittsburgh... home of a horrible baseball team too... has a very nice stadium by the entertainment they provide and the exceptional customer service by the people who work there you really don’t care how bad the team is... but this has both, bad baseball and bad customer service at the park. I miss the Pierogi race, the Pirate Parrot with the hot dog shoot and the question and answer time where if you win you get the prize or what’s in the box...

I did think of Kari (my sister) when I was there because you can play TWINGO ( a form of BINGO) where you get to mark off what the score is to win prizes! Ha Ha Ha... I’ll play a round for you there... and by the way it seems minnesota likes Bingo and Tear off tickets...

(if you'd like to read my review on the Pirates here's the URL

My response from my email I sent to the Metrodome on my dissatisfaction:

from Pat Jackson


date Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 4:01 PM

subject walk aways


Hello Julie

My name is Pat Jackson and I am the concession department manager at the Metrodome. I received a copy of your email and the experience you had with the walk away sundae.

The walk away sundae is a very popular item at our ice cream stands. Since its inception it was trade marked with the waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a cherry to top it off. When the Twins draw a big crowd the ice cream lines get very long about the 4th inning. Since the walk away is a hands on production and the high demand for them, we keep them all the same. Someone stands at the ice cream machine and pumps out the ice cream in to the cone, the next person does the hot fudge, it is then passed onto the next person for the whip cream and cherry. They are made and out of our hands faster than you can imagine. Keeping them all the same keeps it simple and helps to speed up the lines.

You mentioned the menu board indicates soft serve ice cream and then lists the 3 flavors. After looking at it we can see where there may be some confusion. We will be adding a menu strip to describe the walk away right underneath the walk away signage.

Again I want to apologize for you disappointment and frustration. The next time you are planning to be here for a game, please call me and I would be happy to accommodate you with a chocolate walkaway.

Pat Jackson

Concession Department Manager

Centerplate - Metrodome
outside the metrodome
Inside the metrodome
Me and a 1/2 pound jumbo dome dog
the Mascot (T.C. Bear) shooting sh…
alyssa_ob says:
You should go to a St. Paul Saints game - they are much more entertaining.
Posted on: Apr 05, 2008
RJ82 says:
haha you could make a show out of that conversation. reminds me of Seinfeld
Posted on: Apr 04, 2008
Ape says:
Hilarious! Sorry to laugh about your misfortune with the vendors, but you it's too funny! Nice review Julie!
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
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